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Destiny Abc Poems

These Destiny Abc poems are examples of Abc poems about Destiny. These are the best examples of Abc Destiny poems written by international poets.


             Many a reapeing ideal obligation

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Categories: change, character, cheer up,

Eon of Age

         Purpous the plane Lisin sane
         Light you hold...

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Categories: boat, body, butterfly, character,

As I watched numbers on cars,
I couldn't count my scars.
Yet they remained as stars,
On my skin.
They are my witness marks,
That I've struggled and to,
Feel stronger...

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Categories: cheer up, depression, destiny,

What Is It About Me
What is it about me? Is it, I'm not the beauty, you think I ought to be? Is it, the bags under my eyes, my...

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Categories: depression, hurt, judgement, sad,

How many disappointments
How many disappointments?
You don't have a heart ache for yourself.
How many more people
'll continue to be betrayed
How many more disappointments?
He is that one that let...

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Categories: black love, break up,

Dont Go
I'm asking you on my knees
Moon don't go
Threshold the night to that heart
Sometimes mistreated
I won't forgive you.
If you leave me alone
With feelings that make me...

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Categories: black love, break up,

The other side
The other side

We are already in Heaven
And what we don’t realize is that
We are making it a Hell.

There are beautiful flowers here
And do we love...

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Categories: life,

I've been single since 
Not expecting to have thou
My life goes the way it is 
I'm enjoying it much better

I found you as a partner

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Categories: anger, baby, best friend,

Like the Rain running to earth for asylum
Like the Birds setting on trees for asylum
Like the Sun taking in sky asylum
Like the winds giving us...

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Categories: destiny, discrimination, earth, emotions,

blue print
the blue print glows back at my sight
it's getting clearer and clearer  
and it isn't in my rear view mirror 
like eddie said 

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Categories: blue, creation, dark, destiny,

The riddle of a broken heart
I am sitting here looking out the window.It feels like i got bit by a black widow,
It feel like my heart is in two because...

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Categories: confusion, deep, destiny, divorce,

Words are spoken.
Promises are left unbroken.
An expression leaves a reminder 
of all that's unsaid.
The touch of a hand electrafies the mind.
A wisper a look is...

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Categories: 10th grade, destiny, faith,

Street sign
Street sign

A walk through life
Is a wake up call to reality 
I walked many paths 
Most of them without any direction 
But still I walked


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Categories: 12th grade, appreciation, change,

Higher Self
The wind is my soul, I am forever in motion,
I am everywhere in a moment,
Bursting forth from the moment before.
Always, I end where I start,...

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Categories: absence, best friend, destiny,

Life is a Short Journey
Life is a Short Journey 
By: Majed Dodeen
Our destiny rules over us, even when we are not yet aware of it. The future makes...

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Categories: appreciation, journey,

An Everlong of deja vu
Hovering beside a group of words,
Strategically aligned to make them meaningful,
Primitive noises and symbols are constructed,
Passed down from elders who are wise with knowledge,
Taught to...

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Categories: absence, abuse, addiction, adventure,

Time Wasted
Time Wasted

Time kept on slipping, just under our feet, what would you consider life, the win or defeat? Moments often wasted never tasted so sweet,...

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Categories: change, destiny, history, inspiration,

what's a dream without a dreamer
don't live for a cause
be the one who the cause lives by
what's a path without a finder
what's value if it's...

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Categories: destiny, devotion, dream, fantasy,

times of deception
that's the future age of the deceiver
peace on earth,hell in heaven
it's an ancient plan
jews betrayed their religion erased ALLAH'S words and rewrote the Torah and...

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Categories: age, destiny, earth, evil,

what if they knew
what if they knew speed of darkness
what if they knew the moon  is filled both sides with brightness
what if they knew the weight of...

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Categories: change, character, creation, deep,