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December Abc Poems

These December Abc poems are examples of Abc poems about December. These are the best examples of Abc December poems written by international poets.

32 Decembers have passed and death awaits me sitting beyond 
I want to tell you something...
I want you to pay close attention.
When I die I...

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Categories: celebration, cry, death, december,

Amidst waves with their varied intensities 

Beyond disasters and catastrophes

Contending and prevailing over calamities

Determined am I to do my mission for seafarers

Effectively warning against ocean-caused...

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Categories: appreciation, blessing, christian, god,

Amazing is God Who gives me wondrous taste buds for:
Apple Pie very appetizing
Banana Pie so appealing
Coconut Pie greatly mouth-watering...

Delighting me midst healthy nourishment:
Dessert Pie of...

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Categories: appreciation, blessing, god, happiness,

You and Me

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Categories: age, angel, april, chocolate,

Dear Santa
Dear Santa 

All I want from you this Christmas is to see my mother's face
I know God must have a good reason to take her...

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Categories: absence, christmas, death, december,

Mostly the least developed countries  
People are living under the shadow of corruption
Under the banner of corrupt leaders, government employees, 
Businessman, black marketers, middle...

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Categories: corruption,

almost wish everything was made of glass
More delicate, more special
So id be afraid of breaking it
Id cut out some of the sass
Im wouldn't toss it...

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Categories: best friend, betrayal, care,

January: is mountain of blessing where the births sing with hope for those 
Semen mentioned on this occasion to Ottoman Empire where conqueror doesn't 

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Categories: success, symbolism, wisdom, ,

A Million Reasons
A million words can bring you back,
I know because I've tried.
A million tears can't bring you back,
I know because I've cried.
A million hugs and kisses,

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Categories: absence, death, deep, heaven,

Last December
Once upon a time in December.........
Let the records show......
Last December............
I Alas Jane Potter had gone insane
And so the stories

Dime your lights
And close the binds 

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Categories: beautiful, christmas, december, fantasy,

Slowly Losing Grey
A tribute to my 11-year-old Weimaraner

Slowing Losing Grey

I know the way that his soft fur smells
Living without him will be nothing short of pure hell


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Categories: bereavement, dog,

Christmas is a wonderful day
This is the message what we say,
It fills our joy, with tremendous feeling 
that gives us gladness of loving.

Sweets, cakes, combrolls,...

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Categories: blessing, celebration, children, chocolate,

His 27th of December
See his friend’s sketch
Appear when she was bored
That blue collared jacket
Fits perfectly on his bod

Glasses and smiles
And giggles and laughs
Painted in adorable colors
And named with...

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Categories: december, feelings, for him,


This is For those that have ever felt unwanted or unloved:

I was unwanted but yet I was chosen
I was unloved but I learned how...

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Categories: christian,

This One For Natan
I remember that time
When our eyes caught a blink of a sight
His smiles that taught me much
His eyes that showed the burning fire
The beauty of...

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Categories: beauty, boy, emotions, for

Attention baby
Let's be bored together 
Let's stare into each others eyes and make difficult signs
While I think of a whole conversation, but I can't speak
It wouldn't...

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Categories: allusion, beautiful, beauty, confidence,

Lost Beauty
Before she left during that frigid night in December 

She places a dying rose

With her suicide note  

A rose that was once so pretty...

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Categories: suicide,

Desire for distance

December 13, 2014 · 

our vulnerability

Is a deep sea of 

I adore the rawness
The complete abandon
Of every fear & doubt 

I melt, i fall...

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Categories: adventure, deep, desire, emotions,

merry x'mas
I love Spectacled
I love Spectacled
And Merry Christmas
And Merry Christmas
December is the month
You have eyes Nagina
one for the sake of your appearance
Winter is the heart of...

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Categories: poets, rain, relationship, romance,

 Dark December morning,
 Strolling through the half lit city streets,
 Dark melody ringing in an empty ears,
 Strong north wind blowing the leaves around,

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Categories: dark, depression, morning, sad,