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Culture Abc Poems

These Culture Abc poems are examples of Abc poems about Culture. These are the best examples of Abc Culture poems written by international poets.

a personal tomorrow
when tomorrow
that never comes come 
when I witness
my kingdom come
when everyone
really worships his hidden chip
when you look
back how insane was the trip
when you realize
that believin...

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Categories: allegory, creation, culture, history,

Athlete of international stature
Boxer Manny Pacquaio gives blows along generous gesture
Champ of the people with humble beginnings’ posture
Driven toward victory of faith-venture.

Empowered by God, he...

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Categories: bible, celebrity, character, christian,

My People
My people, good people bad people
Try them, have a taste, 
How do you like the sweet aloe Vera?

My people are black, dark
Not that it bothers...

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Categories: africa, character,

I only asked for a pen,not a ,p*nis,
I only ask you to touch the books,not my boobs,
I need school fees,not the bride price,
Please,give me education,...

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Categories: girl,

Premium Member U - User
Unveil the unpleasant
The ultimate urge, an ulcer in today's urban undertaking
Unavoidable but still unmasked, underlining an unrealistic utopia for the unhappy
The unappreciated upgrade
Utilizing uppers to...

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Categories: abuse, addiction, culture, dark,

Premium Member T - Tedium
Terminal toxicity
A terrifying takeover on everything tangible, using tactical techniques to trigger temporal turbulence
Taking its toll, its trueness be told through the turmoil trampling and...

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Categories: corruption, culture, leadership, perspective,

I turned on the tv and they talked of a terrorist 
I watched on the internet they talked of a terrorist
I walked down the lane...

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Categories: abuse, anti bullying, care,

statue on sun tan
auditioning what I've never said before 
imagining what I've never saw beyond my shore 
my definition of making ends meet 
once you've seen the obscene...

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Categories: art, culture, emotions, imagination,

when we doubt
 we doubt each other
when we hurt
 we hurt each other
when we talk
  we talk behind each other
when we go to war

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Categories: break up, culture, deep,

when we doubt
 we doubt each other
when we hurt
 we hurt each other
when we talk
  we talk behind each other
when we go to war

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Categories: break up, culture, deep,

some where there are colors we've never set eyes on yet .
some where there's the love we always cried for but never felt  yet...

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Categories: art, color, creation, culture,

African kids recite poetry
To the flow of a drum
They throw words like spears
To honour their culture with a side of a dance
They evoke the ancestors with voices that...

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Categories: adventure, africa,

onion sauce , sambal bawang
Sambal Bawang
air liurku, diamlah.
Nasi mari datanglah dengan hangat
Air liurku, tunggulah
Tempe digoreng hampir gosong
Nasiku buat penuh dalam piring ditanak lunak
Kemudian ,
Inilah sambel bawang,
3 cabe rawit
Secuil bawang...

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Categories: art, culture, food, funny,

Evolution in Reverse
Here marks the age
Of evolution in reverse
Though finally escaping 
The clutches of the church

The craze of social media
Has us on our knees
With the touch of...

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Categories: change, culture, freedom, identity,

poems we can tell

Succes in my blood
Succes in my mind 
Succes in my history
Numerous stories than the sand 
Of great glory

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Categories: africa, beautiful, books, culture,

Los Angeles
This is the hub of Angels; by which I call a city
A concrete jungle of building that's never been pretty:

Culture in place for the unappealing...

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Categories: 8th grade, city,

I belong to the local community
The loving home where local hearts belongs
I belong to the rich soil of the planet earth
The soil that accommodates the...

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Categories: 12th grade, caregiving, celebration,


Among all of them,
You the most blessed,
The fruits of your womb,
Are a definition of precious,
You didn't labour in vain at all,
It's true,you're the envy of...

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Categories: africa,

I wish time could reverse back,
And bring the older days flashback,
When ladies were real women,
Who could work smart like men,
And provide all needs for the...

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Categories: culture,

Windhoek, 2000
Windhoek, 2000

Nabucodonosor! thou shouldst be living at this epoch:
Namibia hath desire of thee: she is a quagmire
Of quiet rainwaters: slab, blade, and cage,
Inglenook, the courageous...

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Categories: 12th grade, age, analogy,