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Bullying Abc Poems

These Bullying Abc poems are examples of Abc poems about Bullying. These are the best examples of Abc Bullying poems written by international poets.

Instead of Drugs, Music
Most of us are familiar with
The escapism from pain.

For an easy and cheap solution
Or because of advices of the
Doctors, psychologs;
Most of us get a cheap...

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Categories: anti bullying, art, beautiful,

And It slid to the gutter
Plunging deep in the sewage pipes
One silver coin it was
That made a difference for life

I never got a chance to...

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Categories: art, books, bullying,

Its no wonder I get angry alot
Coz there is pain hidden in every single slot
Of my soul
Its been always there, like a mole
A empty hole

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Categories: anger, angst, anti bullying,

One can survive a thousand enemies. But one enemy cannot be endured; yourself. You are your own worst enemy. When a thousand enemies sees you...

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Categories: 11th grade, america, angst,


               Sometimes through life

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Categories: anxiety, betrayal, bullying, caregiving,

 There is always a struggle
Everyone fighting their demons
This is the kind of war which you don’t take sides
The fence is always there to sit...

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Categories: bullying, depression, discrimination,

Why do you care if I am different
Why do you care if I am different?
Why does the stranger have to be strange?
For what you don't understand is not abhorrent.
And those in the...

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Categories: anti bullying, appreciation, beauty,

Next time won't you sing with me
A. Ask God for Mercy Divine
B. Be merciful to others, and kind
C. Completely trust in Jesus all the time

(I simply reframed the ABC's of Mercy...

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Categories: 1st grade, anti bullying,

I turned on the tv and they talked of a terrorist 
I watched on the internet they talked of a terrorist
I walked down the lane...

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Categories: abuse, anti bullying, care,

key to my room
there was no such thing as facebook
I used to keep a diary in my drawer
but everybody read my diary
and everybody saw, lol
they sabotaged my belongings

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Categories: adventure, anxiety, blessing, bullying,

One resounding note
one resounding note can last a long long time
with a beauty of such , that is just pure divine
its pretty to write a song and...

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Categories: anger, anti bullying, appreciation,

Crying in my sleep
was dreaming a dream
about times of past
but a dream is a dream
and no dream does last
we were laughing in a park
and the night it was...

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Categories: absence, abuse, anti bullying,

I was lost, fearful and broken
I hid my thoughts words unspoken.
My life had no meaning and it 
was lonely to think that I was not...

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Categories: absence, anger, anxiety, bullying,

A Mighty Winner

I am a mighty winner all the times;
My weapon is unique but mighty.
Weak I am, but sturdily bulletproofed.

I will always win, no matter the fight;

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Categories: anti bullying, conflict, freedom,

you call us refugees 
how dare you 
we're your casualties 
we're running from your hells 
how come it never rang  you conscious bells
we're the...

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Categories: abuse, america, bullying, child

Drifting Waves
Great sorrow lies in the depths of the heart
A shadow of loneliness 
A cry for recognition 

The drifting thoughts 
The unfulfilling wants 
The hopeless mind

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Categories: anger, angst, anti bullying,

Poems we can tell
           I love
You call me a fool
You tease me of not being...

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Categories: africa, age, anti bullying,

My selfie with words

My selfie with words
By alexia brinsley
How do We capture a moment when the flash doesn’t  work, and ideals can't be cropped in a...

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Categories: analogy, anxiety, beauty, bullying,


The thought of him escaping made him feel secure,
hated but safe, he went out not knowing where he was going to,
Or who he'll find there....

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Categories: adventure, anti bullying, art,

In stubbles of your kisses
I search for red plums
I heard your hair's
Rumblings in clouds and
Your silence broke a pine-bough
Last night
This morning a panting bud
Sighs for...

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Categories: angel, anger, angst, anniversary,