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Books Abc Poems

These Books Abc poems are examples of Abc poems about Books. These are the best examples of Abc Books poems written by international poets.

key to my room
there was no such thing as facebook
I used to keep a diary in my drawer
but everybody read my diary
and everybody saw, lol
they sabotaged my belongings

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Categories: adventure, anxiety, blessing, bullying,

I stand on the hill and look at the sky,
Down the beaten path and the road I have come;
I peer upwards at the twilight sky...

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Categories: 9th grade, appreciation, death,

B - Book
Breathe between the bindings
Born breathlessly, a breach beyond the bohemian boundaries of the biased and the bogus
Baptized in the bliss of a blank background
Brain befriends...

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Categories: books, deep, imagery, imagination,

Israel the myth
I'm Israel
for once I was real
now I'm nothing but a living hell
the ruthless child and his deceiving spell 
once upon an Israel
now the eye in...

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Categories: bible, heaven, history, irony,

Knowlege and feeling
I will not have knowledge anymore,
I want to feel something.
The books about me are my enemies.
They laugh at me throwing facts like stones.
I want to...

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Categories: 10th grade,

Good Bye
This is one of my old rhymes , from the time when I just started writing. I just found these in my old note books....

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Categories: 12th grade, beautiful, best

In ancient looms of my homeland,
Fairies once shuttled across threads of rainbows
Weaving folklores of gods and goddesses.

Our tapestry needed no haberdashery of
Brabubahanas and Chitrngadas or...

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Categories: 6th grade, abortion, absence,

It's about time we talk of ruins.
So, let us talk, for you never know,
How long ears of hope will remain receptive.

Your lips are missing, and...

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Categories: age, allegory, allusion, angel,

My wife is away to the mountains
My wife is away to the mountains, visiting her folks.
She left the windows guarded
With curtains made out of her shadows.

Last night the moon peeped in...

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Categories: anniversary, april, baby, beautiful,

My journey is no longer mine
Owned by
Deceptive roads deceitful milestones
And friends who turned enemies
Also enemies who never became friends
After so much of living
Even death is...

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Categories: absence, angst, anxiety, best

poems we can tell

Succes in my blood
Succes in my mind 
Succes in my history
Numerous stories than the sand 
Of great glory

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Categories: africa, beautiful, books, culture,

My lovely teachers
For the first time
When I was leaving my mother's hand
Obviously I was crying
But after a minute end
Another one tackle my hand
Obviously I was filled with...

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Categories: blessing, teacher, teachers day,

My Life
Beep when it's phone
Light when it's off
Fairy with talents
Dairy with secrets

Coffee when it's boring
Books when it's interesting
Alone with songs
Sleep with dreams

Brownie when it's special
Speak when...

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© Jenny Joy  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: character, day, heart, how

With a voice loud as a scream,
No word is ever spoken. 
Energy of a youth aged,
No action is ever taken.
Ideas as cattle of a rich...

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Categories: africa, humanity,

I walk the night
Time for this girl to cuddle up bed..
But of course after two, I sleep like dead.


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Categories: 1st grade, angel, anxiety,

Days of hope
If it's all about love stars would light up through the night and the moon also,sky becomes blue for those in the darkness but willing...

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Categories: 10th grade,

Never the less
time has come
am out of my shell.

I was when I was
and now that the time beacon alright 
I matched toward what I felt...

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Categories: anger, betrayal, black love,

Advice for Ladies About Men
( By a disgruntled one )

You can only change a man when he is still wearing nappies.
It is a life time’s work to try and...

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Categories: poetry,

God's Library
White walls and broken shelves.
These are not ours
But many forgotten tales.
Captured by the enormity,
I stand and fall.
Have I the right to wonder?
To indulge in this...

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© lost boy  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: books, god, religion,

Black moons
The ground weeps with smoke and falls like a nation.       
Topped with ash and cinders of their feet, chest...

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Categories: allusion, betrayal, death, earth