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America Abc Poems

These America Abc poems are examples of Abc poems about America. These are the best examples of Abc America poems written by international poets.

Children of Rojava
Dear Humanity!
Dear Mothers!, dear Sisters!, dear Brothers!
Do you hear while I am weeping?
Whats in all your ears?
To ignore my sorrow for so many years!
What covers...

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Categories: abuse, allah, america, arabic,

I Light A Candle
I Light A candle. 
For all the love, and all the lost.
For all who paid the cost.
I light a candle.
For the memories that live.
All the...

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Categories: abuse, america, betrayal, corruption,

One can survive a thousand enemies. But one enemy cannot be endured; yourself. You are your own worst enemy. When a thousand enemies sees you...

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Categories: 11th grade, america, angst,

ABC Anxiety Poem
Anxiety bursts confusion
distraught entanglements frenzies
grappling hysteria indecisiveness
jitters knockings lows
mania noticeable oppression 
panics qualms rigorousness
sufferings torments unhappiness
valuelessness wretchedness xed
yucky zaniness


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Categories: absence, america, anger, angst,

Buhay, sadya yatang masalimuot
Kulang ang gawa, marami ang salita
Mas madaling sumimangot kaysa sa ngumiti
Sayang ang mga ngiti kung hindi rin lang naman tutugunan

Buhay ko ay...

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Categories: allah, america, angel, appreciation,

The Boy Who Cried German
*The Boy Who cried German*

  Although Ikeh was as nervous as ever he still gathered a little guts to address those sluts. He always...

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Categories: 10th grade, absence, adventure,

Premium Member Time to Let Go Of

Time to Let Go of...

Dedicated to my Daughter
who inspired this poem.

Your dreams that never came true.
Enemies posing as friends, the worst!
Self-Pity..humanity's curse.
Today's hopes that were...

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Categories: encouraging,

He did it for me
"He did it for me"

He did it for me 
He did it for you
He paid with his life 
what a sacrifice
he loved us all 

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Categories: america, art,

Inside Green Africa
Inside the green land of Africa
An idea was born in a gentle mind
It grew up to develop like a hyacinth 
With pure water and no...

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Categories: africa, appreciation, creation, education,

Economic Tranquility
America bypassed"coperative" downfall effectively felling good:Headway independence justification knowledge lengthened monthly national operating payments quarterly regardless;Supported testing unworthy variable world xanthus zonations!...

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Categories: 12th grade, adventure, allegory,

affordable health care
America believed "Congress"decided effortlessly for giving health incentive justification,"knowing" love may not open prior questions regarding special things under vague wrong xenophobic yearnings zonked!!...

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Categories: 12th grade, 7th grade,

Premium Member A - Anarchy
A. Anarchy

Amber autumn aflame
An aroma of ash appeases the adamant arsonist; the artful anarchist
An audacious attempt at attacking back at our arbitrary accommodations
The ascended advocate...

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Categories: america, art, community, corruption,

There is no future
Windmills and cornfields are all this life may seem.

Stories and hopes of a future is all we tend to dream,

children in the dark, as the...

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Categories: america,

Echoes of love
between woman and man.
Holding on to hope.
In the palm of my hands.
Walking my faith 
down city streets.
With the help of God,
guiding my feet.

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Categories: america, christian, corruption, devotion,

you call us refugees 
how dare you 
we're your casualties 
we're running from your hells 
how come it never rang  you conscious bells
we're the...

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Categories: abuse, america, bullying, child

selling war
selling war...
are we really the awakened.
are we really deep thinkers
critical ...analytical
i see putin's  cheerleaders 
I see trump yeah he'll make it great again
and the...

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Categories: america, change, humanity, international,

digital Egypt ancient USA
bars and cages of flags ,colors ,creeds .
in Egypt they've been saying we want to make Egypt great again .
can't help but look at the...

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Categories: abuse, america, appreciation, cry,

Yasmen takes her Hajib off
Yasmen sat quietly at her father’s funeral,
She didn’t feel anything.
Her father never understood America.
“Too much Freedom for da wemens” he would say.
He brought his wife...

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Categories: 10th grade,

Strength of a Black Woman
Strength of a Black woman.
Paths of destiny. 
Passing time, down a road
That was only meant to be. 
Directions and sights.
Learning to do what's right.
Building my...

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Categories: 5th grade, abuse, america,





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