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Africa Abc Poems

These Africa Abc poems are examples of Abc poems about Africa. These are the best examples of Abc Africa poems written by international poets.

Young and Hopeful Africa
Africa, you are young through us today
No one intends to miss you to frown
Your day’s today for the world to watch
An amazing day God made...

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Categories: africa, community,

If i ever said i'm over you i lied.
If i ever said i didn't care i lied.
For what shines today does forever.
And you shine brighter...

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Categories: 7th grade, africa, blue,

Covert Creed
We run wild with our exuberance 
Embracing all the exciting things coming our way.
Sailing through like there’s no bank to our excitement.
Enjoying the never-ending twilight...

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Categories: 11th grade, adventure, africa,

Inside Green Africa
Inside the green land of Africa
An idea was born in a gentle mind
It grew up to develop like a hyacinth 
With pure water and no...

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Categories: africa, appreciation, creation, education,

Entangled in the world of mixed feelings and insecurities .
Here i am, caught in a vicious cycle of myself.
Falling too quick and taking French leaves.

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Categories: africa, anger, crush, lost

i was truly in damn
when i realized you entered love dam
i was surprised how he was allowed
and what made it not to be loud
you could...

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Categories: 1st grade, africa, angel,

I am greater than I was
Joy and smiles characterized the atmosphere to meet my arrival.
Given an identity and welcomed with a bitter and a soft taste.
Deaf to the excitement around...

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Categories: africa, age, appreciation, birth,

My heart is popping
    My bones are breaking
    My skin is burning
    My brain is spinning

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Categories: africa, age, anger, anxiety,

Premium Member Aardvarks Often Bubble Vicariously
Aardvarks often
Bubble vicariously
Curiously and hilariously
Dynamite laughter pervades their skins,
Evenly and rather 
Giggling in their morning tea
Jittery, jumpy
Kangaroo cousins,
Laughing maniacally
Magically melodious, 
Needling opossums undeniably
Opportunities abound
Quaking, quirky

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Categories: 10th grade, 11th grade,

Never give up
Never give up no matter how hard life is always stand up..
Regrets won't help who knows one day you will be up..
People will think they...

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Categories: adventure, africa, anger, beautiful,

We Died Yesterday

Like an ox pulling a wagon
Sweating and breathing
Moaning at the load behind
Is our minds, tired and wasted

We believe in making a better tomorrow

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Categories: africa, betrayal,

The gathered clouds of my life and the heavy drops of my memories have drenched me with reminiscing
The battle between my past and present collide...

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Categories: africa, age, anxiety, beauty,

A Family That Gained Peace
Long time ago; in an African land
In a house whose walls with fine flannelette sheets
Whose roof was well made
A house whose floor was well tiled

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Categories: africa, character, conflict,

Differently Different
A paper and a pen 
I need a few to tell stories of my pain 
Not of what has passed 
But of that which is...

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Categories: abuse, africa, depression, discrimination,

Differently Different
A paper and a pen
I need a few to tell stories of my pain
Not of what has passed 
But of that which is to come

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Categories: africa, discrimination,


Life is nothing without love
Love is nothing without a heart 
But the heart sometimes can mislead 
It can bring pain never...

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Categories: africa, depression,


Though they stay in the same hat
Share the same bed, same cup and same toilet
We can still see a laugh in a sea...

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Categories: abuse,


I pulled her to me 
Looked deep into her eyes
A cluster of stars they were
An effect brought by the street lights

My grip on her waist...

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Categories: africa,

All about ME
I wish i could tell myself all was well,
I wish i could see my heart,
I wish i could cry out loud to the hearing of...

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Categories: africa, anger, anxiety, betrayal,

Chronicles of Man

Born to a single parent
But not raised by any
Neither would you ask why?
Because the man has no mercy

I hear them whispering in...

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