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I couldn't remember much,
Of what happened and how,
That we came to such a conclusion,
And thus formed the scenes of now. 

Your bright eyes, your loving smile,
Anyone could see from a million mile,
Why did it fade so suddenly away?
Why do the tears drop off in every way? 

What happened to us?I often try to think,
Where you solved all my problems in just a wink,
Where did all the happiness vanished so fast? 
Because we always believed it ll ever last.

Your small gestures, your little habits,
Your cute nature like small rabbits,
Why is there so much anger now?
Why don't we forget instead of this row?

The anger, the shouting, the possessivness and care,
Keeping aside everything for the love we shared,
The irrelevant begging, the unnecessary demands,
Completing them however, never cared for remands.

What are we to each other now?
Friends or foe or just strangers somehow?
Why do we have to be this manner?
And not together in our lil canner(world)? 
Why did you just disappeared in thin air?
And gave me the pain i simply cant bear?
Why dont you just come back please?
And let me breathe this life with ease?
Why don't you fill the empty void of my heart?
Because we were never meant to be apart.

Copyright © | Year Posted 2014

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Date: 2/23/2018 2:32:00 PM
It is difficult to forget someone who gave us enough to remember. Greviously,major of the problems arising in todays relationship pattern is due to the lack of understanding. But one thing being a girl,i can state is that, girls are distinctly tender beings n they return back a whole lot more love to you, even if you give a little of it.:) And by saying this i wish and sense a warm hearted person waiting to give all their love to you,you just gotta find n hold them tight cause not everyone can fill the void of our heart right? Best wishes to you:) ~scottlove
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