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The Eightieth Trimester, Part I

Huxley was in his nineteenth year,
a freshman at a fancy school,
the kind with excesses of ivy,
who claimed they accepted no fools.

The academics were no task,
he’d always excelled with his mind,
but finding like souls to fit in with
was giving him a much harder time.

There were so many different clubs,
but not with his ideals did match,
and he did not have the desire
to start one of his own from scratch.

So he backed off from fitting in,
decided just to find a date,
start off small scale, go find a girl,
a connection to start his way.

And after a few misfires
he hooked up with a sophomore named Jan,
she practically lived in his room,
they even made some short-term plans.

They were very sweet together,
kept things mostly pleasant and light,
Hux thought if this was how things went
he would enjoy his adult life.

And knowing Jan opened up circle,
soon Hux had more than enough friends,
four months in he was thinking long-term,
dreamed what they had would never end.

Then one day she asked him to come
to the ‘Women’s Causes Committee,’
it was important to his Jan,
so he figured he’d have a look-see.

At first it was just standard stuff,
normal ‘enpowerment’ boiler plate,
then one mentioned a coming speaker
and out came big snarls of hate.

“He hates women,””He thinks we’re slaves,”
by his mention their anger was peaked.
He said,”Well, all don’t have to agree,
but the man does have a right to speak.”

Then his Jan turned with searing eyes,
“What the hell is wrong inside you?
This man’s a fascist, he does not
even support the right to choose!

“Every women here is in danger
if this man can preach his ‘hate’ words,
some even say he refers to choice
by the cruel term ‘Baby Murder!’”

Eight angry girls staring at him,
most men would back down to get laid,
but they didn’t know his history,
he was determined to have his say.

“Words…they cannot injure you
in any form bodily,
and if you want any sort of life
other ideas you will have to see.

“And as for hating pro-life folks,
please stop and take this in account,
I was born a child of rape,
and could easily not be here now!

“Had my mother not taken pity
and chosen back then to desist,
I would not be here right now, so
please tell me why I shouldn’t exist?”

There was silence, then his girlfriend
Said,”You mom was raped and kept the child?
What kind of women would keep
the offspring when defiled?!”


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Date: 1/31/2019 11:00:00 PM
hooked and going to part II...
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