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The big cat Roared

Poet's Notes

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The big cat roared

A big cat roared in the wilderness,
As the birds fled to the skies,
As the echo's of the thunderbirds
Be drowning out their cries.
As mad, mad man goes off to war,
And young men die 
Oh Lord what for?????

The dark green bird with the big propeller 
Be dropping off some fine young fellows,
To fight a mad, mad, war in tears
As anguished mothers face their fears.
As boys, some dying for leaders pride,
Be forced to thrust their souls aside.

The Romans march they off to war,
They're still with us, and that's for sure.
The Gulf, Iraq and Vietnam
Does anybody give a damn???
About boys dying in the night,
And who be wrong and who be right.?

Copyright © | Year Posted 2018

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Date: 12/29/2018 8:17:00 AM
Expressive and emotive work. If only men 45 or 50 years old went to fight first then most wars would never start. Old men would want to try to talk out a settlement. Enjoyed reading your work. Thanks for the visit to my page. Sara
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dugan Avatar
sidney dugan
Date: 12/29/2018 6:13:00 PM
You Are right Sara. but our evil leaders want young men who can be brainwashed easily. we older ones would see right through them. I served in Vietnam for a year and I learned to be against war for the rest of my life. It should be the politicians who fight. Then wars would stop very easily. Thank you for your kind comments, my friend....peter
Date: 12/29/2018 7:10:00 AM
They dont really give a damn, the govt uses men and women as pawns to gain their own power... Great poem and love that photo of you.
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dugan Avatar
sidney dugan
Date: 12/29/2018 6:16:00 PM
Hi Silent these wars are fought to make the leaders richer, more powerful and to cut down the population. So many million children are murdered by those idiots. Thank you for your kind comments, my friend...Peter
Date: 12/29/2018 6:58:00 AM
Very powerful poem! Well done! :)
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dugan Avatar
sidney dugan
Date: 12/29/2018 6:18:00 PM
G'day Heidi I thank you so much for your kind comments, my friend....Peter
Date: 12/29/2018 5:56:00 AM
One day command centers will be destroyed without a fight...and leaders will face eradication for their crimes...they will no longer use soldiers and citizens in wicket ways...
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dugan Avatar
sidney dugan
Date: 12/29/2018 6:22:00 PM
My intuition has always told me this too Arturo, and it has been prophesised by many mystics and religions. It won't be in my time but life goes on creating a new story. Thank you, my friend for your comments. I have been against war after serving in Vietnam and seeing how cruel it all is...Peter
Date: 12/29/2018 5:16:00 AM
Ah, you are a wonderful pacifist,my poet friend. I am wondering who the people in the photo are; is it possible you had a father who fought in Viet Nam? Everybody I know who did came back differently. So sad. War never feels right to me either. My daughter enlisted during the Gulf War; it is awful to be the family.
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dugan Avatar
sidney dugan
Date: 12/29/2018 6:28:00 PM
Hi Caren, I turned completely against wars after a year in Vietnam as a medic and seeing all the horror that went on. That picture was taken in sixty nine when I cam back from that war I am with my wife and two children. I photographed it from an old photo' I Thank you for your kind comments, my friend....Peter