My Disability

I was born with dyslexia,
And also A.D.D.
I’m not sure that you understand
What this demands of me.

You have formed your low opinion,
And judged me in your way.
Because I do not read your work,
You’ve nothing good to say.

The books I read are all on tape,
My bible’s on CD.
I rarely read the written word,
It’s difficult for me.

The words get jumbled in my mind,
So I must read again.
Sometimes I’ll read things many times,
Before I take it in.

You think I’m some pretentious jerk,
Who gets but doesn’t give.
You don’t see the adversity
With which I have to live.

I failed to graduate from school,
With all my high school chums.
My teachers never understood,
 They just thought I was dumb.

I didn’t understand the books,
Or homework they assigned.
So long before you ever judged,
My nature was defined.

This is the monkey on my back,
The cross I have to bear,
You think you have me figured out?
That’s just the devil’s snare!

You do not know the path I walk,
You don’t know ME at all!
Did God not warn that judgment’s price
Would cause your soul to fall?

Or do you think that you can sin
Because your heart believes?
That once you’re saved, you’re always saved,
For that belief deceives.

The woman that Lord Jesus found,
At adultery’s door,
Was told, as He forgave her sins,
To go and sin NO MORE.

He didn’t say, Now that you’re saved,
Salvation is assured.
For if you know what NOT to do,
You disregard His word!

If you think I’m the evil one,
Because I do not read,
Then you have been corrupted by
The devil’s prideful seed.

Your time is nearly up my friend,
The sickle will soon fall.
And it will not skip over those
Who THINK their sins are small.

I am a man afflicted by
A disability.
To think of me as something else,
Is YOUR iniquity.

Copyright © | Year Posted 2011

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Date: 5/23/2017 7:26:00 PM
look up the Scottish Rite organization to see if they are in your city or town. They offer FREE phenomenal weekly tutoring using the gold standard method of teaching and aiding dyslexic readers (Orton Gillingham method). I have a dyslexic son and I also used to tutor with them. Free if you have a formal diagnoses of dyslexia. (register with your school to get that testing done) You may have to get on their waiting list but is well worth it. Will give you great skills and self confidence galore!
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Date: 5/22/2011 6:20:00 PM
Brave and bold.Very nice message for all to understand.Be strong.God loves all who cares love for him.Have a great evening.LUV..Kacey
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