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Look In My Eyes

Look In My Eyes
My Dark Angel,
Look at what you have done 
O why have you made me bled 
O look what you have done to me
  loves me more then I will ever know 
then he kissed me and said 
my love is dark
and it will cut deep at your heart
Come and walk with me 
and I will show you a part of me
that has been written down in history
the he touched my hand 
and given them a kiss 
then he lifted me up 
and we walked and talked about 
a life he once lived 
before he was cast down to the darkness
in a crying abbes
then a spell had been cast upon him
and he never known Love again
Until he seen the beauty of me
he told a story about me
why he felt he had to make me see
what it is he felt 
when he seen
me fall  
he looked deep within my eyes
and he kissed me goodbye
as I had woken up from this dream
he left a mark on me
it was a dark shad of his lips 
upon my hand  
just to let me know 
he is truly real 
with time moving along
I feel him wherever I go
I feel his eyes upon me 
I know he loves me 
because he told me so
But his love hurts so much
all I feel is the pains 
and see so much rain
He plays games upon the minds
most of the time 
he loves to see the dreamers cry 
He tells me to look in his eyes
he will show me all he will bring
his eyes are dark as the sea
his words are painful
that cuts deep within 
It's me he wants to take control of
but it is I that could never let it be
I was alone until I met him 
now I cry to get away from him
I can't seem to get him out of my head
I could feel the change come over me
I ask God to please forgive me 
to please Help me 
I pleaded for mercy
to help me to get through this 
Dark Angel gave me a life 
of true darkness 
a reason for change 
is  like the seasons
where autumn leaves fall 
while snow is on the ground
where the sun moves along into the gray 
while the moon hangs in gloom
in late June
Is how he changed me 
Darkness is all I can see in darken dreams
everything is black and white
this place isn't very nice
it always seems to make me cry
my poor heart bleeds out like the sea
My winter are colder than before
my summers are all gone 
I know he loves me
because he told me so
When he takes hold of my arms
he squeeze them tight
just to make me cry 
bits my lips just to see them bleed
he loves to see me in pain
to make me scream 
then he tells me this is his Love
When he is through with me
he tells me over and over 
how much he needs me
how much he Loves me
more then I will ever know
Oh ,how my world has grown cold 
I see him wherever I go
His words are like a mystery song 
that will go down in history 
right along with me
Will anyone miss me 
while yesterday pains 
gave me so much rain
I cried today I smile tomorrow
but only for a little while 
He gave me all his loneliness
He gave me love of his darkness
to make my life worthwhile
only just for a little while 
He toke my hand 
gave me a spend 
and said the words to me 
I love you more then you will ever know
can you see all the things I bring
Look in my eyes and I will tell you my story
that holds no end .

Poetic Judy Emery © 1993
The Queen Of Darken Dreams Poetic Lilly Emery

Copyright © | Year Posted 2017

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