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Kitchen Bin Metaphor

Poet's Notes

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Stop laughing at me, kitchen bin,
like some too-clever metaphor,
I push you down, I pile stuff in -
squish-squash - what harm a little more?
Like karma on a coiled spring,
my retribution lies in store,
for when I try to tie the strings
and pull the bag, with a guffaw 
you spill your guts! Banana skins,
old teabags, pork rind, apple cores
and plastic wrap lie dribbling
and festering upon the floor!

The moral: let’s not overstuff
our bags - when we have had enough,
we need to purge the junk inside...
There! Metaphor! You satisfied?!

28 April 2019 

Copyright © | Year Posted 2019

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Date: 6/10/2019 8:15:00 PM
Soo cute... Never thought that a bin could be such a cute muse for a poet.. You're fabulous in your thinking
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Parmenter Avatar
Nina Parmenter
Date: 6/11/2019 1:31:00 AM
Haha thank you Debjani!
Date: 5/5/2019 4:17:00 PM
Very cute and clever! You have turned the ordinary into the extraordinary with this write! Best wishes, Gershon
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Date: 5/3/2019 5:40:00 PM
Great job, NIna . I find you to be one of the queens of quirky because you do it so cleverly.
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Date: 5/3/2019 11:07:00 AM
I am amused. Love being amused. I get what you're saying, lived it, but some advice: assign trash duty to one of the males in your household so said problem is not yours for the solving. Males can do trash, I've seen it. Thank you for my grin before I've even finished my coffee! So glad you are 'here' - need your writes for many reasons. Poetry hugs ... CayCay (we should have a contest about finding an uninvited insect(s) in our house - always a good time for me!)
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Date: 4/29/2019 8:49:00 AM
Nina, you can always make me laugh! "Karma . . ." --Love that! Janice
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Date: 4/28/2019 3:03:00 PM
nina - you are too clever! very amusing!
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Date: 4/28/2019 2:37:00 PM
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Date: 4/28/2019 2:04:00 PM
Heh, I talk to things when no one's looking. I talk to my bin most often. I think it hates me) Great metaphor, Nina)
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Parmenter Avatar
Nina Parmenter
Date: 4/28/2019 2:14:00 PM
Yeah my kitchen bin definitely hates me. But almost worse is my bedroom bin, who’s very needy. I go up there at night, it wails “where’ve you BIN?” (SORRY!)
Date: 4/28/2019 12:53:00 PM
I love the idea of the bin laughing, jeering nearly as you stuff more in. You have proven once again that inspiration is there when we look for it :)
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Parmenter Avatar
Nina Parmenter
Date: 4/28/2019 1:04:00 PM
Thank you PS! I read you saying you were lacking inspiration... I am too, so my last few poems have been written about really everyday things... the kitchen bin, the thrill of fresh sheets, my hatred of gardening and a bruise on my arm! I’ve kind of pointed at stuff and said “I’ll write about that!” And yes, my kitchen bin does jeer but it won’t soon. It’s. Being. Replaced.
Date: 4/28/2019 10:12:00 AM
ha ha ha I think many of us can relate and its even worse if its been festering a few days and the dribbles smell so vile - a great message to us all Nina, now if we could ditch the plastic bin bags that would be even better but alas nothing has been invented yet:-( hugs Jan xx
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Parmenter Avatar
Nina Parmenter
Date: 4/28/2019 10:32:00 AM
Yes that would be a definite money-spinner! Well, good news is... I sent a link to this to my husband... and he emptied the bin! :-)
Date: 4/28/2019 4:07:00 AM
Haha , we certainly try and get our moneys worth out of these bags, the worst is when it splits and a trail of gravy spews out, yuck.
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Parmenter Avatar
Nina Parmenter
Date: 4/28/2019 4:16:00 AM
Ew or the mysterious bin juice whose contents remain a mystery.. (I get that in my wheelie bin, yuck!!)