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How Many Times

How many times
How many times have I bought dope instead of food?
How many times have sold my possessions to buy coke?
How many times have I stayed home to do drugs instead of going out and having a good time?
How many times?
How many times have I gotten high instead of paying my mortgage down?
How many times that I was so proud of myself of all the money I made, 
Yet it went to the wrong things.
How many times?
some one tell please me. 
no need I already know. 
way to many.
How many times have everything I had gone up my nose.
How many times have I lied saying said I was sick, 
but  it was only that I partied all night
untill all hours of the night.
How many times did I try to quit?
So many AA meetings,
and all the wisdom there.
Some addicts there have been going for 30 years just to prevent them from ever drinking again.
How many times have I watched so many of my friends die,
I never tried to lift a finger to help them.  
only to get them high.
that's what I was good at
Some use the needle others its pills, 
Some smoke dope other snort coke to tell you the honest truth, it's all the same, altering your mind just to get by another day.
How many times did I steal? 
Never of this I'm proud 
How many times have I overdosed and nearly died 
a whole lot.
How many times did I let drugs destroy my life?
Left me broke,
And only left me with a feeling to ball and cry.
How many times did I ask my father for help when everything was gone.
morgages and bank account went dry,
Only once and that was shameful enough.
I was once a millionaire
And to that I say, 
so what!
You could not hold onto your wealth and we all know why.
How many times did I almost lose my wife
Many times,
how many times did meet dealers in dark shady areas
risking my very life
i saw so mny guns
How times did I associate with criminals? 
did dangerous things that could of landed me in the clink for ages,
Its way to many to count.
All the how's are now answered
but not the why's
it becuse of a sicknes in the mind
drug addction my friends  is not glamourous of even nice
I'm glad I kicked everything and now I'm doing just fine

By Marc Acrich

Copyright © | Year Posted 2018

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Date: 7/27/2018 9:31:00 AM
Marc.. this is a truly inspirational work, well done my friend!
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Acrich Avatar
Marc Acrich
Date: 7/27/2018 5:42:00 PM
Thanks missed you but then again, I have not written that many it when the inspiration hits
Date: 7/26/2018 7:00:00 PM
You've had quite the life, Marc. This poem really tells it like it is. You are the poster child (adult) for "don't do drugs"
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Acrich Avatar
Marc Acrich
Date: 7/26/2018 8:09:00 PM
The crazy thing is that when you have money that is when you get yourself in trouble, im doing good now, very calm very stble , you might even tell by the poems.