Jenny Dementia

Poet's Notes

This poem is written from the viewpoint of an observer looking down on a scene, It does involve several characters without going into any detail about who they are.

I like the concept and the storyline, but something is just not right, any advice greatfully recieved

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Hello Jenny, it’s me Tom

Our Jenny is 46 today, but would pass for 38.
Tom, just finished work, running a little late!
Sitting in the Garden, waiting for her guests,
Many happy returns Sis’, wish you all the best.

A very special birthday, back home for a while,
Gifts and surprises, hope to make her smile.
A double celebration, 25 years have passed
Since she married Tom, time has flown so fast.

Jenny, it’s so wonderful, to see you again,
Remember Little Benjamin; now he’s our Big Ben.
Hello Ma’, this is my special friend Antonio,
Isn’t he adorable; don’t you be stealing him though.

She’s a bit overwhelmed, all these people here,
Help yourself to food and a cold can of beer.
Tommy Junior can’t make it, repossessed his car,
He said Hiya Mum, but didn’t ask how you are.

Drinking fizzy pop, looking around the garden,
Jenny burps and giggles, oh I beg your pardon!
I think that’s my school friend, Joey Jack Mace,
Cheeky boy tried kissing me, in the sack race.

Happy Birthday Jenny, aren’t you looking well,
Lost a bit of weight, A pound or two I can tell.
Children having fun, running around the lawn,
Jenny manages a smile, but looks a little forlorn.

She looks anxious Nurse, Is Tom on his way?
Just tired Annie, it’s been a long day.
Jenny shouts out, I’m going to be late for school,
Oh no it’s Saturday, aren’t I a silly fool.

Actually it’s Friday, she gets herself confused,
Living in a bubble, lost in a world bemused.
Tom has just arrived, opening the gate,
Jenny cries, don’t let him in, I told you I was late. 

Jenny thinks she’s still 14, always late for school,
and Tom her Headmaster, who punishes with a Rule.
Hello Jenny, it’s me Tom, how are you today?
Get him away from me, I want to go and play.

Tom has lost his Girl, his one and only friend,
To Dementia;
something he cannot mend.
With rare fleeting glimpses of recognition,
Stands helpless, through his Wife’s transition.

Happy Anniversary my love and happy birthday too,
Although I am a stranger, I will always be with you.

Copyright © | Year Posted 2017

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Date: 9/4/2017 10:43:00 AM
Too many of us experience this in those we love. Praying for a cure. God bless.
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