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Enmity Shoes

Seed of a woman?
That don't even sound right
'less you're looking thru the lens
of The One clothed in Light
son of the morning 
when yer done yer scorning
you'll get a deadly bruise 
upside yer head 
Having only tapped at the heel
of Him catapulted from the dead
ya set the world somersaulting 
with a spark of yer fuse
Now it's sure high time 
to hang up them-
enmity shoes

Yeah there's nothing wrong with comfort
when you're seeking haven 
from distress 
Sometimes ya gotta makeshift 
a bulwark 
If comin' down the pike's 
just a blankload of mess
Is it the end of the intermission?
threw in His Flesh for abolition 
Spirit poured out on the young maidens
young uns dreamin' dreams
n' old men seein' visions
Ya can bet the world set 
for some faulting
but ya can still stand on The Rock
if ya choose
Don't ya think it's about time?
ya got out of them-
enmity shoes 

Potter what Ya up to these days?
cuz there's sure a big ol' marred lump
of clay
Stumblin' in the aftermath
shakin' their heads in a daze
While we're strugglin' to adhere 
to the path of the promised perfect day
Y'all been running the gamut
but He Who is The Door only welcomes
never slams it
the adulteress wipes her mouth 
n' warmly hugs the entire world
But He Who garnished the heavens
stooped down in the dirt n' scribbled 
n' the accusers dropped their stones
So The Author said neither 
do I condemn you
to the frightened n' shaking 
but grateful girl
Don't you fret 'cause from this world
I'll be bolting 
feet barely touching The GangWay
for that celestial cruise
So I think it's about time to kick off them
-enmity shoes.
2-6-2019 Duncan R.M. Ferguson


Copyright © | Year Posted 2019

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