So much of life will pass on by
like a blink of an eye 
for a time, the unfaithful will keep 
On walking in the way of lies of darkness 
But the righteous will keep on looking 
to the Light for everlasting 
But the unrighteous their day will soon 
come to an end 
O Jehovah my love
We know you will defend us from the evil ones
that keeps on fight with us
day and night without cause 
they hid their nets for us to fall in 
But we keep looking for their treasures of heaven
and for a Paradise earth
We will keep on walking in the true Faith 
Of the law of Jehovah God
But the dark and evil ones 
walk with heedless ear and careless eyes
they walk so blind of the way of this darken Life 
Oh, Jehovah Your words they Ignored 
Please give me the gift of your ways 
always to the Homeless and poor
Put your words deep down in our Hearts like a 
High tower of your law 
your shield to our souls
let us spread your words of the true life 
To all mankind 
Let us open the eyes of the blind 
let us teach them Your words of everlasting 
Let them see the way of what is right 
In your eyes 
Look! There are days coming is the 
Utterance of Jehovah 
Son of man, A watchman is what Jehovah 
Made us to be 
Jesus our Lord showed us at door to door 
The haters were trying to knock him down with
their old darken lies 
Jesus had warned the wicked ones 
that they will Positively die if they do not 
change their ways
Oh, Jehovah our God 
this lost darken world looks down on us
call us all kind of names 
why they try to put all their lies and shame 
on us night and day because 
we stand for Your name
Your words Jehovah stands true 
I will not let them take me down with them 
in them darken ways
These feelings I have are the hours of my day 
But now I am learning how to live out my life 
In doing what is right in Your eyes 
Something new runs in my heart and that is 
your true Love.

Poetic Judy Emery © 2014
The Queen Of Darken Dreams Poetic Lilly Emery
The Queen Of Darken Dreams

Copyright © | Year Posted 2017

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