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another fish story

posted--no swimming, strong under tows
no guard on duty

what kind of life is that, no swimming 
it’s my life and I don’t need a guard
the sign came down

He spotted another sign, ‘no boating’
He had his boat and launched it. 
Still another sign was noted ‘no alcohol’
He opened a six pack.
Would you believe another sign existed, ‘no fishing’
He consumed the beer while he was fishing.
Caught a tuna and hoisted it into the boat
brought it back to shore and into his truck

other tuna’s saw what took place
and were angry over their loss
they left a sign on the beach
‘drunken man named Charlie took a tuna’

the fish market learned of this situation
after they had just bought his tuna 
which was not of good quality. They
notified other markets to be on the lookout

next week Charlie came back to fish
out in the boat he saw water filling his boat
there were holes at the bottom
the other tuna’s alerted swordfish of the capture
they pierced the boat to sink
frantically he waved for help
people on shore called the police
once onshore he was read his rights
for breaking the rules while under the influence

at court the judge spoke
‘sorry Charlie only the best tuna becomes Starkist”
‘you drank while in a boat fishing’ ‘you violated
the postings disrupted a family of tuna’
‘how do you plea’
well I don’t want to explain to the court how I pee
but if I can go to the back room I will tell you
the courtroom howled 
‘order in the court, this man is disorderly’

the verdict came down
Charles was given a one month sentence 
for violations of rules of fish and game
intoxicated on public soil
destroying public property
and operating a boat in a restricted area

Charlie sat in his cell and saw a sign posted
smoking permitted only with a guard
 there was a guard on duty who said
“only nice fishermen get to have a camel”

he then received his lunch on a tray,
tuna fish sandwiches!!
and a note ‘sorry Charlie this is not Starkist”

Copyright © | Year Posted 2018

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Date: 6/26/2018 8:59:00 PM
I always say.. nothing can beat another fish story!!
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