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Knowledge is a genie Once let out of the bottle it cant be put back

1 Profound insight climbing the mountain The higher you go the more beautiful view Opens up wide spread in front of you You see the world under your feet Overwhelmingly liberating experience Shocking overpowering, and scary You play walking on the sling blade The line that only God can balance Once you take a close piercing glance Into the depth of the center of the universe And the hidden secrets of the living earth It gets you and suspends you in vacuum In the crack between realities that no longer Is a safe haven where it used to belong And is not yet fully on the other side Of God’s omnipotent limitless domain Only a few bold dare to push the limits Fearlessly to the very edge of the cliff Opening the view of bottomless abyss There is no way back from the sharp edge It is a one-way ticket secret knowledge Into unknown and there is no turning back You are bewildered and only can stare Helpless onlooker lonely and scared No matter how baffling the truth is You have no choice but to face it Like a lonely prisoner in Plato’s cave Chained and starring at the other side Cast out of cozy safety of ignorance Stuck in between worlds upside down In a circle that never stops spinning around Circle is a shape of infinite shapes With you uncomfortably stuck inside 2 The string orchestra of the universe Playing symphony of those remote days When endless galactic suspended in infinity Let out of the bottle cosmic creative genie And the world started vibrating in unison Spinning boundless eternity new born In beautiful curves waves and forms Reflecting its’ suspenseful elegant flight In the matte darkness of primal night The mystery of eternal law of motion Forces trajectories shapes, and forms Converge in the mind of creator god If you extend the edge of infinity You reach another bigger infinity And so forever the world expands In a whole new infinity that stands Like a pillar holding the very edge Of spinning around infinite universe 3 Below the veil of reality there is Another world of ethereal matrix Of pure ever-present mathematics An ocean of dancing numbers Sparkly little precious shiny jewels Woven in a colorful fabric of cosmos Creating amazingly beautiful patterns Filled with secret signs and omens Accentuated by elegant curves Of flying at the speed of light Myriad of bent shiny sun rays Arched into the snake of genetics That keeps the secret of life Locked deep in the pattern Of frenetic spinning cosmic dance Shining through the porous surface Of blue atmosphere of the earth Moving in swift powerful ways Delivering suspenseful delays Of disbelief and shocking awe Bending the time and space In strange unfathomable ways The dancing numbers are holding Together the world expanding forever And we are little colorful scattered dots That are aimlessly hopelessly lost In our desire to understand the way The incomprehensible world spins away Which is always bigger than we can grasp The world of matrix spread in front of us All the time but its' meaning Deeply masterfully hidden Beyond sheer fabric of cosmic Maya Seductively alluring our desire And forcing us to get lost In endless perpetual earthly lust 4 Infinity is spread all over the space But we don’t see it’s elusive face Covered with thin veil of illusion Of starry sky and blooming flowers Intoxicating scents of morning showers We are stuck in the world of delusions And non-ending painful exclusions From attempts to touch the true face Of reality hidden deep in the shell Of primal knowledge bottomless well We dream about it every night Trying to catch the elusive edge Of Ariadne’s magical invisible thread That will lead us back to the earth But with the dawn opening eyes After pitch darkness of night The fine line that we finally reached In the dream slowly dissipates And we start search all over again Lost in terminal inability to understand Caught up in zest of seeking feverishly To catch the ever escaping edge Of desired elusive knowledge Like uncanny mandala of a snake Lustfully devouring its own tail Is an image of the unfortunate fate epilog When in the thick darkness of night We look deep into the well Of the desired forever hidden Secretive world of forbidden Dangerous alluring knowledge We open the doors and get drunk With the passion of gnostic desire To get a glimpse beyond Maya At the bottomless cognition Of the promised land

Copyright © | Year Posted 2016

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Date: 2/3/2017 1:16:00 PM
Congrats Ruta, for having your work featured in the Poetrysoup homepage!!! ;-)
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Date: 1/30/2017 12:08:00 PM
Well That was a mouthful
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