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Glowing Light

What happen I kept asking myself 
What happen is still hanging over my head
What happen is rumbling in the river bed
I had an uncomfortable feeling in my chest
So I grabbed my bike and rode through the bushy park
Nothing  was appealing  and nothing was amusing
The grass was burnt  the trees were drying up
and the  beautiful flowers were gone
But a patch of wild marigold  was still hanging on
They reached out and touched my strong arms
They were telling me to keep holding on
I kept riding through the deserted park
looking for summer but it was gone
Fall was disappearing too and it seems as if 
winter was dodging around the corner
Dry leaves littered the track 
and a white man in a red shirt was riding behind my back
The fire engine blazed down the street disrupting my heart beat
He shouted "Right I don't want to scare you"
I stayed on the left side until he passed
but soon after a woman and a baby appeared on my path
I hoped that I could have one day without anyone standing in my way 
but it wasn't meant to be so
Nature is divine so I greeted her with a smile
and crossed onto the other side of the road
I found a comfortable spot near the side of  a swelling stream
and took out the book "what happen" 
and place it  on the rock beside my bible
Yellow trees lined up in a row showing me which way to go
The mountains looked strong and mighty 
and the message is hanging from the sky
I sat on the stone in the middle of the running stream 
and anchored my feet in the water and whispered a silent prayer
then read an intriguing scripture
I spread my back upon the rock  and placed the bible upon my chest
and  commune silently with my master
The pregnant clouds covered me and watched over me
while the birds flew by and honored my collected moment
Everything was  tranquil and the composed sound 
of water flowing down the stream made me nervous 
It was as if something sinister was about to happen
But and  the trees and the rocks kept my company
I lie down on the rock and closed my eyes 
and absorb the stillness of my mind
My thoughts traveled and touch something majestic
I wrapped my arms around it and and blessed it with a kiss
I rose up from the rock and opened the book "what happen"
but I was not in the mood to read so I placed it back on the rock
And grabbed the bible instead 
I stood on a rock in the middle of the stream 
with water running over my feet and read a verse 
then prayed aloud in a voice that could be heard
Suddenly I saw a light glowing in the water it shone directly upon me
and covered the rock and the space around me
A power came over me and tears streamed down my face 
and I could feel the heat from the light all over me
I continue to pray and it suddenly disappeared under the thick clouds.
A strange feeling arose in my stomach after that spiritual encounter
I road away from that place and pushed my bike over the  steep hill
The sun was not shining and everything looked gloomy and dim
The usual traffic raced up and down the street setting fire to my anxious feet
I crossed the street and headed home but the Holy Spirit had me spell bound
It stopped me and turned me around
I parked my bike at the top of the street and took out the book
"what happened" and the holy bible I placed the book on the ground
And read a scripture from the holy bible at the top of the street
The traffic had built up and everyone was looking curious
Suddenly a bright light illuminated from the sky and shone upon me 
It dispersed its  light and covered my bike and the book and
reflected on the school bus that was waiting in the traffic
A powerful heat came over me then the light disappeared.
How can I explain what happened 
How can I explain the glowing light from heaven
God has heard my cry and he is standing by.

Copyright © | Year Posted 2017

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Date: 10/11/2017 6:59:00 AM
Christine...mesmerizing story...lovely...with wonderful leaps of imagination...thank you
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