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Bloody River

I took a ride through the park to relax my mind
I stood on top of the hill  observing  the burnt trees 
standing patiently waiting for someone to take them in
The entire place was empty and the smell of wild berries saturated the atmosphere
The damp air rest upon my nose wetting my appetite and seizing my mind
 I mingled with the universe licking it with my breath and soaked up its sweat
Everything was awfully quiet and the universe blended with my soul
I wrapped my arms around it and it made me completely whole
The trees stood at peace and my body felt  at ease
I stumbled upon a  tiny barking dog that was going the other way
but when I glanced at it, it became quiet and walked away
The fresh air brushes over my skin and ignite a sensational feeling within
I felt free as a bird in the tree and no one could ridicule me
I kept riding until I stumbled upon a group of ducks converged in a big meeting  
Four  brown ducks encroached on the side of the track picking at the grass
and sixteen more gathered in-front of the pond having a deep conversation
I stood among them but they did not fly away
I started to talk to them  and in a few minutes we all became friends
I spent some time observing their movements and ingenuity 
They are birds with souls and they can never grow old
The moment quickly passed so I bid them goodbye and crossed the stream 
The big park lay bare with trees standing  still waiting for winter to appear
There was nothing to amuse me and nothing to keep my company
I was  looking for a sign  that could lead me to the gold mine
I searched high and low but nothing was below
so I crossed the bridge to exit the to the other side 
And just as I reached the top of the road a short Asian man wearing a cap
 with the number seventy six attached to it crossed my path
I said hello but the number on his cap stood out
I scanned it with my brain and think about it on my way
I crossed the street and enter my favorite spot in the park
The overcast spell scatter damp air everywhere and it felt a little chilly
I rode along the track and hum a little tune but something was waiting
to deliver a message to me
 As  I showed up at my favorite spot the phrase ''bloody river" spoke out
I parked my bike and sat on the rock and try to erase what I  have heard
so I focused on the sound of water running down the river
The water was crystal clear and there was no sign of blood anywhere
The water ran speedily beating up on solid rock  and listening to me as I pray
The birds were silent and only the sound of water 
could be heard flowing down the river
In my meditative hour I asked the master to give me brain power
and show me where to go but  I didn't get the answer
I want to leave this place but I don't have anywhere to stay
I know that I would do better if I get a good offer and leave this place
But they continue to play me for a fool and I  continued to be used
I kept walking looking for another sign so I grab my bike and push it along the track
Suddenly a squirrel crossed in front of me and ran up a tree on the other side of the bush and join another squirrels they scamper up and down the trees as if they were mating
Does God speaks  through  squirrels I doubt he does
I crossed the street on the other side of London Town 
And there it was on the ground a squirrel  walked infront of me 
on the asphalted road its as if it was taking me somewhere
I kept my eyes on it and walked behind it
It glanced at me occasional to see if I was following
Then it ventured off the road and ran up a tree in London town
Another  squirrel waited on another tree next to it
And they both played merrily chasing each other up and down the tree
I got on my bike and rode down London town and  the long line
of traffic astound me where did they all come from
I have never seen so many cars on the streets
The traffic backed up from the top of London town 
stretching all the way down  as if a dignitary was in town
I rode pass them feeling strong and tall
Now I know where God is leading me but how will I get there?
when my pocket is dry and bare
Its like striking the set after the show everything has to go
twenty ducks, seventy six and the squirrels walking infront of me
running up and down the tree and leading me to my destiny
There  was no sign of blood around
But the hidden voice says bloody river.

Copyright © | Year Posted 2017

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