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(credits) Trust
(credits) Wasp
(credits) Ratcat
(credits) Porno For Pyros
(credits) Taupin Bernie
(credits) Oconnor Hazel
(credits) Death
(credits) Janet Jackson
(credits) Electric Light Orchestra
(credits) Urban Dance Squad
(credits) AC DC
(i Am) Enamoured Of Dead Bodies Visceral Evisceration
(the Angels Wanna Wear My) Red Shoes Elvis Costello
(the Color Red) Pearl Jam
...of Ruins And A Red Nightfall Tristania
13 Cornered Brujeria
13 Cornered Biohazard
45. Air For Soprano I Know That My Redeemer Liveth Handel George Frideric
99 Red Balloons Nena
99 Red Balloons Soundtracks
99 Red Balloons Goldfinger
99 Red Balloons Movies Soundtracks
99 Red Balloons Chubs
A Bloodred Path Gates Of Ishtar
A Blurred Girl Foxx John
A Hundred And One White Bryan
A Hundred Dollars Marshall Crenshaw
A Hundred Feet Away Joan Jett And The Blackhearts
A Hundred Miles Meat Puppets
A Hundred Years Chapman Tracy
A Hundred Years Tracy Chapman
A Hundred Years from Now Elvis Presley
A Hundred Years From Now Unknown
A Hundred Years From Today Sinatra Frank
A Kissed Out Red Floatboat Cocteau Twins
A Lot To Be Desired Ricochet
A Name Undiscovered A Name Undiscovered
A New Starsystem Has Been Explored Wolfsheim
A Red Letter Day Pet Shop Boys
A red so deep Cursive
A Sheltered Life Lou Reed
A Star Is Bored Paul Westerberg
A Violation Of Something Sacred Sacrilege
A.f.u. (naturally Wired) Van Halen
Absolute Hatred Cannibal Corpse
Absolute Predominance Lament
Accident At Injured Strings Earthling
Act Vi - Red Script Sadness
Adored And Explored Marc Almond
Afraid Not Scared Ryan Adams