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Trump's Intake Interview
Hello, you've reached the EcoTherapist Cooperative. How can we help you without bringing harm to Others? That's a question I've never thought about. I'm calling for the National Republican Party. We would like to hire an EcoTherapist for a consultation during the 2020 Republican Convention. How did you hear about us? I'm not sure. I'm required to tell you this request does not come from the White House, where America is already great again. So, I'm at least equally DarkState about whether we are an apparent match for your internal and external health objectives. We could probably offer a free intake assessment. How long will that take and when is your earliest availability? For the Republican National Leadership, our intake process might feel like a life sentence of self-judgment. I could facilitate a cooperative assessment transparently vulnerably curiously integrally holistically synergetically and immediately, whenever your event organizer is ready. Oh I'm not sure we have THAT long. Impatience to get on with Making America Extract and Exploit Again seems like our cultural norm around here, especially in Business Party Convention Time, which is sort of all the 24/7 eternal enterprising time of busyness restlessness, longing for some healthy ecotherapy. So let's start, get as far as we can, and then come up with a date and time and invitation list for conventional continuance and/or unconventional discontinuance of eco-terrorism's patriarchal StraightWhiteMale privileged Western left hemisphere dominant degenerative monocultural miseducation School of Business As Usual. I may need to bring someone else into this call but let's start and I'll take this as far as I can with my fake security clearance. That's fine. So, what are your ecotherapeutic goals for the Republican Party? I wasn't aware that would be a prerequisite for the Cooperative's engagement. Are you perhaps noticing that your ecotherapeutic platform for future action is currently blank, as rooted in past lack of investment? Yes, which is why the Convention Organizer needs an EcoTherapeutic Developer to facilitate a platform planning session during our Convention. What are your most significant multicultural health concerns about your internal and external properties? landscapes? cultures? climates? Are we talking national and international real estate interests? Or personal wealth? Yes, both internal and external health/pathology landscapes. What are your regenerative ecotherapeutic concerns and your degenerative ego-pathology issues? Oh, that question is WAY above my pay grade and security clearance! No, actually the question is meant to be democratically accessible. As ubiquitous as the U.S. census, but I can see where the Republican Nationalistic Party's response to this first cooperative question might need to be appropriately redirected. Do you want to bring someone else in right now or schedule for future intake? Would you mind holding for a couple minutes? Our time investment is your health-wealthy time. We're here, with this multicultural therapeutic question, at least until the Rapture or the degenerative death of all positive energy systems on and within planet Earth, depending on your theological ecological paradigm of choice. Wow! I'm not sure this will work but let me see if Donald might not duck this question. ......................................... Yes, hello, this is your President Donald Trump. I understand you want to thank me for your check. No, Mr. President, you have asked the EcoTherapist Cooperative to plan a platform development session at your Convention. I have some questions to see if this is a good fit for us; Starting with, What are your national and international, local and global healthy environment goals? And, how are these informed by your personal internal wounded landscape concerns? Oh, I see, Like who am I afraid to shake hands with and who don't I want in the same room to breathe against each other? I'm concerned that might be a rather long list. Perhaps it would be an easier use of our time if you could think of who you would like to shake polycultural hands with and who you would most enjoy sharing healthy life space with, breathing compassionately together rather than degeneratively against. Could you give me an example? I'm coming up with nothing. Maybe you would enjoy greeting and gratefully conversing with a Buddhist zen gardener about the ego-recentering LeftHemisphere and eco-systemic RightHemisphere effects of breathing as economically and politically healthy respiration inspiration expiration reparation with nearby wealthy resilient trees. And how would that make America great again? Exactly, that is a question the EcoTherapist Cooperative might help your Republican National Leaders ask of each other for restoring Earth Justice, which, yes, would also make America great again. OK. Good. Let's set it up. Did you get your check yet? You know, don't tell anyone, but getting my signature on there was my pre-election marketing idea. Have you read my book? The one where you recommend Have Fun! regardless of at whoever's expense? regardless of how recklessly win/lose competitive? regardless of how anti-ecotherapeutic? Yes, I find it helpful for remembering what not to do to achieve and conserve healthy wealth well-being, safety, and social communication significance, both RightHemisphere resonant and LeftHemisphere resilient. Good; you read it. Did you buy it full price retail or get it out of the library, I wonder. Anyway, are you having fun yet? with that check I sent you. Don't forget to vote if we ever have an election. I'm not sure we really need one right 20/20 now, with the lamestream media and those radical socialist immigrants trying to get in and take all our StraightWhiteMale jobs and the deep leftist anti-intelligence State and... Hopefully, Not To Be Continued
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