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A Greener Bodhisattva World
This is the third time I've read Beyond Religion: Ethics [non-sectarian, non-partisan, non-violent] for A (not "The") Whole World [ZeroZenZone Universe, psychological and politically eco-logical]. In the second, of two, sections, the Dalai Lama discusses, in most excruciating therapeutic detail, emotional positive v negative intelligence, good- through bad-humored democratic literacy. I remember Behavioral Psychology class leading to a Bachelor of [bad-humored] Science degree, while I was more ecofeminist longing to learn more about the Bachelor of Arts and Humanities Behaviors and GoodHumored-Positive Social Psychology textbooks with warmer full-color cooperative images more about culturally felt eco-political intelligence-- Capacities to notice strategic differences between cooperatively choosing WinWin non-sectarian non-partisan non-violent and actively cooperative social responsibility for what we say and do, and neglect to say and do, good-humored v bad-humored theater upon Earth's round global stage about our green-intentional community's ethical choices to optimize healthier and wiser WinWin opportunities or to continue perpetuating reactionary WinLose run-away competing economic risks cursed by originally separating cooperative emotional health from good-humored RightBrain wealth Which, according to bicameral ethologist Jaynes, may have language-culture started with a more patriarchal inside punishing LeftBrain more recessive-echoing inside Voice, maybe five thousand years ago, give or take in matriarchal twenty, to twenty-thousand 2020 seasons with LeftBrain dominantly deductive rational reasons Queen Shabbat-Gaia, Bodhisattva PeaceWarrior, has never chosen to confine Herself inside an All WhiteHouse, competition-rooted against it's larger WinWin potentiated Self, or directly participate in privileged over-powering administrations outside WinWin so inside LoseLose absurd cacophonies Yet in RealTime RealTalk universal unitarian community's emotional intelligence, we seem to know when to call out our articulating situational crisis, opportunity for healing a Full GreenLight National Emergency and when not so much. If Gaia Bodhisattva nature/spirit had time, days and weeks and months to LeftBrain reconsider whether or not to call our situation an Emergency, then this Wall-To-Be-Or-Not-To-Be is not a climatic crisis. It is more of a bad-humored chronic WinLose situation; Like hemorrhoids, if you're a narcissist-expanding hemorrhoid. If we don't have time, in our local communities, If we don't have weeks and months to reconsider WinWin climate therapies to intelligently and good-humoredly respond to our soil and water and wind and fire and soul and effluent affluent and resilient and burning co-passions for restoring green climate peace EarthJustice outside and eco-centrically inside, cooperatively bicameral non-sectarian non-partisan non-violently, empathically, enthymematic messenger with EarthHealth message, then we have chosen to WinWin intervene as a cooperatively-owned and -managed community to minimize bad-humored fake Emergencies we have already borrowed and inherited to heap upon all future childlike innocence expecting a ZeroZone WinWin WholeWorld and not so much a LoseLose nationalistic disempowering self-inflected -afflicted EmergencyWall. Despotically walled personal and political returning issues are side-effects of white male privileged, LeftBrain dominant, RightWing excessive resistance to a fluidity of eco-consciousness required to grasp and let go a crucial matriarchal/ecofeminist diffence between, and to openly free a collaterally constipating doubt dissonant sameness in-between, a whole healing internal green world of WinWin potential eco-communication And a whole external Earth of WinLose climate anti-communion mission messengers Falling short of WinWin good-humored winds and waters and healthy soils and cooperatively temperatured climate webs of EgoLeft/EcoRight discerning souls. Gaia Bodhisattva celebrates green ecological economies, national and local political compassion movements green liberal with lovely humane inspiration pursuing Wins for international economic and Wins for EarthClimate national/spiritual outcomes through collateral eco-therapeutic interventions to heal an unwhole macro/micro walling up and out world psychologically, individually, ego-centrically, retributively but also politically, culturally, EarthRestoratively. All Bodhisattva Green EarthTribe can already begin to feel the cooperatively revolutionary healthy good humor of formerly disenfranchised victims of unsung quiet violence, red climate-stressed, walled-in and -out families and tribes building Earth's natural construction spiritual habitats, healing subclimates, green internal restorations surrounded by organic thriving gardens, Bodhisattva Green Cooperatives seem to grow healthiest in awareness of freedom producing naturally constructed wind turbines and passive solar capture arrays and non-violent spinning water wheels and deep thermal heating/cooling listening GreenSTEM organic learning systems riding bilateral bicycles and speaking horse-riding home listening languages rather than fracking and drilling and raping external washed-out soils, and further walling up against Green EarthTribe Souls Remembering all those unresolved spiritual questions unasked and unanswered in LeftBrain DominantlyNegative BehavioralViolence NonCommunication Class So readily apparent in the Dalai Lama's [Bodhisattva Green] Beyond Religion: for A Whole World [ZeroZone Organic NonSectarian, universal-unitarian yang-yinian behavior ends and belief begins again].
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