Short Poetry by Popular Famous Poets

1 William Wordsworth
2 Oscar Wilde
3 William Shakespeare
4 Emily Dickinson
5 Maya Angelou
6 Rabindranath Tagore
7 Robert Frost
8 Langston Hughes
9 Walt Whitman
10 Shel Silverstein
11 William Blake
12 Sylvia Plath
13 Pablo Neruda
14 Alfred Lord Tennyson
15 Rudyard Kipling
16 Edward Estlin (E E) Cummings
17 William Butler Yeats
18 Tupac Shakur
19 Sandra Cisneros
20 Alice Walker
21 Charles Bukowski
22 Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
23 Muhammad Ali
24 Sarojini Naidu
25 Christina Rossetti
26 Billy Collins
27 Carol Ann Duffy
28 Edgar Allan Poe
29 John Donne
30 John Keats
31 Nikki Giovanni
32 Ralph Waldo Emerson
33 Raymond Carver
34 Thomas Hardy
35 Lewis Carroll
36 Ogden Nash
37 Mark Twain
38 Spike Milligan
39 Anne Sexton
40 Carl Sandburg
41 Elizabeth Barrett Browning
42 Alexander Pushkin
43 Henry David Thoreau
44 Percy Bysshe Shelley
45 Victor Hugo
46 George (Lord) Byron
47 Roger McGough
48 Gary Soto
49 Sara Teasdale
50 Thunchaththu Ramanujan Ezhuthachan

Famous Short Today Poems

Famous Short Today Poems. Short Today Poetry by Famous Poets. A collection of the all-time best Today short poems

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by Emily Dickinson

Beauty crowds me till I die

 Beauty crowds me till I die
Beauty mercy have on me
But if I expire today
Let it be in sight of thee --

by Emily Dickinson

Today or this noon

 Today or this noon
She dwelt so close
I almost touched her --
Tonight she lies
Past neighborhood
And bough and steeple,
Now past surmise.

by Ogden Nash

The Termite

 Some primal termite knocked on wood 
And tasted it, and found it good! 
And that is why your Cousin May 
Fell through the parlor floor today.

by Donald Justice

A Birthday Candle

 Thirty today, I saw
The trees flare briefly like
The candles on a cake,
As the sun went down the sky,
A momentary flash,
Yet there was time to wish

by Emily Dickinson

Lest any doubt that we are glad that they were born Today

 Lest any doubt that we are glad that they were born Today
Whose having lived is held by us in noble Holiday
Without the date, like Consciousness or Immortality --

by Ellis Parker Butler

To May

 I have no heart to write verses to May;
 I have no heart—yet I’m cheerful today;
I have no heart—she has won mine away
 So—I have no heart to write verses to May.

by Emily Dickinson

Yesterday is History

 Yesterday is History,
'Tis so far away --
Yesterday is Poetry --
'Tis Philosophy --

Yesterday is mystery --
Where it is Today
While we shrewdly speculate
Flutter both away

by Emily Dickinson

Ambition cannot find him

 Ambition cannot find him.
Affection doesn't know How many leagues of nowhere Lie between them now.
Yesterday, undistinguished! Eminent Today For our mutual hone, Immortality!

by Emily Dickinson

So has a Daisy vanished

 So has a Daisy vanished
From the fields today --
So tiptoed many a slipper
To Paradise away --

Oozed so in crimson bubbles
Day's departing tide --
Blooming -- tripping -- flowing
Are ye then with God?

by Emily Dickinson

Recollect the Face of me

 Recollect the Face of me
When in thy Felicity,
Due in Paradise today
Guest of mine assuredly --

Other Courtesies have been --
Other Courtesy may be --
We commend ourselves to thee
Paragon of Chivalry.

by Emily Dickinson

Whether my bark went down at sea

 Whether my bark went down at sea --
Whether she met with gales --
Whether to isles enchanted
She bent her docile sails --

By what mystic mooring
She is held today --
This is the errand of the eye
Out upon the Bay.

by Emily Dickinson

If all the griefs I am to have

 If all the griefs I am to have
Would only come today,
I am so happy I believe
They'd laugh and run away.
If all the joys I am to have Would only come today, They could not be so big as this That happens to me now.

by Emily Dickinson

If recollecting were forgetting

 If recollecting were forgetting,
Then I remember not.
And if forgetting, recollecting, How near I had forgot.
And if to miss, were merry, And to mourn, were gay, How very blithe the fingers That gathered this, Today!

by James Lee Jobe


 Quiet! Today the earth tells me, be quiet.
Ssh! No talking now.
Our soul is listening to tiny things, almost silent.
This is a language that you feel.
Our soul, says the earth, hears every little sound.

by Richard Brautigan

The Beautiful Poem

 I go to bed in Los Angeles thinking
about you.
Pissing a few moments ago I looked down at my penis affectionately.
Knowing it has been inside you twice today makes me feel beautiful.
3 A.
January 15, 1967

by Emily Dickinson

Like Men and Women Shadows walk

 Like Men and Women Shadows walk
Upon the Hills Today --
With here and there a mighty Bow
Or trailing Courtesy
To Neighbors doubtless of their own
Not quickened to perceive
Minuter landscape as Ourselves
And Boroughs where we live --

by Charles Bukowski

I Met A Genius

 I met a genius on the train
about 6 years old,
he sat beside me
and as the train 
ran down along the coast
we came to the ocean
and then he looked at me
and said,
it's not pretty.
it was the first time I'd realized that.

by Emily Dickinson

The Sunset stopped on Cottages

 The Sunset stopped on Cottages
Where Sunset hence must be
For treason not of His, but Life's,
Gone Westerly, Today --

The Sunset stopped on Cottages
Where Morning just begun --
What difference, after all, Thou mak'st
Thou supercilious Sun?

by Emily Dickinson

I asked no other thing --

 I asked no other thing --
No other -- was denied --
I offered Being -- for it --
The Mighty Merchant sneered --

Brazil? He twirled a Button --
Without a glance my way --
"But -- Madam -- is there nothing else --
That We can show -- Today?"

by Emily Dickinson

She died at play

 She died at play,
Gambolled away
Her lease of spotted hours,
Then sank as gaily as a Turn
Upon a Couch of flowers.
Her ghost strolled softly o'er the hill Yesterday, and Today, Her vestments as the silver fleece -- Her countenance as spray.

by Emily Dickinson

Whose cheek is this?

 Whose cheek is this?
What rosy face
Has lost a blush today?
I found her -- "pleiad" -- in the woods
And bore her safe away.
Robins, in the tradition Did cover such with leaves, But which the cheek -- And which the pall My scrutiny deceives.

by Emily Dickinson

Teach Him -- When He makes the names

 Teach Him -- When He makes the names --
Such an one -- to say --
On his babbling -- Berry -- lips --
As should sound -- to me --
Were my Ear -- as near his nest --
As my thought -- today --
As should sound --
"Forbid us not" --
Some like "Emily.

by Emily Dickinson

Those who have been in the Grave the longest --

 Those who have been in the Grave the longest --
Those who begin Today --
Equally perish from our Practise --
Death is the other way --

Foot of the Bold did least attempt it --
It -- is the White Exploit --
Once to achieve, annuls the power
Once to communicate --

by Carl Sandburg


 Many birds and the beating of wings
Make a flinging reckless hum
In the early morning at the rocks
Above the blue pool
Where the gray shadows swim lazy.
In your blue eyes, O reckless child, I saw today many little wild wishes, Eager as the great morning.

by Carl Sandburg

Peach Blossoms

 WHAT cry of peach blossoms
 let loose on the air today
I heard with my face thrown
 in the pink-white of it all?
 in the red whisper of it all?

What man I heard saying:
 Christ, these are beautiful!

And Christ and Christ was in his mouth,
 over these peach blossoms?