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Famous Horribly Poems by Famous Poets

These are examples of famous Horribly poems written by some of the greatest and most-well-known modern and classical poets. PoetrySoup is a great educational poetry resource of famous horribly poems. These examples illustrate what a famous horribly poem looks like and its form, scheme, or style (where appropriate).

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by Shelley, Percy Bysshe
...her braided locks
O'er the fair front and radiant eyes of Day;
Night followed, clad with stars. On every side 
More horribly the multitudinous streams
Of ocean's mountainous waste to mutual war
Rushed in dark tumult thundering, as to mock
The calm and spangled sky. The little boat
Still fled before the storm; still fled, like foam
Down the steep cataract of a wintry river;
Now pausing on the edge of the riven wave;
Now leaving far behind the bursting mass
That fell, c...Read More

by Edson, Russell
...ou lay 
the whole thing on the table every night; the same fractured 
skull, the same singed fur; like someone who died horribly. These 
aren't dinners, these are post-mortem dissections.

 Try a piece of its gum, I've stuffed its mouth with bread, 
said mother.

 Ugh, it looks like a mouth full of vomit. How can I bite into 
its cheek with bread spilling out of its mouth? cried father.

 Break one of the ears off, they're so crispy, said mother.

 I w...Read More

by Robinson, Edwin Arlington
We might regret. But Avon, since it happened, 
Fed with his unrevealing reticence
The fire of death we saw that horribly 
Consumed him while he crumbled and said nothing. 

So many a time had I been on the edge, 
And off again, of a foremeasured fall 
Into the darkness and discomfiture
Of his oblique rebuff, that finally 
My silence honored his, holding itself 
Away from a gratuitous intrusion 
That likely would have widened a new distance 
Already wide enough, if...Read More

by Hugo, Victor
...aster palfreys every way. 
 To Rome the oldest armor might be traced, 
 And men and horses' armor interlaced 
 Blent horribly; the man and steed we feel 
 Made but one hydra with its scales of steel. 
 Yet is there history here. Each coat of mail 
 Is representant of some stirring tale. 
 Each delta-shaped escutcheon shines to show 
 A vision of the chief by it we know. 
 Here are the blood-stained Dukes' and Marquis' line, 
 Barbaric lords, who amid war's rapine 
...Read More

by Field, Edward

The old man offers him a glass of wine,
"Drink, my friend. Drink -- gooood."
The monster drinks, slurping horribly, and says,
"Drink -- gooood," in his deep nutty voice
and smiles maybe for the first time in his life.

Then the blind man puts a cigar in the monster's mouth
and lights a large wooden match that flares up in his face.
The monster, remembering the torches of the villagers,
recoils, grunting in terror.
"No, my friend, smoke -- gooood,"
an...Read More

by Browning, Robert
..., sharp spikes outstart;
And with blood for dew, the bosom boils;
And a gust of sulphur is all its smell;
And lo, he is horribly in the toils
Of a coal-black giant flower of hell!


What maketh heaven, That maketh hell.


So, as John called now, through the fire amain.
On the Name, he had cursed with, all his life---
To the Person, he bought and sold again---
For the Face, with his daily buffets rife---
Feature by feature It took its place:
And his...Read More

by Keats, John
Lock'd up like veins of metal, crampt and screw'd;
Without a motion, save of their big hearts
Heaving in pain, and horribly convuls'd
With sanguine feverous boiling gurge of pulse.
Mnemosyne was straying in the world;
Far from her moon had Phoebe wandered;
And many else were free to roam abroad,
But for the main, here found they covert drear.
Scarce images of life, one here, one there,
Lay vast and edgeways; like a dismal cirque
Of Druid stones, upon a forlorn mo...Read More

by Southey, Robert
And fast thro' the Abbey she flies.


She ran with wild speed, she rush'd in at the door,
She gazed horribly eager around,
Then her limbs could support their faint burthen no more,
And exhausted and breathless she sunk on the floor
Unable to utter a sound.


Ere yet her pale lips could the story impart,
For a moment the hat met her view;--
Her eyes from that object convulsively start,
For--oh God what cold horror then thrill'd thro' her heart,...Read More

by Hayden, Robert

A charnel stench, effluvium of living death 
spreads outward from the hold, 
where the living and the dead, the horribly dying, 
lie interlocked, lie foul with blood and excrement. 

Deep in the festering hold thy father lies, the corpse of mercy 
rots with him, rats eat love's rotten gelid eyes. But, oh, the 
living look at you with human eyes whose suffering accuses you, whose 
hatred reaches through the swill of dark to strike you like a leper's 
claw. ...Read More

by Ayres, Pam
And the liquorice allsorts I picked,
Sherbet dabs, big and little,
All that hard peanut brittle,
My conscience gets horribly pricked.

My mother, she told me no end,
‘If you got a tooth, you got a friend.’
I was young then, and careless,
My toothbrush was hairless,
I never had much time to spend.

Oh I showed them the toothpaste all right,
I flashed it about late at night,
But up-and-down brushin’
And pokin’ and fussin’
Didn’t seem worth the time – I could bit...Read More

by Spenser, Edmund
...hat when thou wast in greatest height 
To greatness grown, through long prosperity, 
Thou then adown might'st fall more horribly. 


Hope ye, my verses, that posterity 
Of age ensuing shall you ever read? 
Hope ye that ever immortality 
So mean harp's work may challenge for her mead? 
If under heaven any endurance were, 
These monuments, which not in paper writ, 
Put in porphyry and marble do appear, 
Might well have hop'd to have obtained it. 
Na th' less my lut...Read More

by Whitman, Walt
...hile his eyes blurr with the manuscript; 
The malform’d limbs are tied to the surgeon’s table, 
What is removed drops horribly in a pail; 
The quadroon girl is sold at the auction-stand—the drunkard nods by the
 bar-room stove;
The machinist rolls up his sleeves—the policeman travels his beat—the
 gate-keeper marks who pass; 
The young fellow drives the express-wagon—(I love him, though I do not know
The half-breed straps on his light boots to complete in the...Read More

by Chesterton, G K
...out of the eastern lands,
Broad river and burning plain;
Trees that are Titan flowers to see,
And tiger skies, striped horribly,
With tints of tropic rain.

Where Ind's enamelled peaks arise
Around that inmost one,
Where ancient eagles on its brink,
Vast as archangels, gather and drink
The sacrament of the sun.

And men brake out of the northern lands,
Enormous lands alone,
Where a spell is laid upon life and lust
And the rain is changed to a silver dust
And the sea ...Read More

by Morris, William
...ith no word into the deep hold passed. 

Meanwhile the dragon, seeing him clean gone,
Followed him not, but crying horribly,
Caught up within her jaws a block of stone
And ground it into powder, then turned she,
With cries that folk could hear far out at sea,
And reached the treasure set apart of old,
To brood above the hidden heaps of gold.

Yet was she seen again on many a day
By some half-waking mariner or herd,
Playing amid the ripples of the bay,
Or on the hill...Read More

by Aiken, Conrad
...s of sound,
Slowly beating, slowly beating,
Shaking its pulse on the stagnant air:
Sometimes it swung completely round,
Horribly gasping as if for breath;
Falling down with an anguished cry . . .
Now the red bat, he mused, will fly;
Something is marked, this night, for death . . .
And while he mused, along his blood
Flew ghostly voices, remote and thin,
They rose in the cavern of his brain,
Like ghosts they died away again;
And hands upon his heart wer...Read More

by Robinson, Edwin Arlington
...or set 
There may be nothing kinder for him here 
Than shafts and agonies; 
And under these
He may cry out and stay on horribly; 
Or, seeing in death too small a thing to fear, 
He may go forward like a stoic Roman 
Where pangs and terrors in his pathway lie,— 
Or, seizing the swift logic of a woman,
Curse God and die. 

Or maybe there, like many another one 
Who might have stood aloft and looked ahead, 
Black-drawn against wild red, 
He may have built, unawed by fiery g...Read More

by Finch, Anne Kingsmill Family was out of Frame) 
Against League-Breakers does exclaim. 

How! quoth the Lord of soaring Fowls, 
(Whilst horribly she wails and howls) 
Were then your Progeny but Owls? 

I thought some Phoenix was their Sire, 
Who did those charming Looks inspire, 
That you'd prepar'd me to admire. 

Upon your self the Blame be laid; 
My Talons you've to Blood betray'd, 
And ly'd in every Word you said. 

Faces or Books, beyond their Worth extoll'd, 
Are censur'd most,...Read More

by Benet, Stephen Vincent unutterable pain, 
Loved lips and faces now apart, 
That once were closer than my heart -- 
In agony, in agony, 
And horribly a part of me. . . . 
For Lethe is for no man set, 
And in Hell may no man forget.) 

And there were flowers, and jugs, bright-glancing, 
And old Italian swords -- and looks, 
A moment's glance of fire, of fire, 
Spiring, leaping, flaming higher, 
Into the intense, the cloudless blue, 
Until two souls were one, and flame, 
And ver...Read More

by Lear, Edward
...There was an Old Man in a tree,
Who was horribly bored by a bee.
When they said "Does it buzz?"
He replied "Yes, it does!
It's a regular brute of a bee!"...Read More

by Akhmatova, Anna
...eiling that day.
Upon the silken blanket
A withered arm lay.

And the thrown-over predatory profile
Became horribly heavy and stark,
And one could not hear the breathing
Through the bitten-up lips turned dark.

But suddenly the last bit of strength
Came alive in the eyes of blue:
"It is good that you released me,
Not always kind were you."

And then the face became younger,
And I recognized him once more.
And then I said, "Holy Father,
Acc...Read More

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