What does the horse give you
That I cannot give you?

I watch you when you are alone,
When you ride into the field behind the dairy,
Your hands buried in the mare's
Dark mane.
Then I know what lies behind your silence: Scorn, hatred of me, of marriage.
Still, You want me to touch you; you cry out As brides cry, but when I look at you I see There are no children in your body.
Then what is there? Nothing, I think.
Only haste To die before I die.
In a dream, I watched you ride the horse Over the dry fields and then Dismount: you two walked together; In the dark, you had no shadows.
But I felt them coming toward me Since at night they go anywhere, They are their own masters.
Look at me.
You think I don't understand? What is the animal If not passage out of this life?

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