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GROOVE IT ! - Poetry Contest

Sponsornette onclaud
Contest Name GROOVE IT !
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Deadline11/6/2013 12:00:00 AM
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Contest Description

hello, soupers...this is not about songs/lyrics ... what i want is a NEW, original poem using images, techniques to capture the mood, language, and pulse of a genre of music as listed below...   use ONE of the following for your entry:1. Country Music 2. Jazz 3. Rock andRoll 4.Heavy Metal..  THEME IS SMOKE

Eexample only:

Foggy breeze,wispy rasps lead to flames,
red madness etching
its dizzy path, 

the flavor of Merlot popping…

an urge to inhale the mint of leaves
heat of  Celsius rising from the skin…

until that curved bone of spine writhes

against the trees ,

to reach a pitch from starlit drawl.

                                                              (c) JAZZ

any form is acceptable except the shorties, 14-26 lines

1)do not mention any instrument, or genre in your poem BUT do include it below
your piece..2) the poem is not about music ; it’s the essence of  the genre’s mood that counts..3)include your name, title of contest, and date of poem...4)check spelling and for reference..

 let’s groove to the beat and let it get you!


                                    hugggs and love...