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My Recent Poems

Date PostedPoemTitleFormCategories
5/28/2016 Nightmares Sonnetanxiety,
5/26/2016 Clarity Free verseanalogy,
5/21/2016 Moments in transit Free versememory,metaphor,
5/17/2016 Burn Poet, Burn Free verseanger,
5/15/2016 Amber Days Sonnetmemory,
5/15/2016 Predator Sonnetanxiety,wisdom,
5/12/2016 Hawaiian Chant Sonnetloss,
5/8/2016 Some Sunday Doggerol Free verseappreciation,
5/6/2016 Marathon Sonnetallegory,
5/4/2016 Siddhartha Sonnettruth,
5/2/2016 Outside the Door Free verseallusion,metaphor,
4/28/2016 Shock Doctrine Sonnetallegory,analogy,truth,
4/27/2016 Dangerous Persons Free versetruth,
4/24/2016 Unintended Consequences Sonnethumanity,
4/12/2016 Sparks Free verseidentity,introspection,
4/12/2016 Smoke Rings Sonnetallusion,analogy,
4/8/2016 Jan's Garden Sonnetbeauty,
3/31/2016 Quick thought, quick sonnet Sonnetallegory,analogy,
3/21/2016 Pretension Quatraindedication,destiny,
3/19/2016 3:36 am Night Traveler Free versemetaphor,mystery,
3/7/2016 Lose all ego Free verseirony,
2/29/2016 Cover Story Free versenostalgia,
2/28/2016 Dharma Identity Free versedesire,
2/24/2016 The Return of Moriarty Free verseage,allegory,introspectio
2/20/2016 Four Quick Shots And Then a Fifth Free verseallegory,death,
2/13/2016 Amber Caress Free verseallegory,
2/10/2016 Interview with Old Ned Free verseage,allegory,loss,
2/9/2016 Miles Smiles Free verseappreciation,nostalgia,
2/7/2016 Calligrapher Sonnetallegory,allusion,appreci
8/13/2013 Arizona Memorial Free verse 
6/13/2013 Transitions Sonnetchange,
9/5/2012 River run Sonnetintrospection,
1/10/2012 New Years Sonnetintrospection,new year,
1/9/2012 Eyes wide shut Sonnetintrospection,world,
8/19/2011 Cheng Meng Free verseallegory,
8/10/2011 Keep it Simple Free verseallegory,introspection,
8/9/2011 In a Screech Owl Moment Free verseallegory,
8/9/2011 Buddha Nature Free versefunny,introspection,
8/8/2011 Poor Jimi's Dead Free versefunny,me,
8/8/2011 Banker's Blues Free verseallegory,old,old,
8/8/2011 Exceptionalism Free verseintrospection,life,
8/7/2011 What youth doesn't know or care to know Free verselove,mother,philosophy,
8/7/2011 A Thousand Free verseallegory,life,on work and
8/7/2011 Gatlinger Sonnetfunny,on writing and word
8/7/2011 Three Messengers Free verseallegory,old,me,old,
8/5/2011 Poetry and Porcelain Free verseallegory,
8/5/2011 July Blues Free verseallegory,
8/4/2011 Resonance Free verseallegory,
8/4/2011 A Simple Question Free verseallegory,
4/27/2011 Justice,so random Sonnetintrospection
4/17/2011 Hell Bound Train Rhymeallegoryme,me,
4/17/2011 Hawaiian Rituals Sonnetintrospection
4/13/2011 October 25,2003 Sonnetfamilydream,dream,future,
4/13/2011 Birds, I View Sonnetallegorybody,
4/6/2011 Sonnet for Her Sonnetdevotion
3/31/2011 Dreaming of Jemez Free verseintrospectionlight,light,
10/25/2010 Gleanings Free verseallegoryold,old,
9/5/2010 One a Day Sonneton writing and words
8/31/2010 Fear Free versepolitical
8/31/2010 Somewhere Free verseloss
8/31/2010 Life Suspended Free verseintrospectionlife,life,
8/31/2010 Peace March Free verseintrospection
8/26/2010 Anaconda Sonnetallegory
8/18/2010 Memory Free verseintrospection
8/16/2010 One Truth Free verseintrospection
8/16/2010 Punch Drunk Free verseallegorytime,
8/16/2010 Earth turning,turning Free verseallegorywinter,time,winte
8/15/2010 I take mine black Free verseintrospection
8/1/2010 The Silence of a Sunday Free verseintrospection
8/1/2010 Scales Free verseintrospection
8/1/2010 the Flea Market at the Veteran's Center Free verselife
6/27/2010 Mokihana Sonnetintrospection
6/26/2010 Interview with a Gargoyle Sonnetallegory
6/25/2010 Saturday Morning Free versenostalgiaday,day,
6/25/2010 Solstice Sonnet Sonnetintrospectionme,
6/25/2010 Snapshot Free versenostalgia
6/20/2010 The Cozzie Switch Free verseallegoryday,love,mother,
6/13/2010 Science in Flatland Free verseallegory
6/12/2010 Expectations Free versefunny
6/12/2010 Sunday Sonnet Sonnetfunny
6/6/2010 Who will light the ovens? Free versepolitical
6/6/2010 Boa Free verseallegory
6/5/2010 Deck Chairs and Boats Free verseintrospection
6/5/2010 Buffy's Song Free verseintrospectionme,
4/4/2010 I've seen so many Sonnetintrospectionnight,night,
4/4/2010 Didjeridu Sonnetintrospectiontime,
1/15/2010 Old Shoes Sonnetlife,love
11/28/2009 Black Friday in the Mall Blank verseintrospection
11/28/2009 To Any President Sonnetintrospectionlife,
11/28/2009 Early Warning System Blank verseallegory
2/26/2009 Elusive Memory Free verseloss
1/24/2009 Birds of a Feather Sonnetintrospection
12/7/2008 Poet's Epitaph Sonnetintrospection
8/17/2008 At Loss for Words Sonnetlove,on writing and words
7/13/2008 Mapping the Imagination Free verseimagination,on writing an
6/13/2008 Down the Urban Trail Free verseallegory,introspection,li
6/12/2008 The war is over, you lose blues Free verseparody,peace,satire,
4/12/2008 Alzheimers Free verseintrospection,love,mother
3/28/2008 An economy of words Haikuallegory,art,on writing a
3/27/2008 Clave Free verseallegory,introspection,no

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