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Date PostedPoemTitleFormCategories
7/27/2016 BABY YOUR THE BEST COOKE Light Poetryaddiction,angel,dedicatio
7/27/2016 STOP A FOOL Light Poetryadventure,betrayal,
7/27/2016 SEX IN THE WOODS Light Poetryadventure,crush,
7/27/2016 LET YOUR MINE SHINE Light Poetryadventure,angel,appreciat
7/27/2016 VOTEING COUNTDOWN Light Poetryadventure,appreciation,
7/25/2016 BABY NOONE LIKE YOU Light Poetrybeautiful,desire,
7/25/2016 CORN BREAD BEANS AND RICES Light Poetryadventure,feelings,
7/25/2016 ELECTION DANCE HALL Light Poetryadventure,desire,
7/25/2016 LOVER ON THE BEACH Light Poetryadventure,beautiful,crush
7/25/2016 TO VOTE BE PROUND Light Poetryadventure,betrayal,
7/25/2016 ELECTION LADY AND TOGETHERNESS Light Poetryadventure,desire,
7/23/2016 HOT SUMMER AND RATS Light Poetryabuse,adventure,
7/23/2016 SEX AND HOT WEATHER Light Poetryadventure,betrayal,
7/23/2016 ITS SUMMER TIME Light Poetryadventure,beautiful,
7/23/2016 PARK SUMMER AND ICES Light Poetryaddiction,adventure,
7/20/2016 KIDS AND THE TRUTH Light Poetryadventure,betrayal,
7/20/2016 STILL HAVE A CRUSH ON YOU Light Poetrybest friend,
7/20/2016 ITS UP TO YOU Light Poetryadventure,encouraging,
7/20/2016 WOMEN IN POWER Light Poetryadventure,art,beautiful,
7/20/2016 VOTES TALK Light Poetryadventure,blessing,
7/19/2016 HONEY COME HOME Light Poetryadventure,beautiful,best
7/19/2016 SEX BIG BUTT AND HOT PANTS Light Poetryadventure,beautiful,
7/19/2016 THE FIGHT FOR CHANGE Light Poetryabuse,betrayal,
7/19/2016 ONE BAD APPLE CAN SPOIL Light Poetryabuse,
7/19/2016 YOUR EYES SAY ALL Light Poetryadventure,angel,
7/18/2016 WATCH THE VOTES Light Poetryabuse,adventure,
7/18/2016 BRIDS AND THERE WINGS Light Poetryadventure,destiny,
7/18/2016 THE BLUES IS RICH OR POOR Light Poetryabuse,adventure,
7/18/2016 WHY I SING THE BLUES Light Poetryadventure,feelings,
7/18/2016 BLUES HAS NO CORLOR Light Poetryadventure,betrayal,
7/16/2016 WHY WE MUST WIN Light Poetryabuse,adventure,
7/16/2016 HIP HOP AND THE GETTO Light Poetryadventure,betrayal,
7/16/2016 CRYING ON THE PLANE Light Poetryadventure,betrayal,
7/16/2016 SWEET ON YOU Light Poetryadventure,angel,
7/14/2016 BURGER AND A BEER Light Poetryadventure,cheer up,
7/14/2016 HORSE AND CARRIAGE Light Poetryadventure,appreciation,
7/14/2016 THIS IS THE LORDS LAND Light Poetrybetrayal,confidence,
7/14/2016 GLAD TO KNOW YOU Light Poetryangel,beauty,
7/14/2016 TOUCH DOWN Light Poetryadventure,birthday,blessi
7/14/2016 TIME TO FORGIVE Light Poetryadventure,bible,
7/11/2016 THE WORLD IS ABOUT SEX Light Poetryadventure,culture,
7/11/2016 HATE STEP ASIDE Light Poetryadventure,betrayal,
7/11/2016 ONE MORE BRIGG OF HAPPY DANCE Light Poetryaddiction,adventure,anniv
7/11/2016 FREEDOM MOUNTAIN Light Poetryadventure,america,blessin
7/11/2016 LAST DINNER Light Poetryabuse,adventure,
7/11/2016 NO NEED TO FIGHT Light Poetryblessing,cheer up,
7/11/2016 THE LORDS GIFT FOR US Light Poetryadventure,angel,anger,
7/9/2016 BURGERS AND FRIES Light Poetryadventure,desire,
7/9/2016 RUNING ON POWER Light Poetryabuse,adventure,appreciat
7/9/2016 WHAT GOOD SEX DO Light Poetryadventure,
7/9/2016 WOMAN IN CHARGE Light Poetryadventure,blessing,
7/9/2016 NEW BEGINING Light Poetryadventure,blessing,
7/9/2016 LOVE OVER HATE Prose Poetryabuse,
7/9/2016 Stop,The killing Light Poetryabuse,
6/30/2016 LADY IN CHARGE Light Poetrybetrayal,
6/30/2016 MY BOBYS ON FIRE Light Poetrydestiny,fire,
6/30/2016 LIVING IN A NEWWORLD Light Poetryadventure,fantasy,
6/30/2016 GOD LOVES YOU SMILE Light Poetryadventure,blessing,
6/30/2016 WONDERFULL YOU Light Poetryadventure,appreciation,be
6/28/2016 I MISS YOU Light Poetryappreciation,best friend,
6/28/2016 QUICK LUNCH Light Poetryadventure,how i feel,
6/28/2016 LIITLE BRIDS AND FOOD Light Poetryadventure,desire,
6/28/2016 OPEN YOUR MIND Light Poetryadventure,betrayal,change
6/28/2016 QUEEN OF DANCE FLOOR Light Poetryadventure,dance,
6/28/2016 FINGERS TALKING Light Poetryadventure,courage,
6/28/2016 DANAGER Light Poetryadventure,america,appreci
6/26/2016 DON'T BE CONTROLL Light Poetryadventure,blessing,
6/26/2016 LET THE MIND SPEAK Light Poetryadventure,beautiful,
6/22/2016 HOW SEX CHANGE ME Light Poetryadventure,appreciation,
6/22/2016 SEX OVER POWER Light Poetryadventure,art,
6/22/2016 BRING HOME REPECT Light Poetryadventure,appreciation,
6/22/2016 SUMMER HATS Light Poetryadventure,desire,
6/22/2016 SUMMER AND PARKS Light Poetryadventure,beautiful,
6/22/2016 ALL GODS CHILD Light Poetryadventure,blessing,
6/22/2016 EVERYVOTE COUNT Light Poetryabuse,birth,
6/22/2016 TOO PEOPLE IN LOVE Light Poetryadventure,beautiful,
6/22/2016 LOVE OVER HATE Light Poetryabuse,adventure,
6/20/2016 THE WORLD WATCHING US Light Poetryadventure,betrayal,
6/20/2016 SEX MUSIC AND HIPHOP Light Poetryadventure,art,
6/20/2016 SEX AND HANDS Light Poetryadventure,beautiful,
6/20/2016 STRANGER AND A PARK Light Poetryadventure,best friend,
6/19/2016 HOW TOO MAKE A FRIEND Light Poetrybeautiful,best friend,
6/19/2016 AGE IS JUST A NUMBER Light Poetryadventure,blessing,
6/19/2016 SUMMER BEACH AND HOTDOGS Light Poetryadventure,crush,
6/19/2016 SWING AND THE PARK Light Poetryadventure,cheer up,
6/19/2016 WHAT A VOTE DO Light Poetryadventure,appreciation,bl
6/19/2016 YOU GOT THE POWER Light Poetryadventure,blessing,
6/16/2016 LORD JUST ANUTHER CHANCE Light Poetryadventure,beautiful,bible
6/16/2016 GROWING OLD IS GOLD Light Poetrybirthday,
6/16/2016 TODAYS BLACK CHILD Light Poetryadventure,black african a
6/16/2016 SUMMER GOING TO BE HOT Light Poetryaddiction,
6/16/2016 DON'T FEED THE BRIDS Light Poetryabuse,
6/16/2016 ELECTION YEAR Light Poetryadventure,depression,
6/16/2016 NEWDAY COUNT DAY Light Poetryabuse,adventure,
6/15/2016 SUMMER AND KIDS Light Poetryadventure,august,
6/15/2016 FOOL AND A GUN Light Poetryadventure,anger,
6/15/2016 SHARP WATER SEASON Light Poetryadventure,anger,
6/15/2016 WAILS AND THE OCEAN Light Poetryadventure,betrayal,
6/15/2016 BORN TO DIE Light Poetryadventure,
6/15/2016 SUMMER BEACH TEASE Light Poetryadventure,desire,

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