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...her own world of RuneScape

Blog Posted:8/8/2006 7:31:00 PM
After a reasonably easy day at work, here I sit at my CPU, momentarily (Don’t want to take too much time since my kids need my attention – I think we are playing cards tonight) writing what will be the concluding thoughts for my evening (Wait, that doesn't sound right, I will be thinking later). Happily, my daughter is by my side, although, immersed in her own world of RuneScape (I wish I could explain that game to you). School is about to start - Monday - so, she won’t see much of her favorite pastime; you know, with honors classes, etc. I keep telling her about the difficulty of honor’s chemistry – but as usual, she is oblivious. I guess that is what makes her so special, happy-go-lucky and smart - it's a gift I did not give. Hmmmmm, tacos for dinner. Oh, well poets (I would say “fellow poets” but I don’t want to dilute your talent) see you another PoetrySoup day….
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  1. Date: 8/11/2006 4:08:00 AM
    Hey Mark, I really like your blog site too.... and your poetry I might add. I must read more of it. Lainie

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  1. Date: 8/8/2006 7:50:00 PM
    Perhaps a more lovely scene could not be set... - Hope you had a wonderful dinner, and an outstanding game of cards - Canasta's my favorite - could play for hours. And isn't it the truth about children - A close friend of mine's daughter just went back to school today and I had the pains in my stomach for her - I can't imagine how it will be when Ava goes next year. Yikes - Hope everything goes smoothly for your daughter! Have a great evening ~T

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12/11/2011 She O'the Morrow Rhymeadventure,mystery,words,r
10/29/2011 GoodGrief Rhymeadventure,me,
10/29/2011 Cayo Real Rhymeadventure,words,me,me,
10/29/2011 Land's End Rhymeadventure,sea,sea,
9/22/2011 WildWind Rhymeadventure,me,blue,me,
9/22/2011 'Tis To Breakfast We Now Go Rhymeadventure,
9/22/2011 SouthWind Rhymeadventure,me,me,
9/22/2011 Ship of Doom Rhymeadventure,me,dark,fire,da
9/21/2011 Salome Rhymeadventure,name,sea,name,s
9/21/2011 Sailor's Song Rhymeadventure,sea,sea,time,
9/21/2011 Sailor's Glee Rhymeadventure,sea,me,sea,sill
9/21/2011 Sailin' Away Rhymeadventure,
9/21/2011 Sail You Must Rhymeadventure,sky,time,
9/21/2011 Sail Away With Me Rhymeadventure,romance,sea,lov
9/21/2011 Rime of the Ridiculous Mariner Rhymeadventure,me,may,me,
9/21/2011 Ride Like the Wind Rhymeadventure,cowboy-western,
9/21/2011 Revenant Rhymeadventure,me,me,silly,
9/21/2011 Return Rhymeadventure,sound,love,me,s
9/21/2011 Red White and Blue Rhymeadventure,red,
9/21/2011 Prague Rhymeadventure,men,
9/21/2011 Paint -Part the First- Rhymeadventure,me,me,
9/21/2011 Paint -Part the Second- Rhymeadventure,me,me,
9/21/2011 'Tis Calm Methinks Rhymeadventure,me,me,
9/21/2011 oh-me-oh-my paint in me eye Rhymeadventure,house,house,
9/21/2011 Northern Sea Rhymeadventure,sea,may,sea,sta
9/21/2011 Nakita's Breeze Rhymeadventure,
9/21/2011 My oh My Rhymeadventure,
9/21/2011 My Beer My Dear Rhymeadventure,lost,lost,
9/21/2011 Mom's Rime Rhymefamily,mom,me,time,day,me
9/21/2011 Moment o'Truth Rhymeadventure,me,me,
9/21/2011 Mirror Rhymeadventure,mirror,smile,
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9/21/2011 Mermaid's Song Rhymeadventure,song,love,song,
9/21/2011 Mayhap By Chance Rhymeadventure,love,
9/21/2011 Krewe Rhymeadventure,
9/21/2011 Keen To His Fate Rhymeadventure,sea,journey,sea
9/21/2011 Just So Silly Rhymeanimals,
7/20/2011 For one Lass of Wesley name Verseadventure
2/12/2011 Pirate's Kids Rhymechildhood
2/12/2011 Cap'n and the Wench -part the fifth- Balladadventure,girlfriend-boyf
2/12/2011 Cap'n and the Wench -part the fourth- Balladadventure,mystery,passion
2/12/2011 Cap'n and the Wench -part the third- Balladadventureme,
2/12/2011 Cap'n and the Wench -part the second- Balladadventure,girlfriend-boyf
2/11/2011 Cap'n and the Wench -part the first- Balladadventure,girlfriend-boyf
2/11/2011 Silver Sand Rhymeadventure,cowboy-western,
2/11/2011 Travel On Rhymeadventure
2/11/2011 Whomever Rhymeadventure
2/11/2011 Let's Pretend Rhymehappiness
2/11/2011 The Devil and His Bride -part the first- Balladadventureday,me,song,day,
2/11/2011 The Devil and His Bride -part the second- Balladadventureme,song,me,song,
8/15/2010 For Chris D. Rhymeadventureme,me,
8/15/2010 " Pleazure Found " Rhymeadventure
8/15/2010 For Destroyer ((Poet Rhymeadventure
8/15/2010 For Catie Lindsey Rhymeadventureme,
8/15/2010 " Desert Moon " Rhymeadventure
8/15/2010 " Dark Side " Rhymephilosophydark,dark,
8/15/2010 " Butterfly" Rhymeadventurelight,light,may,
8/15/2010 " Away " Rhymeadventure
8/15/2010 " Anyday Anyway " Rhymeadventure
8/15/2010 " A'flight am I " Rhymeadventure
8/15/2010 For Carol Brown Rhymeadventure
8/15/2010 For Dr. Ram Rhymeadventure
8/15/2010 For Louzana Nubani Rhymemusic
8/15/2010 "Of Ravens One" *part the first* Rhymeimaginationme,bird,bird,m
8/15/2010 "Of Ravens One" *part the second* Rhymeimagination
8/15/2010 " Oh So Fine " Rhymeseanight,night,
8/15/2010 " On Just Such a Day " Rhymesea
8/14/2010 "Ace O'Diamond" Rhymesea
8/14/2010 For Linda-Marie Rhymeadventure
8/14/2010 For Francine Roberts Rhymeadventure
8/14/2010 For Sidney Hall Rhymethank you
8/14/2010 " Dawn " Rhymeadventure
8/14/2010 " DownUnder " Rhymeseame,me,
8/14/2010 " Demon's Deep " Rhymeseasky,
8/14/2010 " A'Sea " Rhymeseasea,sea,
8/14/2010 Madagascar Sky Rhymesea
8/14/2010 "Misty Moon" Rhymelife
8/14/2010 "Mountain Born" Rhymesealife,
8/14/2010 " DragonFly " Rhymeseame,me,
8/14/2010 " For Ever " Rhymeseasea,sea,
8/14/2010 " Devil's Wind " Rhymesea
8/14/2010 " Voyage o'the Narina Trogan " Rhymeadventure
8/14/2010 "Morrow" Rhymeadventure
8/14/2010 " Of Africa " Rhymeadventure
8/14/2010 " Oh Oh " Rhymeadventure

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