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Bloggers PhotoA brief introduction:

Born in 1950. I have done my post graduation in English Literature. In my childhood days I was living very close to a beautiful forest with a lovely lake called ‘Allen Forest’. I used to sit in that forest for hours in the calm and cool atmosphere of that lake and in those memorable days.

I started conceiving my first poem in that Allen forest and lake itself, which I use to visit almost every day, often with friends and sometimes even alone also in my childhood and early young age days. In the field of Art I had made my initial paintings in oil colors but they are very few. I composed my first Hindi Poem in 1971 when I was posted in a sugar factory. During that time I have written few small philosophical poems only. My love for photography started oozing around 1985 when I purchased my first Yashica Camera.

My initial pictures remains concentrated on my family members and scenic beauties. In between 1971 to 2001 I was too busy with my job first with British India Corporation and then with Government of U.P as I was educating people in Foreign Trade on national level.

During this period from 1991 to 1999 I made extensive travelling from East to West and from North to South of my country almost twice in a year, which gave me a unique chance to study and understand life and nature both in general which reflects in my Poems and Photos everywhere. In 1999 I took VRS and joined a multinational company ‘Organic India’ earlier known as IITC as its Executive Director, but left it in 2001 and started my own work of educating people in foreign trade.

t was only around 2007 when I bought a new mini digital camera that Photography began to show its colors in my Photos. In 2009 I became a member of Poetry Soup accidentally, while surfing the net and that was a turning point of writing more and more poems almost every day. Even I translated some of my father’s works also on Poetry Soup. Later on in 2011 when my son gave a gift of Canon Camera that I started enjoying Photography and these Photo Poems started forming shapes in my works.Song writing emerged, when some of my poetry Soup friends commented on my poem finding some of my poems more like a Song.The seed is there in me and even in my family member’s blood, because of my mother, who was a great musician, singer and because of my father, who wrote many Poems, Epics, novels and even dramatic verse and some songs also. Because of my other family members love for music, right from my childhood as I used to hear my favorite songs many a times.

The company of a wonderful forest (Allen Forest) and the lake with the company of River Ganges, which flows right in front of my house at a little distance with the most beautiful surroundings of Agriculture University quite near to my place have played great roles in shaping me what I am today.

My Poem on ANNA has converted into a reality in India

Blog Posted:8/19/2011 12:26:00 AM
Dear Friends & PS

I had placed a Blog and a Poem on 8th April 2011 “A New Hope Shown by Anna Hazare (A 74years old man) in India” and I am delighted to inform my friends on PS that my predictions of a massive mass movement in my country, on the call of Anna has become a reality, which the whole world is witnessing and watching through TV channels (watch Times Now channel) or use Yahoo India for the latest news.

The whole of my country is going through an unprecedented peaceful non-violent mass movement after Mahatma Gandhi, movement of 30 & 40’s in the history of free India. People from every walk of life from children to old and young boys and girls and students and even elderly people are standing with Anna Hazare. He is on fast in Tihar Jail (as he was arrested and then released by the authorities on first day itself, but since then he is on fast in Tihar jail itself and will continue to be on fast even at Ramlila ground New Delhi from this noon. The government has arrested him in order to suppress this movement on day first itself. Since the government has withdrawn its arrest orders unconditionally to protest against the Bill brought by Government of India Anna is on fast to fight corruption for the last four days and is likely to be on fast for another 10 -15 days till the government accepts the people’s voice and accepts the Bill prepared by Civil Society.
Anna is getting a massive mass support in every city and even in villages of India. The demand is to introduce a Bill drafted by Civil Society members to curb the corruption rampant in every walk of life in India. The bill will bring even everyone under the Lokpal (the authority which will head the Lokpal body) including the Parliament members, Judiciary and every government servant under the monitoring of Lokpal.

The politicians are trying to introduce their version of bill (which they are trying for the last many decades but have not so far delivered) which has no teeth to punish the corrupt and is only a formality to befool the public. Due to some persisting eye problem I am not sitting much on computer hence I am not regular on PS, but on this vital issue I will try to reply back.

This mass movement is only starting in India it is likely to touch all the countries of the world where the politicians and the bureaucrats are spreading the curse of corruption through different methods.

I had placed the Poem on Anna on 8th April 11.

Love and best wishes…


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  1. Date: 8/19/2011 3:22:00 PM
    One of the Indian economist in his article in one Hindi news paper pointed out the reasons due to which the US economy is suffering and his conclusion was that some of your policy makers are making too liberal laws to strengthen the US treasury to benefits their own industrial set-ups or the industrial lobby. Please correct me if I am wrong or the conclusion drawn by the economist is not correct. I would be very happy if you and some of your other friends on PS form such a group to point out the wrong policies effecting US economy and other problems. Love and best wishes…Ravindra

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  1. Date: 8/19/2011 2:50:00 PM
    Thanks Dr.Ram. We are witnessing a revolution in India not only in New Delhi but in every city and it is slowly taking in its grip the entire country including the villages. The best coverage is coming from many channels but Times now and Zee news would move your heart and mind. Some Poets are reciting their electrifying Poems and songs reminding songs of 30's and 40's. The main heat is because the youth of the country is taking part in this new kind of revolution through complete non-violence and Satyagrah. Undoubtedly the greatest gift of Gandhi to humanity. I will try to keep informing. Love and best wishes...Ravindra

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  1. Date: 8/19/2011 2:41:00 PM
    Thanks Nette for your good wishes. The beauty of a good democracy lies in its peaceful non-violent movements and healthy oppositions. We all should support any such effort anywhere in the world.Thanks for your kind support. Love and best wishes…Ravindra

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  1. Date: 8/19/2011 11:16:00 AM
    What an awesome story. I hope the movement spreads like wildfire. Here too, we need laws against the benefits our own politicians are reaping at the expense of the people.

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  1. Date: 8/19/2011 11:05:00 AM
    yes, I see a second Mahatma in Anna and am following the news on various channels. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Ravindra. yes, "All the people are equal but some more than equal" policy.

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  1. Date: 8/19/2011 6:34:00 AM
    Thank you Linda for all the support and sentiments, your views and comments and wonderful expressions on all your good friends. I have a feeling that this mass revolution would change many things not only in my country but even in neighboring countries. Hope to place something new soon. Love and best wishes...Ravindra

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  1. Date: 8/19/2011 2:12:00 AM
    Corruption... is so easy to fall into with a bit of a certain kind of power... and is SOOOOOOO harmful. Peaceful resistance is a rarer form of power... takes a LOT more strength. Very interesting post, Ravi.. Peace be with you.

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  1. Date: 8/19/2011 2:10:00 AM
    i feel really good about this, ravindra.. we in the philippines likewise experienced a peaceful revolution called "people power" to topple a dictator.. longe live freedom.. cheers and huggs!

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  1. Date: 8/19/2011 12:54:00 AM
    Congrats Ravindra my friend on this grand accomplishment... wishing u much success in all u do luv..

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