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Date PostedPoemTitleFormCategories
5/1/2016 Not Until You Choose To See- Universal Acoustic Explained Sestinaadventure,
4/26/2016 Not Until You Choose To See - Collaboration Sestinaadventure,
4/23/2016 Operational Capacity Sijoadventure,
4/23/2016 Internal Dimensional Cavity Rubaiyatadventure,
4/22/2016 Then There Is Gravity Alliterationadventure,
4/22/2016 Adding Together Tankaadventure,
4/22/2016 Normal Rotation In This Lesson Sestinaadventure,
4/21/2016 Orienting Color Epigramadventure,
4/20/2016 See Transition Certainty In Fact Epigramadventure,
4/20/2016 Elements Of Chemistry Effect Heroic Coupletsadventure,
4/19/2016 Regarding What Destination Tetractysadventure,
4/17/2016 Which Exist Ofcourse Ethereeadventure,
4/17/2016 Electromagnetic Force Bioadventure,
4/16/2016 Not All Physical Some Know Terza Rimaadventure,
2/28/2016 Aliens Ships You Know Sonnetadventure,
2/27/2016 Others Will Go Alliterationadventure,
2/26/2016 The Mind Finds The Way Villanelleadventure,
2/22/2016 Needless To Say Nonetadventure,
2/22/2016 Other Options Though Epigramadventure,
2/22/2016 In Elements Heroic Coupletsadventure,
2/22/2016 Tremendous Power Added Tankaadventure,
2/22/2016 Along With Clockwise Transportation Epigramadventure,
2/22/2016 Reverse Magnetics Rubaiyatadventure,
2/22/2016 Entering Translation Epigramadventure,
2/21/2016 Digital Information Heroic Coupletsadventure,
2/21/2016 In Flight Situation Lyricadventure,
2/21/2016 Sailing Through The Sky Lyricadventure,
2/21/2016 None Can Deny Iambic Pentameteradventure,
2/21/2016 On How I Fly Terza Rimaadventure,
2/21/2016 Crucified Why Sonnetadventure,
2/20/2016 Yet Yearning To Know Fibonacciadventure,
2/20/2016 Redesigning This Imagismadventure,
2/20/2016 Opening Door VI Narrativeadventure,
2/19/2016 Events Will Occur Ottava rimaabsence,adventure,
2/18/2016 Heard By Their Words Iambic Pentameteradventure,
2/18/2016 Trying To Elect Tankaadventure,
2/18/2016 Learn From Each Sect Alliterationadventure,
2/18/2016 All Trying To Connect Epigramadventure,
2/18/2016 Transition In Effect Rubaiyatadventure,
2/17/2016 Over Riding You Chastushkaadventure,
2/17/2016 Retaliatory Few Epigramadventure,
2/17/2016 Projecting This View Nonetadventure,
2/17/2016 Everyone Odeadventure,
2/16/2016 Beautiful This Is Epigramadventure,
2/16/2016 Standing With He Heroic Coupletsadventure,
2/16/2016 Easy To See Tankaadventure,
2/16/2016 Opening Door V Grookadventure,
2/16/2016 Decision By You Nonetadventure,
2/16/2016 Erased Not My Desire I do not know?adventure,
2/15/2016 Redirects Flight Senryuadventure,
2/15/2016 Elevated Thoughts Senryuadventure,
2/15/2016 He Who Has Sight Elegyadventure,
2/15/2016 This Be Right Nameadventure,
2/14/2016 Pause Break- My Rant II I do not know?adventure,
2/11/2016 Pause Break- My Rant I do not know?adventure,
2/11/2016 Drown In This Light Rhymeadventure,
2/11/2016 Need Not Your Advice Alliterationadventure,
2/11/2016 Accept Haikuadventure,
2/11/2016 Satan Sijoadventure,
2/11/2016 Up Under Microscope Epigramadventure,
2/11/2016 Opening Door IV Morning Prayer I do not know?adventure,
2/10/2016 Hear No Fear Terza Rimaadventure,
2/10/2016 Thee Still Not Imagismadventure,
2/10/2016 Rethinking Situation Lanterneadventure,
2/10/2016 Opening Different Locations Imagismadventure,
2/10/2016 Universe Destinations Blitzadventure,
2/10/2016 Figure This Location Elegyadventure,
2/10/2016 Raged In A Cage Are You Sijoadventure,
2/10/2016 You Learn This Too Narrativeadventure,
2/9/2016 Triggered Vibrations Odeadventure,
2/9/2016 Organize To The Wise Pastoraladventure,
2/9/2016 Frequencies Arrested Shapeadventure,
2/9/2016 Down With With This I Am Iambic Pentameteradventure,
2/9/2016 Even In These Rubaiyatadventure,
2/9/2016 Regards To DNA Activation Senryuadventure,
2/9/2016 Download For This Ethereeadventure,
2/8/2016 Negative Numbers Direction Nameadventure,
2/8/2016 Universal Omnibus States Odeadventure,
2/7/2016 Humans Its Nature Haikuadventure,
2/7/2016 Everything Turns Around Cinquainadventure,
2/7/2016 Nonsense The Norm Alliterationadventure,birth,
2/7/2016 Once Upon A Time Epigramadventure,
2/6/2016 Engulfed In Fear Senryuadventure,
2/6/2016 Humbled Yet Denied Tetractysadventure,
2/6/2016 The Night I Cried Imagismadventure,
2/5/2016 Yes Be To This Sestinaadventure,
2/5/2016 Ruling Class Resist Nameadventure,
2/5/2016 Ornaments Dismissed Rubaiyatadventure,
2/4/2016 Telling You This Alliterationadventure,
2/3/2016 Creation Scene Epigramadventure,
2/3/2016 In This Mind Trip Layadventure,
2/3/2016 Valentine For You I do not know?adventure,
2/3/2016 New Age Aquarius Elegyadventure,
2/3/2016 Openly Offers Fibonacciadventure,
2/3/2016 Inquiring Consciousness I do not know?adventure,
2/2/2016 Then Understanding The Flame Lanterneadventure,
2/2/2016 All Are Alien Sestinaadventure,
2/2/2016 Learn This Lesson Epigramadventure,
2/1/2016 Evils Negative Influence Nonetadventure,
2/1/2016 Violence Ends Ottava rimaadventure,

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Friend Promise I do not know?friendship,strength,time,
everyday in your heart Free versedevotion,faith,friendship
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In bondage Free versepoetry,

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