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Not funny

Blog Posted:3/1/2010 11:39:00 AM
<P><FONT color=#800080><STRONG><EM>I just realised&nbsp; two month ago. An anonymous person sent me a text message. The message said I had to send to another 15 people the message sent to me or I will lose the person I love the most. I never did that. 6 weeks later, Lost my best friend, as in I find out he was not actually my best friend. hE&nbsp; was just using me. The times I needed him most, he denied me. I just realised I lost my best friend. The message actually does work. I wonder what could have happened if I have sent that message to 15 other peoples. This is so freaky.</EM></STRONG></FONT></P> <P><FONT color=#800080><STRONG><EM>I receieved a similar text message yesterday. The message said a joke. It later told me I had to send to 15 other people. If I have less than 4 replies, I would lose the person mostly close to me. I sent this message to 15 people already but none replied me yet. I am so scared seriously, not funny. This really freak me out, I don't want to lose anyone close to me. Not my girlfriend; not not ever her. </EM></STRONG></FONT></P> <P><STRONG><EM><FONT color=#800080></FONT></EM></STRONG>&nbsp;</P> <P><STRONG><EM><FONT color=#800080>Now I came to write this blog to ask for neccessary advice because I am very sure I am not paranoid.</FONT></EM></STRONG></P>
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  1. Date: 3/3/2010 5:11:00 PM
    I say what the heck why chance it just send them out...OR...don't open the dern things! BIG BIG HUGS!!!

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  1. Date: 3/3/2010 12:53:00 PM
    Positive mind leads to positive actions, leads to positive results! DON'T WORRY! Don't convince yourself anything bad will happen or you will just look for it! It will highten your awareness of i trivial matter. It's like looking for something that is not there and you perceive it is there. Make sense???

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  1. Date: 3/2/2010 4:42:00 PM
    Its all bullshit, just ignore it. They are like the old fashioned "chain letters". Life doesn't work that way.

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  1. Date: 3/2/2010 4:28:00 PM
    Adelana, haven't you heard Stevie Wonder's "Superstition" That is no way to live!! Since you're afraid, don't ever send or open another one! After this just avoid opening all those FW e-mails. Try not to worry. Peace, love, Audrey

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  1. Date: 3/2/2010 11:42:00 AM Pop used to tell me, "son, have no fear, your Grandpa in Heavens lookin' out for you" you too, Olusegan, have your ancestors protecting you and your loved ones, smile and be strong! jimbo

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  1. Date: 3/1/2010 11:41:00 PM
    I really appreciate everyone's heartwarming comment advice. I could get a little sensitive sometimes. Everyone's right. I got a whole lot of things to accomplish, so as everyone. So you all successfully got rid of this impostors . After reading all your advices, I wouldn't need to worry anymore. The next time I see the message, I'm taking evasive action to stop the madness. I really appreciate you all's advice. Thanks so much.

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  1. Date: 3/1/2010 10:49:00 PM
    I wouldn't respond to this kind of messages, my dear, they are not funny indeed and they should not even be sent out in this manner with this kind of scary warnings. Something is not right about that. You should find out the resource and report it to your cellphone company. Perhaps they can bloc this kind of insanity. Best wishes, Caroline.

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  1. Date: 3/1/2010 9:06:00 PM
    Superstition is a credulous belief or notion, not based on reason or knowledge. The word is often used pejoratively to refer to folk beliefs deemed irrational. This leads to some superstitions being called "old wives' tales". It is also commonly applied to beliefs and practices surrounding luck, prophecy and spiritual beings, particularly the irrational belief that future events can be influenced or foretold by specific unrelated prior events.

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  1. Date: 3/1/2010 4:19:00 PM
    I do not believe in these emails, I delete them right away. No friend of mine, would send me something like that ever, and if they did, they would not be my friend for long.. what happened was merely coincedence.. many of us have found out out so called friends are not friends when we need them... so please, just let it go.. and just delete such emails... they are junk... love constance

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  1. Date: 3/1/2010 4:03:00 PM
    There are a million different variations of these bothersome e-mails....we all get them, and they are a waste of time, and annoying. Please don't worry about them, they are pure nonsense, Olusegon. The best thing to do is delete!!

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  1. Date: 3/1/2010 3:55:00 PM
    Please pay no attention to these pranksters who try to disrupt u with false texts and threats that something will happen if u do not forward this garbage... be strong in Christ as He holds everything in His Hands and not these people who serve the "dark side" of life to upset everyone... they are just trying to waste your time and energy with stress u do not need.. and NOTHING will happen if u do not participate.. its a mind trick... is all...thankxxx for your blessed blog comment on my son leaving for military duty.. appreciate ..with luv.. Linda-Marie

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  1. Date: 3/1/2010 3:33:00 PM
    These emails are not funny at all. They only hurt recipients and play on their fears. I'm sorry to say I have passed some along in fear as well. Now if one promises good things will happen by passing it along, that's different. Threats I cannot tolerate and I won't subject my friends to them. Please don't worry about this, Olusegun. Love, Carolyn

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  1. Date: 3/1/2010 1:44:00 PM
    Adelana, Do not listen to this. It is pure crap. When I see messages that say on the bottom "send to X number of people" or "in X amount of time" I simply have no desire to read that email. HERe is what someone told me. A lot of those emails are actually being sent by an original source who is TRACKING the consequences. IN other words, they want to know who will respond to such things so they can possibly advertise to you, or worse, SCAM you, It's ok to feel superstitious, sweetie. WE all do from time to time. My advice, toss those emails to TRASH. LUv, Andrea

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  1. Date: 3/1/2010 12:15:00 PM
    Olusegun, I believe God has the final say, not an unsent text message. Sounds like the enemy is working hard to distract you from your God given destiny and fear took over. The acronym for fear is False Evidence Appearing Real. Discard any type of negative message and strive to live in faith. The acronym for faith is For All Is Through Him. I hope this helps...Raul

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  1. Date: 3/1/2010 11:53:00 AM
    Olusegun, Please do not reply to those messages or believe them. They are written by people just people and they can not know or say you are going to lose someone if you don't do what they say. Just delete those messages when you get them. They are trash. Do not be afraid everything will be fine. I have received hundreds of these and I just delete them my friend. I am sure when others read your blog they will tell you the same thing. Love, Carol

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