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John freeman's Biography I am born and raised, in pope county Arkansas, where I still reside. I live in a small group called Pleasant Grove, about twenty miles north of Russellville on hwy 7, a beautiful highway cut through the famous Ozark mountains. Russellville, a larger city, intersected, by I-40 is about ninety miles west of Little Rock, capital. I am a retired OTR truck driver as of 2009, certainly not a writer, as one may determine. In my life while I have written one poem prior to 2009, “The Tale of a Pig’s Tail”, when my confidence permits I may share on this web. Immediately upon my retirement, the first month of 2009, poems of the kind that I’ve shared on “#Poetry Soup” begin to emerge up from my heart, like a river that could not be stopped, as if I had something to write. Ha! Well anyway, you be the judge, but whatever the mind, I do not think it will stay this flow, sorry. The message seems to be, “God is Love, the power, of Truth which is his Kingdom”, the much larger picture of a reality, of which, the imitative will cannot conceive of by itself. I am single and have one son named Boyce, made famous by an honorable mention in one of my poems. Lol! Also, I have written true poems about my dear grandmother and granddaughter. I have many other children and grand children that I hope to write poems in honor of each member of my immediate family.

 I lovingly accept your warm welcome to “Poetry Soup”. Thanks so much, for your comments on my Poems, and the one Blog I have posted. My welcoming was fantastic, thanks! I am love, created to be, and that is what I write about, so one may say whatever one believes in comments, about my stuff. If my feeling are hurt my love will absolve, never allow yourself worry about that. It will not be a problem! Having not got some of the meanings in my stuff, feel free to ask questions. We all are touching some part of the proverbial elephant, the cosmic consciousness, of creator. I do not mind relating that I think he is the essence, love itself. We’re in this thing, the reality of life, together, as one bound by the essence. In finality, poets are poets because they are acting out, the creative nature of their creator, by the potential the creator placed with in the sacred heart. My opinion is that love is that capacity spoken of, though that is already known from the poems that I write, so who am I kidding! Ha! Lovingly, John Moses Freeman

Faith and Frolick

Blog Posted:3/4/2012 3:08:00 PM
Every belief spiritually religious or otherwise comes to mind has some god head of one type or another governing it, as I understand. To my own bewilderment has been for half a century or more why can not the human concept come to grips with a single fact or ideal at least that it is quite possible that everyone’s god is simply different versions of the same one and only true God: regardless of what individuals and their beliefs hold sacred about their faiths. Life is Love in action regardless of the depth perception of the individual’s awareness of it. Human concepts are like children who have not grown up into the full measure of adulthood. When human concepts become godly precepts then the scripture will be fulfilled, “It is written and the scripture cannot be broken, Ye are gods.” (St John 10:34 & 35 KJV)  

Does not the word “God” itself carry with it the implication…over all…above all…a part of the whole or the one single power in unity of all together. Have we not yet comes to grips with the fact that human concepts are like scattered words or particles of  different languages of words of different sounds all having the same meaning. That human concepts like words are formed as fragmentary parts of the awareness of the whole. That it is the human concept logic itself separated from the whole in its selfish ego that segregates us from the unity of the body’s one precept of harmony. 

We are all brother of the same species, can we not come to grips with one precept of fact that cries out from the midst of injustice for harmony of the whole. Can we not see at least the root word from which all language came representing our harmony as a whole;  that the word singular in the beginning with God was “Love.”  Potential essence!  Abiding within its precept insures a nation’s prominence.

Human concepts of foolishness have gone to seed producing no fruits of value though eloquently pleasing to the natural eyes. Blossoms though eloquently pleasing to the natural eye producing no fruits of meaningful consumption for the Master’s use are meted destruction. Can we not see that it is our own egotistically motivated concepts manifesting also as various differences in religious beliefs that has separated us into factions of little segregations hating each other.

Actually it is the human concept’s ego that wants to be the one who has the answer to life’s problems while separating itself from all the rest. One can see this ego also playing out in the various religious beliefs in its desire to be the one church that is the right one; precept Love is the strait of straights and only maturity in that is the answer to life’s problems. Factions of variances and differences only separate the unity of the whole…
“Love seeketh not its own, but another‘s wealth.” Our Father Precept is a prisoner of all but a slave to no one, He is being of himself, though in subjection to his own precept for the… well being of all, so accept the fall, answer the call, the parasite had gall, proving no worth at all.

Smoo cheese, Agape, Moses     
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  1. Date: 3/6/2012 10:31:00 AM
    Thanks Dan as alway for your keen insight. Agape, Moses

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  1. Date: 3/6/2012 10:30:00 AM
    Yes agreed Vince. If one thinks about it, the reason there are two covenants old and new testaments, is the fact that recovery of the humn soul had to start on the level of human concept logic fist which is the old testament of ordinances or fleshly works; then from it into a transition into the Spirit of love in the new. Agape, Moses

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  1. Date: 3/5/2012 7:49:00 PM
    This has been a theory of mine since I was a kid. I believe we all worship the same God but our human perception of who He is differs. Jiminy Cricket may have had it right "Let your conscience be your guide."

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  1. Date: 3/4/2012 4:54:00 PM
    Absolutely Catie, two opinions,views all in the one Spirit. Pray that the few will change whole for the better. Agape, Moses

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  1. Date: 3/4/2012 3:13:00 PM
    I heartily agree. I believe God meets each person on his or her own ground, within their own culture and spiritual practices. One God... an abundance of religions. Hugs, Catie :)

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