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What happened ?

Blog Posted:2/28/2014 5:33:00 PM
So I find myself venting and decided to share. I was pressed for time today finishing a long work week and stopped at Wendy's for a quick bite. As it was noon the lunchtime crowd was in full swing. The gal at the register being approximately 18-20 years of age was doing her best to keep up with all the little demands customers were bellowing at her when suddenly the register stopped working. She suddenly panicked because she didn't know how much change to return to her current customer. She yelled to the manager "this lady gave me $14.00 and her bill was $13.41 how much do I give her back?" What ? did she really just ask that ? To which I shouted .59 cents which she didn't hear so I did it again. The lady at the counter turned to me and said take it easy she's under alot of pressure, to which I replied it's not pressure it's called simple arithmetic which produced muffled snickers among the crowd. Now I did not do this embarrass or offend anyone but for some reason I became quite irritated with this girls inability to perform simple calculations in a job that may sometimes require it. Perhaps I am just getting old and cranky but I do find it disturbing that the next generation of America just doesn't seem to be up to the task, I don't say this because of this one example I have seen many others and it's troubling. In any case your feedback is always welcome.

So the question is am I just a cranky old man or do my observations hold true ?  
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  1. Date: 3/3/2014 3:26:00 AM
    I believe she was under a lot of pressure. And probably a rookie on the job.

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  1. Date: 3/2/2014 9:08:00 AM
    She's not failing in math. The schools are! They are expected to use calculators in class. Even on tests! I pushed my son to learn the multiplication tables and kept hearing 'Why? We use calculators!' The poor thing is beginning to learn the need for math from her head... She'll catch on amongst all her embarrassment... Basically the schools think 'math' is to teach how to use a calculator... Sad but true... I wouldn't be to hard on her... She's young and inexperienced... I'd go for attacking the school boards... You should attend them... They don't even hand out books to each child! Too expensive! They give the kids copies of certain work book pages each day! Sic em Tiger! This is our kids.

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  1. Date: 3/1/2014 12:01:00 PM
    Like comedian Ron White says, "You can get a face lift, a tummy tuck, a boob job, etc., but you can't fix stupid. BTW, the school system is one thing and the parents are another, I can't argue those points but if you go that way it results in a victim and at some point a twenty something adult must take responsibility for their own intelligence.

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    Thomas Avatar F. J. Thomas Date: 3/1/2014 6:03:00 PM Block poet from commenting on your poetry

    I agree Craig. I just do not see that "learn what I need to survive" ingrained in them as it was in many of us. It concerns me a lot.
  1. Date: 3/1/2014 6:03:00 AM
    Hey it's the world over...

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    Lindsey Avatar Catie Lindsey Date: 3/1/2014 9:30:00 AM Block poet from commenting on your poetry

    yep! :)
  1. Date: 3/1/2014 2:11:00 AM
    Hi, Eric. I don't think that this young lady had received a bad education ... nor bad parenting ... if she can't count from 41 to 100 ... well ... (how can I say it, I don't want to be rude LOL) ... let's put it this way: she doesn't care, she's not interested, she doesn't need the job ...

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    A. V. Avatar Giorgio A. V. Date: 3/3/2014 3:25:00 AM Block poet from commenting on your poetry

    Roo you said (...she doesn't need the job). But she works Roo. She needs the job and she is honest. Some qualities that everybody welcomes. I happen to know how tough life can be for the manually working people.
  1. Date: 2/28/2014 9:57:00 PM
    I can understand the frustration. this has happened to me a few times in a grocery store and a Walmart, where i had given, for example, a 20 dollar bill plus a nickel to someone that asked me for 15.05 and i merely wanted back a five dollar bill. The stupidity out there is astounding. But you still have to be polite to them, or they will break down and cry or something. The one guy was trying to argue with me over that example I just gave you. He had to call his manager over to be told I was right.

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    O. Avatar Ruben O. Date: 3/1/2014 2:01:00 AM Block poet from commenting on your poetry

  1. Date: 2/28/2014 7:56:00 PM
    Hi Eric, what gets me about the inadequate education of the younger generation is the improper use of 'then' and 'than.' Drives me crazy, but I have seen it now for a few years so I am just getting use to the fact that these young people have either been taught wrong, or a whole generation of them just did not pay attention in English class. They say stuff like,"I like vanilla better then strawberry." Hope they don't plan on getting published! Ha! Ha! I can't help but laugh because they think they are sooo intelligent. hugs, Catie :)

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  1. Date: 2/28/2014 7:36:00 PM
    I understand both your points of discretion, I am just from a time when coddling isn't a priority and besides better they know early that life can be hard sometimes.

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    Thomas Avatar F. J. Thomas Date: 2/28/2014 9:02:00 PM Block poet from commenting on your poetry

    Yes. But were the teachings, for that time, more adequate Eric? When I would hire someone for any position that area manager was expected to train them in every aspect of the job, even the basics, because that was their job. Today businesses have become a joke with the not acknowledging the truth because you cannot say anything negative. Years ago the truth of the business was just, good or bad! Younger ones fall prey to a large scenario of pitfalls without the benefit of the "learn to survive" ingrained in many older ones. You have to remember that us not being 'coddled' doesn't make it okay for us to respond how we want; what did you show her other than "older people show no respect so why should I? "
    Thomas Avatar F. J. Thomas Date: 2/28/2014 9:02:00 PM Block poet from commenting on your poetry

    I am not being ugly, only making a point as you were. Yes they NEED to be taught; but it doesn't seem that is what was accomplished there.
  1. Date: 2/28/2014 7:24:00 PM
    They are too used to the easy way out, the register tells them the change, no one ever taught her to count backwards! [BUT maybe if you whispered in her ear and didn't further embarrassed her she could have been taught something?] If we can not speak in a way that people can hear there's really no sense in speaking?

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  1. Date: 2/28/2014 6:18:00 PM
    ...I guess I should also be fair and point out the terrible job some parents are doing with working along with their children to try and learn what they couldn't in class. Many just allowing their kids to do whatever it is they want as long as it keeps them out of their hair.

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  1. Date: 2/28/2014 6:15:00 PM
    Eric I think you're right, your frustration was not with a girl but with where it seems that generation is heading. But you have to take into consideration the type of teaching that generation is getting. I do not mean to disrespect all teachers, but I am very disturbed by the teachers that I see in the school system's my daughters attend/attended. They do not care whether my child got it or not; they will move on without doing their JOB. And each year the children get further and further behind. Though you may want to consider finding a gentler way to give the answer next time ;)

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