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  1. Date: 6/17/2013 12:47:00 PM
    Anne Lise so many favs from you but understand what you mean, try always to put favs when I can, all the best Poetowen

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  1. Date: 6/15/2013 10:18:00 AM
    Anne Lise There are a lot of glitches I've noticed. Do you also check the fav poems tab beside the poet's name who faved it. It might show there and if it doesn't alert them. They may have meant toFav it and forgot or had to feed the that walked across their key board. They'll thank you for the reminder as it is such a nice feature to be able to visit memorable poems in one click, SuZ

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  1. Date: 6/13/2013 7:10:00 PM
    i dont do things like this, when i say my fave, it really is added.

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  1. Date: 6/13/2013 3:52:00 PM
    Hey, I have noticed this a lot myself. I can't figure out why someone says my poem is faved. Sometimes I actually go to see!! and when it's not faved, it's kind of hard not to judge that person in one's mind, thinking, "why are they saying it but not doing it." I know one time I said it to somebody, and it completely skipped my mind to click on fave after I had said it, so I went back to do it!! Please, Ann Lise, if you ever catch ME saying it and not doing it, come to me and say "what happened?" because I think it is easy to say it and then get distracted and not do it.

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  1. Date: 6/13/2013 10:35:00 AM
    Anne, I spoke with a poet on this site about something similar to this. It was for a contest of poems faved by her. Some of my poems showed to be faved when I looked under Member Area where you can see your poems that were faved but not by who. But when I looked on her fave poem list, they were not there. There is some sort of glitch that doesn't allow you to see all the poems another person has faved, I reckon, because when she looked on her list, the poems showed up. Did that make any sense at all? Maybe it's the same problem....

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  1. Date: 6/13/2013 8:23:00 AM
    I'd like to "favorite" this blog. ;)

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  1. Date: 6/13/2013 8:16:00 AM
    Sometimes I like to favorite poems mentally, and not add them on my list... (they really don't have to be on a list) just in our hearts and thoughts. I have many poems I can not follow on my list, but sometimes I love a poem so much, I hit the favorite button every-time i visit the poem. LOL, just to make sure it is there. -PS.... Since we are over 20,000 poets here.... I house clean my favorite poet list and favorite poem list. I delete 25 poems ever three months. It makes it easier to visit all my fav poems during the holidays. and add new poems, from new poets on regular day bases.

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  1. Date: 6/13/2013 8:02:00 AM
    If I have ever done this, I am truly sorry! I have been on both ends. I once meant to click a fave, but guess what? My daughter woke up with a nightmare, then it turned out she'd wet her bed. Then I had to get her back to sleep. An hour later I went back and forgot. So sometimes life REALLY does intrude!! Phone calls, knocks on doors, it can and does happen! LOL... just now, RIGHT THERE <--I had to get up and get my girl more juice. Now, sometimes I'm so braindead at midnight my brain tricks itself and I think I did something if I wrote it. So I say, Oh, this is great I will fave it. And I've convinced myself I've faved it. But then, I put milk in the pantry and sugar in the fridge, so.. ;)

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  1. Date: 6/13/2013 7:30:00 AM
    Good point raised by you here Anne.I think most people forget to click on the FAV POEM button after commenting.This has happened with my poems too.

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  1. Date: 6/13/2013 7:08:00 AM
    And by the way-nice avatar : )

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  1. Date: 6/13/2013 7:07:00 AM
    Hi sweetie last two poems i favoured of yours were 'just a kiss' and' feelings' and they re in my favourite poems list but if ever i leave tmfvs and forget to add it and you notice..Do let me know if i ever do a mistake like that dear..cause when its a favourite you definitely deserve it-hugs; )

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My Recent Poems

Date PostedPoemTitleFormCategories
5/23/2015 - I'm Sure It Is A Lady - Light Poetrybeauty,care,flower,women,
5/20/2015 - You Must Be Brave - Verseangst,destiny,hope,life,
5/16/2015 - Haiku X 56 - Emotions - Haikubeauty,love,passion,
5/13/2015 - Life Behind The Mirror - Free verseart,beauty,blessing,life,
5/12/2015 - Friendship I Really Appreciate - Kimoblessing,friend,friendshi
5/9/2015 - Haiku X 55 - You Make My Day - Haikucute love,kiss,
5/6/2015 - Always A Reason And A Moment - Light Poetrybeauty,feelings,love,
5/4/2015 - Deep Ocean Tune - Coupletbeautiful,beauty,emotions
4/29/2015 - Haiku X 54 - Nepal - Haikucry,life,people,
4/26/2015 - Soul Of Love - Romanticismbeautiful,blessing,love,
4/25/2015 - Haiku X 53 - So Sweet - Haikuanimal,april,beauty,
4/22/2015 - Everybody Knows Jack - Limerickgiggle,nonsense,
4/20/2015 - Silk Soft And Hot - Kimoemotions,love,
4/18/2015 - Every Breath You Take - Free versebeauty,life,love,romance,
4/16/2015 - I See You Behind The Mask - Versehow i feel,life,truth,
4/13/2015 - Sweet Moon - Kimomoon,nature,night,
4/11/2015 - A Bird Sings Only When It Is Happy - Free versebeauty,bird,blessing,flow
4/9/2015 - Haiku X 52 - Game Or Art - Haikuart,life,philosophy,
4/7/2015 - Harmoniously Spring - Verseapril,beauty,spring,
4/5/2015 - You Captured My Heart - Tankalife,love,uplifting,
4/2/2015 - A Blessed Easter - Versebeauty,blessing,easter,fa
3/30/2015 - Dancing Notes For Love - Free versebeautiful,love,passion,ro
3/27/2015 - Haiku X 51 - Safari - Haikucool,fun,travel,
3/25/2015 - Break Not A Flower Nor Inscribe A Stone - Coupletcare,deep,life,love,
3/23/2015 - Haiku X 50 - Is It Possible - Haikufaith,hope,love,
3/21/2015 - Growing With Love Always - Coupletbeauty,blessing,passion,s
3/18/2015 - Haiku X 49 - THE SCREAM - Haikuangst,life,
3/15/2015 - The Small Waves - Fibonaccilife,war,water,world,
3/13/2015 - Wings On An Elephant - Light Poetrymetaphor,poetry,
3/11/2015 - The Naked Truth - Free verseearth,life,paradise,rainb
3/9/2015 - Gift From Nature - Kimobeauty,nature,spring,
3/6/2015 - Haiku X 48 - When Spring Awakens - Haikubeauty,spring,
3/4/2015 - Precious Gold Drops - Free versebeautiful,beauty,blessing
3/1/2015 - A Taste Of Friendship - Free versebeautiful,care,friendship
2/27/2015 - Glowing And Hot - Free versebeauty,love,
2/25/2015 - A Bouquet Star Sprinkle - Free versefantasy,life,stars,
2/20/2015 - Haiku X 47 - Is Life Just A Door - Haikulife,symbolism,
2/18/2015 - Nothing To Fear - Light Poetrychild,good night,sweet,
2/16/2015 - Queen Of The Forest - Kimobeauty,
2/15/2015 - Haiku X 46 -The Beauty of Spring - Haikubeauty,february,flower,sp
2/12/2015 - Wishing Well - Free verseconfusion,life,
2/10/2015 - Valentines Kiss - Coupletbeauty,emotions,love,vale
2/8/2015 - Thank you for being a part of me - Light Poetryblessing,how i feel,love,
2/6/2015 - Valentine Jewel - Coupletbeautiful,boyfriend,girlf
2/3/2015 - Haiku X 45 - Earth's Children - Haikubaby,blessing,sad,sweet,
2/1/2015 - Whatever you do - Light Poetrycute love,
1/30/2015 - A Little Bit Of Heaven - Free versebeach,beauty,fantasy,love
1/28/2015 - A Simple Rose - Versebeauty,flower,
1/26/2015 - Sparkling Loving Moments - Versebeauty,blessing,day,life,
1/23/2015 - When Dreams Runs Out - Free versebeauty,blue,life,
1/22/2015 - Haiku X 44 - Faith - Haikudream,faith,uplifting,
1/20/2015 - Grey Shadows Never Dies - Free verseforgiveness,hope,hurt,lif
1/17/2015 - A Meeting With A Ghost - 1973 - Prose Poetryfantasy,fear,writing,
1/15/2015 - Join me to wish - Acrosticbirthday,cheer up,friend,
1/12/2015 - Natures Beauty - Coupletbeauty,magic,nature,
1/8/2015 - The Outer Space - Light Poetryangel,beautiful,prayer,
1/5/2015 - Dear Dad - Narrativedad,daughter,sad,
1/4/2015 - Angel Of Light - Free verseangel,beauty,care,dream,l
1/2/2015 - Hold Me Close My Sweet - Free versebeauty,heart,life,love,
12/31/2014 - Wings Of Deep Beauty - Free verseangel,beauty,
12/28/2014 A Journey To The Pearly Gates And Back Again Free versebeauty,heaven,love,miracl
12/27/2014 - Haiku X 43 - The Death- Haikudeath,farewell,grief,
12/22/2014 - Silence In Christmas Thoughts - Free versebeauty,christmas,jesus,wi
12/17/2014 - Haiku X 42 - Home for Christmas - Haikuchristmas,family,joy,
12/15/2014 - Everytime We Meet - Romanticismbeauty,happiness,love,
12/12/2014 - So Quiet Small Angels - Light Poetryangel,bird,december,
12/9/2014 - A Most Irish Fairy Tale - Free versebeauty,christmas,december
12/5/2014 - Swans Or Snowflakes - Light Poetrysnow,winter,
12/2/2014 - Winter Roses - Versewinter,
11/29/2014 - Haiku X 41 - Friends - Haikufriend,love,
11/28/2014 - We Light Our Candles - Shapehope,joy,love,peace,
11/24/2014 - Haiku X 40 - True Love - Haikufor her,for him,love,
11/22/2014 - Peace of Mind - Verselife,
11/19/2014 - Sparkling Oceans Apart - Free verseart,beauty,dream,longing,
11/16/2014 Polish woman made sure to cancel her own funeral Narrativedeath,life,
11/13/2014 - Once upon a time - Free versehistory,nature,
11/11/2014 -Enjoy life - Versei love you,love,
11/8/2014 - New Winter - Diamanteart,poetry,
11/6/2014 - Angels and Snow - Versemoon,snow,winter,
11/3/2014 - Haiku X 39 - November - Haikunature,november,
10/31/2014 - The living and the dead - Versehalloween,history,
10/28/2014 - Good Morning - Free verselife,morning,
10/25/2014 - Haiku X 38 - Bubble Music - Haikuautumn,music,
10/23/2014 - Haiku X 37 - Silver Beads On Line - Haikubeautiful,nature,
10/20/2014 - The Night With You - Light Poetryromance,together,
10/18/2014 - I Miss You - Versei miss you,longing,love,
10/16/2014 - Beautiful Moments Tableau - Versehappiness,kiss,romantic,
10/13/2014 - REFLECTIONS ON THE TIME - Light Poetrylife,time,
10/9/2014 - Haunted Beauty - Free verseart,dark,fear,halloween,
10/7/2014 - Haiku X 36 - School Out - Haikuautumn,holiday,
10/5/2014 HOLY IS THE LAMB Free versereligious,
10/3/2014 - The Glory Of Love - Free versefeelings,love,
9/29/2014 - Rest In Peace Lucilla Carrillo - Acrosticdeath,friendship,
9/28/2014 - Hearts Of Stone - Light Poetrylife,today,war,
9/19/2014 - Haiku X 35 - Apples Drops - Haikuautumn,september,
9/17/2014 - The King and The Queen - Rictameterfantasy,love,
9/15/2014 - Desert - So Far The Eye Can See - Free versebeauty,mystery,
9/13/2014 - Energy And Solar System - Free verseemotions,world,
9/12/2014 - Haiku X 34 - Rainy Days - Haikurain,
9/10/2014 - Haiku X 33 - Morning Mist - Haikuautumn,

My Photos

Fav Poems

For Anne Lise Andresen Rhymededication,
HAPPY belated BIRTHDAY ANNE-LISE Shapededication,funny,birthday
Magic carpet ride Light Poetrytravel,me,magic,me,poetry
Dancing - Inspired by Anne Lise Andresen Footleart,dance,dance,
Anne Lise Acrosticbirthday,
an Angel from Norway Free verseangel,art,beauty,dedicati
FAVE POETS MEET Rhymefriendship,
Popcorn Music Rhyme 
Brainwsh, Ann-Lise Balladadventure,
Silent Night Free verselove,
VOICE IN HIDING Free verseabsence,voice,
DANCE FOR ANNE LISE Free verseencouraging,
POETRY CAKE Concretecelebrity,happy birthday,
- You Touch My Heart So Gently - Romanticismbeautiful,love,
Nurse Anne Free verseappreciation,caregiving,c
- Haunted Beauty - Free verseart,dark,fear,halloween,
- Sparkling Oceans Apart - Free versebeautiful,beauty,emotions
- Sparkling Oceans Apart - Free verseart,beauty,dream,longing,
Sending Waves Touching Beautiful Always Free verseappreciation,courage,dedi
A Most Irish Fairy Tale - Merry Christmas to All Narrativebeauty,children,christmas
rising from out of this cold frozen wasteland Free verseallegory,beauty,emotions,
A Journey To The Pearly Gates And Back Again Free verseangel,beauty,happy,heart,
A Journey To The Pearly Gates And Back Again Free versebeauty,heaven,love,miracl
Wings Of Deep Beauty Free verseangel,beautiful,beauty,co
-Angel Of Light Coupletangel,beauty,blessing,dre
Making You Happy My Precious Love Terza Rimaallegory,emotions,feeling
Natures Beauty Coupletbeautiful,beauty,dream,im
- A Little Bit Of Heaven - Free versebeach,beauty,fantasy,love
- A Little Bit Of Heaven - Coupletangel,beach,beautiful,bea
- Valentines Kiss - Coupletbeautiful,beauty,imagery,
- Valentine Jewel - Coupletbeautiful,beauty,fairy,lo
Valentine's Unicorn Coupletemotions,feelings,happine
- Precious Gold Drops - Coupletbeautiful,beauty,emotions
- A Taste Of Friendship - Coupletblessing,emotions,feeling
DEAR ANNE LISE Sonnetappreciation,beauty,
Growing With Love Always Coupletangel,beautiful,beauty,bl
Break Not A Flower Nor Inscribe A Stone - a collaboration with Anne-Lise Coupletlove,
IN THE LIGHT OF LOVING Free versebeauty,friendship,imagery
- The Naked Truth - Coupletangel,beauty,devotion,hea
- Dancing Notes For Love - Free verseangel,beauty,dream,heart,
- A Bird Sings Only When It Is Happy - Free versebeauty,bird,blessing,flow
- Sweet Moon - Kimomoon,nature,night,
- Every Breath You Take - Free versebeauty,life,love,romance,
- A Bird Sings Only When It Is Happy - Coupletbeauty,dream,flower,happi
- Every Breath You Take - Coupletangel,beautiful,beauty,co
STARS LIGHT, THEY SHINE BRIGHT Rhymebeautiful,family,inspirat
Deep ocean tune Coupletbeautiful,color,dream,lov
Zephyr's Magic Heroic Coupletsallegory,dream,imagery,jo
Love's in the Stars Rhymeallegory,emotions,feeling
That Spring Love in Your Eyes Sonnetallegory,emotions,feeling
- Life Behind The Mirror - Free verseart,beauty,blessing,life,
Bells of an angel rings Free verseangel,beautiful,beauty,bi
love you can paint all colors of the sky azure Terza Rimaangel,beautiful,color,kis
- Life Behind The Mirror - Free versebeauty,dream,emotions,fee
- You Must Be Brave - Verseangst,destiny,hope,life,
MY SOLACE - A POET'S WORTH Free verseimagery,metaphor,poetess,

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