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Brown Nose Poems

A list of poems using the phrase Brown Nose. Brown Nose Poetry.

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Popularity Contest

Popularity Contest

It’s another agenda
Separated but punctuated by poetry
( and some say so called )


Measured by the same X factor 
Of the first round in The Next American Idol
Or maybe it was a Big Brother
To quote
Is easy

Just brown nose the voyeurs and voters

And so by ballot count
Esteem ones self

More of a political farce
Sanctioned by “content” and “subject matter”

And be ostracised 
( this word sounds like Ostrich’s who bury their heads in the sand
   not wanting to see or understand : definition metaphor = closed mind )

If it doesn’t fit ignore it

But; lets get back to the
Popularity Contest

Another word would be 
Or yet another would be
Or yet another

And apply ( or conform ) rigorously to; what is acceptable

Another word would be “Piffle”
Which has so many reaching for the thesaurus and dictionary 

And yet another word would be “Nigger”
Don’t say that word, oh no, not that word not 
“Nigger” !!!!!!

( I can’t believe he said it twice )

How about this then; 
Your own personal “Censor”


Your own personal religious fanatic 

( do you know what “fanatic” means )


Your own little world of Internet Dictatorship

( do they know what “smugness” means )

Do they even own a dictionary

But; and I almost forgot, this is all about 


and not about writing with the voices of centuries
people like “Jesus” who challenged the world they lived in
or icons like “Dylan” or artist like “Picasso”
oops who are they ?

Measured by the same X factor 
Of the first round in The Next American Idol
Or maybe it was a Big Brother
To quote
Is easy

Just brown nose the voyeurs and voters

And so by ballot count
Esteem ones self

“Popularity is an over simplified Dictatorship of the Conformist;
  which by rote would have us all agreeing with one another;
  in order to support our own narrow views of life”

Quote: Colin Mitchell Williams

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Dancing Queen (1)

Just walk up to her!
Just move on leg in front of the other and move your lips up and down for speech!
Then suavely put your hand in her hand and walk together!
It's that easy man!
Yeah right!

Standing in this hallway with it's many red lockers
makes me feel like I'm in that scene in that movie the Shining.
You know the part when the elevator opens and all this blood starts gushing out?
Yeah...all these red lockers...I feel like I'm swimming in a sea of it.
So I'm pretty much wading in a hallway for a girl that has put me in the friend zone
to get out of class, so I could hopelessly try to move out of that zone.
The one I want to be put long as I don't do anything stupid that she levels me down.

Still got five minutes
...hmm pacing to my direction is...i think...yeah its Glenn.
The queen of drama, he's the head quote on quote top actor in class
and has been given the title queen for his skill and know...

He's approaching me 
What could he possibly-are those girl shoes he's holding?

Hey David!

...Glenn was always a fast talker...
and most people that have spoken more than twice to me
already know me as the yes man...
Not like a brown noser! I just can't say NO to people.

Um sure but, why is this guy wearing girl shoes?

It'sQuiteFun!We'rePrettyMuchDoingAShowOfThisMovieCalled Kinky Boots!

Oh um okay but, right here?


I just pull away the the red high heel pumps away from him
so he could shut up already.
I thins he talks fast so he could just talk more.

And there I was, in my black sweater wearing my khaki shorts
bending my knees barely standing in these knee high,
high heeled, red pump of shoes.

..and of coarse she steps out of class in the display I'm in.

She stares her brown doe eyes at me 
as others also do but continue to walk.
Some point and luagh, some just shake there heads and giggle,
and other brave ones comment along the way and say sarcastically NICE SHOES.

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God Asked Me

One day, one time, God spoke to me.
The Creator who knows everything supposedly,
had a question that needed answering from yours truly.
"You're always helping others in need less fortunate than you,
and many of these people aren't particularly liked by you.
Why do you do all of the charitable things that you do?
What's your reward? What's in it for you?
Most times you commit these acts anonymously,
so you receive no recognition, no praise, no publicity.
I Am All And Know All but this baffles me.
Why do you do what you do SillyBilly?"
My reply to my Creator was simply,
"The meek shall inherit the earth and live heavenly
as promised by my Creator of all that is and will ever be.
My Creator has shared that People Helping People is the key
and I'm just doing what I can to relieve my Creator from some of the responsibility.
It's just my way of saying, Thanks For Creating Me."
My Creator then looked sadly down upon me
and said, "I don't know how to say this, but I'm very sorry.
You are hereby sentenced to hell for all eternity.
I need to work on this. Guess you could say it's my pet peeve,
but I don't tolerate any of they who brown nose their deity."
My time spent in hell has dispelled all of the rumors
about God not having a dark sense of humor.

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This Tear

This tear                                  So tightly held these salty tears                           
so tight my eyes squeeze                   embracing the We like long lost love
and yet you fall, fall with a weight            of remembrance returning to the earth
  of cares sinking in a fathomless lake of woe            moistening it without glaze.

This tear                                           Flicked freely from the corner of mother’s eye
dropping with pointed precision       upon pearl white cheek     flying momentarily...
  or running childishly from the tip    on the fingertips of joy 
beside a chocolate brown nose. Or in gasps of anguish too great for arms to hold      
Circles the world with the bounty of heart…

When released from imprisoned  chest
           bodes more than woe. 
                                  This tear defines the humanity of man.

Poet: Debbie Guzzi
Contest: Personify a Tear

* Do to the 12 line requirement this verse has been altered to be read both left to right and from top to bottom.

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Both my kids have Birthdays next Month

Is weird to be born
in society thinks is the 
greatest ever and for good reasons.

I was being breast-fed when my mom heard the news
of JFK
She remembers, I don't.

I don't member RFK either or even 
MLK, but what I will tell ya
is forty odd years later  doesn't ring true
that all three were
“random acts of violence”

We gotta get smart, people
trust our own brains 'cause I tell ya
what slave-owners don't want ya to know

Long as ya buy in to brown-nose ass kissin' consumption
you're riskin' your kids future and furthermore
the half-life for super-powers is about two-hundred
years, ask greece and rome
turkey, egypt, great brittain and so on

just sayin' think on it please
that's all.

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Teacher's Pet

In every class I’ve taken yet
There’s one who longs to be
A brown-nose, suck-up teacher’s pet
And man, it bothers me!

The one who always answers first
Or quickly volunteers
To hand out what must be dispersed
Ahead of all her peers.

The one who helps the teacher out
With every chore and mission;
Whose smiles are phony, there’s no doubt,
Just like a politician.

The one who needs the spotlight’s glow
And thus, appears quite greedy;
But more than likely, that’s not so – 
She’s probably just needy.

Yet from the teacher’s point of view,
That pet makes life real easy.
The rest of us, however, find
Such actions really cheesy.

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It's a November
when I find myself walking 
My hand holding yours
Side by side arms swaying
Your little fingers interlocking with mine.
I believe it is a happy day.
I think it shows in your little sun-tanned face.
I feel it myself from deep within.
Slowly welling up like a spring of water
From a dry ground, long athirst.
I see the sun walking along gently in pace with us
Touching your brown nose and passing your limbs.
Blessing you with a soft radiance and blissful joy a child can only know.
Your school uniform lighter than cerulean sky 
Matching your gaiety, perfecting a mother-child moment.
Dotting the passing clouds with pure colors of your innocence and laughter.
Gigantic floating cotton balls of clouds
like stringed balloons; oh, please hold onto them, 
cease 'em before away they fly.
A moment to treasure when things aren't as happy as they should.
A many of this I pray to come,
A joyful carefree walk with my little boy;
Now, a mother's hand held by her small son.

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The modern Knight

The modern Knight The Knight of the realm , Was a great man of courage, Who protected the people, Got dubbed by the King, The bravest of brave, Moralitys brightest, Loved by the people, Now the rich mans plaything??? But it became some snobs, crass title, Given to Kerrs, and curs aint the thing, Class distinction, from above, call me mister or sir? The greatest of toads, to serve the toad master, Brown nose, hum dingers, billy stinkers, I ching, Gee golly they call me mr or sir? Right next to the saints, I’ve risen old thing, To keep me head down, I’ll need on me bridle, A martingale strong, So me head doesn’t sing… Don Johnson THE ONE WHO ALLOWED 12 ATOM BOMBS EXPLODED HERE IN AUSTRALIA GOT KNIGHTED FOR SERVICE TO THE QUEEN:} ONLY 12 THOUSAND AUSSIES DEAD FROM STRONTIUM 90 IN THE MILK, AND ALL THE LITTLE KIDDIES GOT IT AT SCHOOL TOO IN THE FIFTYS... I REFUSED TO DRINK MILK AINT I LUCKY ??? check it out if you don't believe :{

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Rudolph paled because his nose turned brown He couldn’t smile so he wore a frown Santa wiped a tear from the reindeer’s eye He hated to see poor Rudolph cry Santa sprinkled on some Christmas dust The nose is now red not a dark shade of rust So look out of your window on Christmas night You will see Rudolph’s red nose shining bright Jan Allison 6th December 2014