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Date PostedPoemTitleFormCategories
7/1/2016 The Shadow Behind These Words Free verseimagery,imagination,
6/29/2016 Origami Bird Free verseimagery,imagination,
6/28/2016 Ave Maria Song Free verseimagery,imagination,
6/28/2016 How We Color Our Dreams Free verseimagery,imagination,
6/28/2016 Eyes of The Raven Free verseimagery,imagination,
6/28/2016 Go Get Your Inheritence Free verseimagery,imagination,
6/28/2016 The Resilience of Joy Free verseimagery,imagination,
6/28/2016 A Place Called Terrytown Free verseimagery,imagination,
6/25/2016 Red Autumn Wind Free verseimagery,imagination,
6/17/2016 The Solemn Sound of Bells Free verseimagery,imagination,
6/17/2016 Air In Your Soul Free verseimagery,imagination,
6/17/2016 Truth Tells Every Man Free verseimagery,imagination,
6/17/2016 The Sacred Lotus Pond Free verseimagery,imagination,
6/17/2016 When You Think Of Me Free verseimagery,imagination,
6/15/2016 The Speechless Soul Free verseimagery,imagination,
6/15/2016 Choose One Starry Night Again Free verseimagery,imagination,
6/15/2016 When I Loved You First Free verseimagery,imagination,
6/15/2016 Autumn's Voice Free verseimagery,imagination,
6/15/2016 I Want More of Her Free verseimagery,imagination,
6/15/2016 The Wind Upon Our Graves Free verseimagery,imagination,
6/11/2016 Underneath The Pecan Trees Free verseimagery,imagination,
6/9/2016 With Cupped Hands Free verseimagery,imagination,philo
6/9/2016 From the Hands of Prometheus Free verseimagery,imagination,philo
6/9/2016 Love Have Broken Wings Free verseimagery,imagination,
6/9/2016 The Bard-Wired Cage Free verseimagery,imagination,philo
6/9/2016 Her Cheeks Rosemary Red Free verseimagery,imagination,
6/9/2016 Fear Dies Quickly Free verseimagery,imagination,
6/9/2016 Waves and Tides Free verseimagery,imagination,
6/7/2016 You Fashioned Us Into Shape Free verseimagery,imagination,
6/7/2016 All The Way To Paradise Free verseimagery,imagination,
6/7/2016 With Their Orange Light Free verseimagery,imagination,
6/7/2016 The Singing Sky Free verseimagery,imagination,
6/6/2016 Snowy White Owl Free verseimagery,imagination,
6/6/2016 The Gods Shaped Our Stars Free verseimagery,imagination,
6/6/2016 Before My Eyes Have Opened Free verseimagery,imagination,
6/6/2016 Light Is Sovereign Free verseimagery,imagination,
6/6/2016 When You Free Yourself Free verseimagery,imagination,philo
6/6/2016 Saints Are Born And Not Made Free versehumanity,imagery,imaginat
6/6/2016 The Pink Ash Rose Free verseimage,imagery,imagination
6/6/2016 A Set of Wings Free verseimage,imagery,imagination
6/6/2016 Mamarlade Eyes Free verseautumn,bangla,imagery,
8/20/2015 The Space Inside of The Rose Free verseimagination,love,philosop
8/13/2015 All Things Are Possible Free verseimagery,imagination,inspi
8/8/2015 Touching Again Free verseimagination,
8/8/2015 While I Soweth By Hand Free verseimagination,
8/8/2015 The Handsome Young Guys Free verseimagination,
8/8/2015 Dancing In The Golden Sun Free verseimagination,
8/8/2015 The Highest Mountain Free versereligious,spiritual,
8/8/2015 All This Part of Me Free versereligious,spiritual,
8/8/2015 Peace In His Presence Free versereligious,spiritual,
8/8/2015 Brown Eyed Sunflower Free verseimagery,introspection,phi
8/8/2015 The Birth of Light Free versefaith,religious,
8/8/2015 Cometh To The Deepest Well Free versereligious,
4/18/2015 Night Walks Upright Free verseimagery,
4/17/2015 It Only Last For A While Free verseimagery,
4/16/2015 the Scent of The Moon Free verseimagery,
4/16/2015 The Cornerstone of Your Soul Free versereligion,
4/16/2015 An Unkind Grave of Yesterday Free verseimagery,
4/16/2015 Enough Sky For My Soul Free verseimagination,introspection
4/16/2015 You Can Hear Them Chatter Free verseimagery,imagination,
9/18/2014 Before My Eyes Have Opened Free verseimagery,imagination,philo
8/28/2014 The Breath of War Free versephilosophy,
8/28/2014 A Place I Call It Home Free versephilosophy,religious,
8/28/2014 The Poet's Grave Free versephilosophy,
8/28/2014 Tap Dancing Rain Free versephilosophy,
8/28/2014 Made of Candle Wax Free versephilosophy,
8/28/2014 Hummingbirds At Night Free versephilosophy,religious,
8/23/2014 Where Else Shall We Go Free versephilosophy,
8/22/2014 I Am This Man Free verselove,philosophy,
8/22/2014 The ThornBird Sings Free versephilosophy,
8/21/2014 When Light Follows Me Free versephilosophy,
8/20/2014 To Light Up The Water's Edge Free versephilosophy,
8/14/2014 When The Sun Paint The Sky Free versephilosophy,
8/10/2014 While I Am Still Sure Free versephilosophy,
8/9/2014 Wings of Courage High Free versephilosophy,
8/9/2014 A Happy Piece of Sky Free versephilosophy,
8/9/2014 In The Hands of Prometheus Free versephilosophy,religious,
8/9/2014 In Each Others Arm Free versephilosophy,religious,
8/9/2014 You're Just A Breath Away Free versephilosophy,religious,
8/9/2014 To Spread Your Sweet Word Free versephilosophy,religious,
8/9/2014 I Fear No Evil Free versephilosophy,religious,
8/9/2014 Water Springs From Your Hands Free versephilosophy,
8/9/2014 A Chance On Thee Free versephilosophy,
8/9/2014 When Painting Words Footlephilosophy,
8/8/2014 To Still knoweth God Free versephilosophy,religious,
8/8/2014 Ships We Sail Free versephilosophy,
8/8/2014 Through Breckenridge Blue Sky Free versephilosophy,
8/7/2014 We Are Made of Cloth Free versephilosophy,
8/7/2014 The Scent of Windflowers Free verseimagery,imagination,philo
8/7/2014 Truth In Her Eyes Again Free versephilosophy,
8/7/2014 Leaveth This Earth Behind Free versephilosophy,
8/7/2014 When Light Taketh Whole of Me Free versephilosophy,
8/7/2014 In Broad Daylight Free versephilosophy,
8/7/2014 The Sweet Science Free versephilosophy,
8/6/2014 The Truth In Her Eyes Again Free versephilosophy,religious,
8/6/2014 Leave This Earth Behind Free versephilosophy,religious,
8/6/2014 Light Taketh Hold of Me Free versephilosophy,religious,
7/31/2014 Love I Looked For Thee Inside Free versephilosophy,
7/31/2014 Da Bootleg Whiskey Free versefun,philosophy,
7/31/2014 A Mother's Kiss Free versephilosophy,

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