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10/30/2007 It's not a coincidence I do not know?love,
10/30/2007 Only for you my love I do not know?love,heart,heart,joy,life
10/30/2007 As I quietly cry I do not know?love,heart,heart,
10/30/2007 A perfect moment.... Light Poetrylove,words,
7/6/2006 For whatever reason I do not know?lost love,sad,me,heart,he
7/6/2006 This thing called love...... I do not know?love,sweet,love,sweet,
7/6/2006 You greet me with a smile I do not know?love,me,me,
7/6/2006 GOOD OR EVIL MASK.......... I do not know?inspirational,life,
7/6/2006 Father use me........ I do not know?inspirational,children,ev
7/6/2006 Peace because of the cross..... I do not know?faith,inspirational,jesus
7/6/2006 TODAY AND FOREVER...... I do not know?love,me,love,me,
7/6/2006 During lifes storms..... I do not know?inspirational,day,me,day,
7/6/2006 A renewed mind I do not know?inspirational,peace,
7/6/2006 A psalm for my poetic friends I do not know?faith,inspirational,
7/6/2006 Whisper softly I do not know?love,me,me,
7/6/2006 your body perfectly against mine...... I do not know?love,passion,love,
7/6/2006 chocolate covered strawberries, I do not know?love,passion,
7/6/2006 MY EVERYTHING........ I do not know?life,love,
7/6/2006 A brush of desire I do not know?love,passion,me,
7/6/2006 What would i do without you...... I do not know?love,love,
7/6/2006 FOREVER...... I do not know?love,me,me,
7/6/2006 This poem i write...... I do not know?love,passion,me,
7/6/2006 can you handle this I do not know?love,heart,heart,passion,
7/6/2006 JEZABEL....... I do not know?inspirational,loss,sad,li
7/6/2006 Rise holy spirit..... I do not know?inspirational,god,name,go
7/6/2006 Deanna I do not know?happiness,love,beautiful,
7/6/2006 Only god has a clue..... I do not know?love,love,
7/6/2006 My heart belongs 2 you.... I do not know?love,love,
7/6/2006 Wisdom in the heat of passion.... I do not know?passion,night,me,night,
7/6/2006 You are my melody I do not know?love,heart,heart,love,me,
7/6/2006 Artistic love I do not know?love,me,life,me,
7/6/2006 Embrace your vision I do not know?faith,hope,
7/6/2006 The games they play.... I do not know?loss,sad,heart,heart,love
7/6/2006 He broke all the rules...... I do not know?loss,sad,day,me,
7/6/2006 A broken heart..... I do not know?lost love,sad,me,heart,he
7/6/2006 A dream to me..... I do not know?love,dream,prayer,dream,l
7/6/2006 I tried...... I do not know?lost love,me,heart,pain,h
7/6/2006 I thought it was true...... I do not know?lost love,me,heart,heart,
7/6/2006 You are my faith...... I do not know?faith,love,me,me,
7/6/2006 A blessing from heaven..... I do not know?love,husband,husband,love
7/6/2006 A prayer for me..... I do not know?faith,hope,
7/6/2006 LIFE'S JOURNEY'S..... I do not know?devotion,faith,me,
7/6/2006 shivers I do not know?passion,me,body,kiss,me,p
7/6/2006 Paradise I do not know?love,love,
7/6/2006 As i whisper your name...... I do not know?love,passion,me,love,me,
7/6/2006 My man I do not know?love,passion,
7/6/2006 My vows to you...... I do not know?love,passion,day,love,
7/6/2006 MY ANGEL FROM HEAVEN...... I do not know?love,passion,heart,angel,
7/6/2006 You....... I do not know?love,passion,love,i love
7/6/2006 My greatest desire is you..... I do not know?love,passion,love,me,sens
7/6/2006 Your beauty I do not know?love,passion,love,
7/6/2006 Red hot desire I do not know?love,passion,
7/6/2006 I'm so into you........ I do not know?happiness,love,passion,li
7/6/2006 It's hard to explain,,,,,,,,,,,, I do not know?happiness,love,passion,lo
7/6/2006 In the midnight hour........ I do not know?happiness,love,passion,
7/6/2006 Without you....... I do not know?happiness,love,passion,li
7/6/2006 The rest of my forever...... I do not know?happiness,love,passion,me
5/29/2006 ALL YOURS I do not know?love,passion,heart,heart,
5/29/2006 Drowning from my own tears I do not know?loss,love,sad,dream,dream
5/29/2006 LATELY......... I do not know?love,passion,life,day,lif
5/29/2006 The rest of my forever..... I do not know?love,passion,me,love,me,
5/29/2006 WITHOUT YOU..... I do not know?love,passion,life,life,lo
5/29/2006 In the midnight hour........ I do not know?happiness,love,passion,
5/29/2006 It's hard to explain....... I do not know?happiness,love,passion,li
5/29/2006 RED HOT PASSION I do not know?happiness,love,passion,
5/9/2006 THIS I VOW I do not know?happiness,love,passion,li
5/9/2006 BABY U ARE MINE I do not know?happiness,love,passion,go
5/8/2006 I WANT TO CARRY YOUR SEED I do not know?happiness,life,passion,me
5/8/2006 YOUR KISS I do not know?life,love,passion,love,me
4/19/2006 Poetically Known I do not know?inspirational,life,uplift
4/19/2006 My world of dreams I do not know?funny,imagination,life,me
4/16/2006 BEYOND THE BLUE EYES I do not know?confusion,life,sad,beauty
4/16/2006 Poetic art I do not know?happiness,love,passion,be
4/16/2006 How wonderful I do not know?happiness,love,passion,lo
4/11/2006 Boredom I do not know?lost love,sad,sorry,chang
4/11/2006 I remember I do not know?life,lost love,passion,lo
4/11/2006 Rain drops....... I do not know?happiness,life,nature,son
4/4/2006 THANK YOU JESUS I do not know?devotion,faith,inspiratio
4/4/2006 SWEET AND SIMPLE I do not know?devotion,faith,inspiratio
3/31/2006 I vow thee I do not know?happiness,love,passion,da
3/30/2006 A love story I do not know?happiness,love,passion,lo
3/29/2006 Dancing naked I do not know?happiness,love,passion,lo
3/29/2006 Gods Plan I do not know?faith,inspirational,uplif
3/29/2006 Freedom To Me I do not know?life,peace,people,love,
3/28/2006 Tomorrow I do not know?people,uplifting,visionar
3/28/2006 HEY LOVE I do not know?happiness,love,passion,me
3/28/2006 DO I I do not know?happiness,love,passion,ti
3/28/2006 CLEAN ME UP I do not know?faith,happiness,inspirati
3/28/2006 My Husband (My Best friend) I do not know?happiness,love,passion,fr
3/28/2006 As I Follow I do not know?faith,inspirational,love,
3/28/2006 Empty I do not know?confusion,lost love,love,
3/28/2006 Still In Love I do not know?happiness,love,passion,lo
3/28/2006 Memories Of Our Love I do not know?happiness,lost love,love,
3/27/2006 Life I do not know?life,peace,people,day,lif
3/27/2006 CAN I BLOW YOUR MIND I do not know?happiness,love,passion,me
3/27/2006 HOW I do not know?confusion,love,sad,
3/27/2006 WHY I do not know?confusion,lost love,sad,
3/27/2006 my poet I do not know?happiness,love,passion,wo
3/27/2006 IT'S TRUE I do not know?faith,happiness,life,
3/27/2006 A LOVERS GAME I do not know?confusion,life,love,

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