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5/10/2016 No Time for You Rhymechildren,
2/14/2016 The Untamable Shrew Rhymeangst,
1/18/2016 The Death of a Dreamer Rhymeeulogy,
9/22/2015 A Wedding During Football Season Rhymehumor,
9/1/2015 Akito's World Comes To an End Free versewar,
9/1/2015 Musings About the Confederate Flag Rhymeamerica,
9/1/2015 New Picture for Dollar Bill Rhymehumor,
9/1/2015 Life Is Short Rhymehumor,
7/19/2015 Up or Down Rhymehumor,
5/4/2015 A Prophet Named Moe Rhymeislamic,
5/4/2015 On Personal Responsibility Rhymeallegory,
5/4/2015 The Importance of Proofreading Rhymehumor,
4/16/2015 The Rabbit Woman Rhymechildren,
4/16/2015 Gordo At the Breakfast Buffet Rhymehorror,
4/16/2015 Roscoe's Dilemma Rhymeage,endurance,
4/16/2015 No Chopsticks for Me Rhymehumor,
4/16/2015 The World Champion of Hide and Seek Rhymehumor,
4/14/2015 An Unfortunate Ricochet Rhymehumor,
3/17/2015 A Blind Date Destined To Fail Rhymehumor,
3/12/2015 Fifty Shades of Grey Rhymehumor,
3/12/2015 A Noise in the Bushes Rhymehumor,
12/5/2014 Life On Mars Rhymehilarious,
12/4/2014 An Ideal Job Rhymesatire,
12/2/2014 Let the Driver Beware Rhymeanger,
12/2/2014 Looters Is Such a Judgmental Term Rhymeconflict,
12/2/2014 The Wooden Plate Rhymeage,
11/22/2014 A Hillbilly Eats His First Bagel Rhymehumor,
11/20/2014 I'm Sleeping In On Black Friday Rhymechristmas,
11/18/2014 I Ran Two Miles Today Rhymehumor,
11/14/2014 She's Alive Rhymeangst,horror,
11/13/2014 What Big Eyes and Ears You Have Rhymeamerica,
11/12/2014 Please Help Rhymeanger,
11/10/2014 For Better or for Worse Rhymeangst,
11/9/2014 The Grand Jury Faces a Dilemma Rhymeangst,
11/8/2014 No Good Deed Unpunished Rhymesad,
11/7/2014 The Revolting Loaf of Bread Rhymehumor,
11/6/2014 It's Time to Meet Her Family Rhymehumor,
11/3/2014 Man Eating Shark Rhymehumor,
11/2/2014 Maurice Gets a Surprise Rhymehumor,
11/2/2014 The Cow At the Car Wash Rhymehumor,
11/2/2014 Superman On the Airplane Rhymefantasy,
11/1/2014 Guess My Age Rhymehumor,
10/27/2014 Please Critique What I Wrote Rhymewriting,
10/24/2014 The Legend of the Laughing Skeleton Rhymehorror,proposal,
10/22/2014 Dangerous Questions Rhymehumor,
10/22/2014 I Have No Time For You Rhymedad,
10/20/2014 Pay-Back Time for the Children Rhymehumor,
10/18/2014 The Folly of Eating Green Eggs and Ham Rhymehumor,
10/16/2014 Doctors Moe, Larry and Curly Fight Ebola Rhymeangst,
10/16/2014 The Black Buggy Rhymelife,
10/12/2014 Outrage Over Dog's Destruction Rhymeanimal,
10/12/2014 Why I Hate Shopping at Snarl-Mart Rhymeangst,
10/11/2014 The Yard Sale Rhymehumor,
10/10/2014 The Problem of Passwords Rhymehumor,
10/10/2014 Norman Bates Tells His Story Rhymeangst,
10/9/2014 The Bedbugs Come To Call Rhymeaugust,
10/9/2014 In Praise of Women Rhymefamily,
10/8/2014 Your Call Is Important To Us Rhymebusiness,
10/8/2014 Your Baby Is the Ugliest Around Rhymehumor,
10/7/2014 Robert Makes His Will Rhymehumor,
10/6/2014 We Must Strive for Political Correctness Rhymehumor,
10/6/2014 You Know Rhymehumor,
10/5/2014 The Horror of Ebola Virus Disease Free verseafrica,
10/5/2014 Reminders of the Past Rhymefamily,
10/3/2014 A Message From the Copy Machine Rhymehumor,
10/3/2014 The Brute Rhymeabuse,
10/3/2014 The Secret Service Has Plenty to Hide Rhymehumor,
10/2/2014 The Statute of Limitations Has Run Out Rhymehumor,
10/2/2014 Bubba's Away At College Rhymehumor,
10/2/2014 Thank You For Your Wedding Gift Rhymehumor,
10/1/2014 An Ebola Victim Visits the Hospital Rhymehorror,
10/1/2014 A Worthless Scoundrel Died Today Rhymehumor,
10/1/2014 Goodbye to Ms Spratt Rhymeangst,
10/1/2014 A Visit From Our Snobbish Relatives Rhymehumor,
9/30/2014 An Invader in the White House Rhymehumor,
8/17/2014 In Praise of Polygamy Rhymemarriage,
5/14/2014 The Starfish Rhymehumor,
4/22/2014 The Foreign Student Rhymehumor,
4/21/2014 An Alien Reports Human Contact Rhymehumor,planet,
4/21/2014 The Diving Award Rhymehumor,
4/21/2014 Robert Writes His Will Rhymehumor,
4/20/2014 On Reading a Poem That I Don't Understand Rhymepoetry,
4/20/2014 An Abandoned Pioneer Cabin Rhymesad,
4/19/2014 Road Rage At Wal Mart Rhymehumor,
4/18/2014 No Nursing Home for Them Rhymehumor,
4/18/2014 Reality Versus the Claim Rhymehumor,drug,
4/17/2014 The Red-Faced Sunday School Teacher Rhymehumor,
4/17/2014 Help the Needy Rhymeangst,
4/17/2014 Those Poor Yankees Rhymehumor,
4/16/2014 His School Project Is Due Tomorrow Rhymehumor,
4/16/2014 Never Give Up Rhymehumor,
4/15/2014 The Ultimate Protection Against Monsters Rhymehumor,
4/15/2014 The Ultimate Cool Character Rhymehumor,
4/15/2014 The Last Day Tax Filer Rhymehumor,
4/15/2014 The IRS We Have Come To Hate Rhymeangst,
4/14/2014 Hortenese Reads a Romance Novel Rhymehumor,
4/14/2014 The Ultimate Punishment Rhymehumor,
4/12/2014 I Won't Let Anyone Hurt You Rhymeangst,
4/11/2014 Dodging the Shoe Rhymeangst,
4/11/2014 How To Give the Bad News Rhymehumor,

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