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Date PostedPoemTitleFormCategories
1/12/2016 Just For Me Rhymeage,inspiration,marriage,
12/7/2015 Drift Away Rhymelife,world,
8/12/2015 Moving On Rhymelife,love,
6/21/2015 Whispers Rhymeanxiety,life,loss,
6/21/2015 Shadows In The Night Rhymelife,lost,lost love,
6/10/2015 Parts of Me Rhymeconflict,for her,love,
4/30/2013 Rescue Me Rhymecrazy,emotions,lost love,
4/30/2013 Do You Miss It Rhymecrazy,emotions,loss,lost
4/25/2013 What If Rhymelife,love,
4/25/2013 Letter To Her Rhymehappiness,life,love,
4/24/2013 I Will Not Give Up Rhymelove,
10/29/2012 Time Rhymelife,lost love,love,love,
9/9/2012 Idle Free verselife,love,
7/22/2012 A Dream Rhymeadventure,hope,life,uplif
4/2/2012 Free Rhymelife,love,me,me,
8/5/2011 A Solumn Rap Rhymefaith,hope,life,love,
6/30/2011 The Puzzle Rhymehappiness,imagination,lif
6/30/2011 My Curse in Verse Rhymededication,life,lost love
5/23/2011 The Emotional Affect Rhymehappiness,life,love
5/2/2011 Empty Being Rhymedepression,life,loss,sadm
5/2/2011 Nocturne of Shadows Rhymedepression,life,loss,love
4/11/2011 Come Back to Me Rhymelife,lost love,loveme,
4/11/2011 Everlasting Free verselovemay,
4/6/2011 An Unwelcomed Guest Rhymedepression,life
2/28/2011 Fleeting Memories Rhymeinspirational,life
2/28/2011 Fable of the Fall Rhymeadventure,hope,imaginatio
12/5/2010 Just Let Go Rhymelost love,loveme,time,
12/5/2010 Find me on a Winters Day Rhymelost love,loveday,me,day,
11/18/2010 Out Of My League Rhymelife,love,uplifting
11/18/2010 Relapse Rhymelife,lost love,love
11/17/2010 Delightful Deceit Rhymelife,lost love,loveheart,
11/5/2010 Fits of Passion Rhymehope,imagination,life,lov
11/5/2010 The Tale of a Foe Rhymeimagination,life,love
10/27/2010 To the Battlefield I Go Free verseadventure,faith,fantasy,i
10/23/2010 The Reflection Rhymelost love,loveday,
10/23/2010 Visions of the Light Rhymelost love,love
10/12/2010 The Once Heart of Stone Rhymeloveheart,heart,me,
10/10/2010 A Lonesome Noble Rhymeadventure,dedication,fait
10/10/2010 A Wedding Day Rhymefamily,life,love,peace,ro
9/29/2010 A True Love Free versededication,devotion,love
9/17/2010 Lay Beside Me Enclosed Rhymelife,love
9/8/2010 Empty (Lyrical Ballad) Balladimagination,life,love
9/6/2010 Negativity Rhymeimagination
8/28/2010 Romance is Dead Rhymelife,love
8/28/2010 Innocence Verses the World Rhymelife,visionary
7/20/2010 How Do You Write a Poem? Rhymeimagination,inspirational
7/6/2010 Slowly Fading Rose Free verselife,loverose,rose,
7/6/2010 Can You Fathom This Love? Rhymeloveworld,
6/25/2010 You Bring Me Home Rhymelife,loveme,
6/22/2010 Your Memory Surrounds Me Rhymelife,lost love,loveme,wri
5/23/2010 Thirty-One Empty Days Rhymelife,loss,lovenight,night
5/18/2010 Dream Rhymeimagination,life
5/1/2010 May Rhymeimagination,life,schoolda
4/30/2010 Steady Rhythm Rhymedepression,loss,lost love
4/20/2010 Movement Rhymeimagination,inspirational
4/20/2010 Whisper Rhymeimagination,lost love,sad
4/17/2010 I Miss Her Rhymeloss,lost love,lovedance,
4/6/2010 Just For Today Rhymeadventure,imagination
4/6/2010 The Eye Free verseimagination,life,
3/30/2010 A Toast Rhymedepression,lost love,love
3/30/2010 Two Rhymelost love,love
3/30/2010 Last Laugh Rhymeimagination
3/24/2010 Depersonalization Coupletdepression,life,sadworld,
3/9/2010 Alone and Untouched Free versedepression,lost love,sado
3/9/2010 Only The Night Rhymedepression,lost love,love
3/9/2010 If Only, If Only Rhymedepression,lost love,love
3/9/2010 The Man Lyricdepression,lost love,love
3/9/2010 I Wish I Could Rewind Balladelost love,love,sad
3/8/2010 Waiting Is Hard Rhymedepression,lost love,love
3/8/2010 I Will Not Stop Rhymedepression,lost love,love
3/8/2010 You Are My All Rhymedepression,lost love,love
3/8/2010 All I Have Left Coupletdepression,lost love,love
3/8/2010 Under the Dirt Coupletdepression
1/30/2010 Find Your Fame Rhymeimaginationmay,
1/29/2010 Once Upon a Time Rhymeloss,lost loveme,may,me,
1/28/2010 I'll Miss You Rhymelife,loss,lost love,love
1/21/2010 A Fire Ablaze Free verseimagination,lost love,lov
1/20/2010 Dancers Rhymeimagination
1/20/2010 Taylor Rhymefriendship,lovesorry,
1/2/2010 The Fable (Pt. 3) Rhyme royallife,lovelove,
1/2/2010 The Fable (Pt. 2) Rhymelife,love
1/2/2010 The Fable (Pt. 1) Coupletlife,lovelove,
12/6/2009 Sincerly, Me Free verselife,loss,lost love,love
12/6/2009 Love at last Free verselife,lost love
12/6/2009 Secrets Coupletdepression,life,lost love
11/22/2009 You Win Free verselife,lost love
11/22/2009 Where is Cupid? Free verselife,loveday,love,
11/15/2009 Missing Rhymelife,loveme,
11/11/2009 Fading Rhymeloss,lost love,love
11/8/2009 Inner Thoughts Rhymeimagination,loveme,
11/8/2009 The Days Alone Are So Cold Free verselost love,lovefuture,
11/6/2009 What It Means To Me Free versededication,imagination,li
11/6/2009 A Dream of a Dream Free verseimagination,life
11/4/2009 Where Are You? Rhymedepression,life,lost love
11/4/2009 Render Your Senses Haikuimagination,inspirational
11/4/2009 Invisible is Peace Rhymeadventure,imagination,lif
11/4/2009 Cricket Quatrainimagination,nature
11/4/2009 The Saddened Rhyme royalinspirational,life,love
11/4/2009 Peace Enclosed Rhymelife,love
11/3/2009 Disappear Rhyme royalloss,lost love

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