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Date PostedPoemTitleFormCategories
11/21/2010 Scooby Doo CSI I do not know?funny
7/19/2010 Taji Japan Dramatic Versenature
5/17/2010 Subway on a Sagway I do not know?funnyme,
2/28/2010 Amish Truckers Association Narrativeon work and working
1/20/2010 She's A Cougar I do not know?urban
9/23/2009 Fallen Angels I do not know?socialworld,
5/8/2009 Mother's Day Tribute I do not know?mothermothers day,mom,chi
4/4/2009 Purdy Pay (A tribute to those negative people at work) I do not know?workwork,work,
4/2/2009 Hey Sarah, Where's My Tri-Walls? I do not know?funny
2/3/2009 I Got Busted By Fresh Prints I do not know?funny
7/6/2008 No Dancin' To Hanson I do not know?funny
7/4/2008 Lockout Tagout I do not know?sociallost,lost,
7/4/2008 Discount Medicine Man I do not know?socialme,self,me,self,dru
7/2/2008 I'm Pajammin' I do not know?funnynight,night,time,kin
6/29/2008 The Life and Times of Sourmash I do not know?funny,girlfriend-boyfrien
6/29/2008 Doobie I do not know?childhood,people,socialsi
6/29/2008 My Tan Secret Is Wood Stain I do not know?funny,socialwater,water,
6/28/2008 Ridin' Dirty On My Moped ABCchildhood,funny,girlfrien
6/26/2008 I'm A Plowboy (Bon Jovi's Wanted Dead or Alive) Balladparodywork,rain,rain,time
6/26/2008 The Sweat Below ABCfunnyday,funny,
6/24/2008 You Say... What About Me Balladlovelove,me,
6/23/2008 My Blues Are Being Picked Apart Balladhome,home,
6/23/2008 I Pick My Nose ABCfamily,family,time,
6/23/2008 My Girl Anna Conda ABCme,name,car,me,name,
6/15/2008 Fish Do Drown And Monkeys Do Fall From Trees ABCintrospection,life,social
6/15/2008 Warehouse 317 Balladfamily,friendship,funny,w
6/11/2008 Leftovers From All Over Buffet ABCfood,funny,work,me,food,m
6/10/2008 The Honeywagon Has Returned ABCfriendship,funny,work,
6/10/2008 Where Are They Now ABCchildhood,funny,history,
6/10/2008 The Deafening Silence Narrativesocial,song-lyric,urban,p
6/10/2008 No Room Left On the Plate Alliterationfaith,family,friendship,h
6/10/2008 Follow the Rules ABCfriendship,funny,work,may
6/8/2008 Mad Cow Disease Limerickfood,funny,
6/5/2008 Sugarland Express(The Honeywagon's Replacement) ABCfriendship,funny,work,
6/4/2008 Red Neck Rap Artist Formerly Known As Niller Bean Balladfunny,me,me,
6/3/2008 She's A Bubbalette ABCfunny,life,love,prayer,lo
5/31/2008 Running From The Po Po ABCfunny,social,me,me,
5/29/2008 The Three Floozies Mary, Flo and Burly (A known Feminist) ABCfunny,life,social,day,wom
5/28/2008 I Caught The Clams ABCfunny,me,me,
5/25/2008 I Just Drank the Last of My Billy Beer ABCfunny,house,me,house,me,
5/25/2008 The Cries For Help ABCangst,social,sympathy,urb
5/23/2008 Her Facial Hair ABCfunny,imagination,hair,me
5/22/2008 I Stole a Portalette ABCfunny,work,may,work,
5/21/2008 Rocky Mountain Oysters Over Meatballs ABCfood,funny,
5/20/2008 Mashed Potatoes and Gravy Train ( ABCfamily,food,funny,pets,ol
5/19/2008 Ketchup Stains ( ABCfood,funny,family,time,fa
5/18/2008 I Move Out and Only Take the Mayonnaise ( ABCdevotion,food,funny,love,
5/18/2008 Addicted to Gloves ABCfunny,parody,me,
5/15/2008 Minnie Got Caught Cheatin' ( ABCanimals,funny,me,
5/14/2008 Trailer Trash Gift Shop ( ABCfunny,social,urban,
5/13/2008 Cool Millions ABClife,nostalgia,
5/12/2008 My Dodge Aries K ABCfunny,social,urban,car,me
5/12/2008 Lucky seven Falls Below Zero ABCfor children,social,teen,
5/11/2008 Happy Mother's Day ABCmother,thank you,
5/11/2008 Too Much ABClife,people,social,
5/10/2008 A New Kind Of Flava ABCfamily,urban,me,me,
5/8/2008 My Life ABCson,thank you,wife,
5/8/2008 They Call Me Busta Pheasant ( ABCfunny,me,name,home,home,m
5/8/2008 The Court Street Philosopher ( ABCfunny,people,places,me,me
5/7/2008 I Talk To Chickens ( ABCanimals,food,funny,me,voi
5/6/2008 Toothpaste Sandwich ABCfood,funny,
5/6/2008 Bigfoot Likes Breck Shampoo ( ABCfunny,
5/6/2008 I Ran Out Of My Geritol ABCfunny,me,drug,
5/6/2008 It is Fixable ( ABCsocial,war,
5/5/2008 Lou's Diamond Phillips Screwdriver ( ABCfunny,social,
5/4/2008 What's Torrie Spelling? ABCfunny,
5/4/2008 Why Is Clay Aiken? ( ABCfunny,world,
5/3/2008 Lorenzo's Llamas ABCfunny,
5/3/2008 Pardon My Dolly ( ABCfunny,work,me,time,me,tim
5/2/2008 Harrison's Ford ( ABCfunny,work,
5/1/2008 Help Me Remember ABCfamily,for children,frien
5/1/2008 Beaver Spends the Night With The Brady Bunch ABCchildhood,family,funny,me
5/1/2008 A Girl Named Puddin' ( ABCfood,funny,health,food,gi
4/30/2008 Eugene ( ABCfunny,social,name,name,
4/29/2008 When Twinkie the Kid Battled Captain Cupcake ( ABCfood,funny,epic,
4/29/2008 My Manderin Orange Calvin Kleins ABCfunny,life,social,me,girl
4/29/2008 Bootylicious ABCfunny,men,women,me,men,wo
4/29/2008 I Got Burnt By a Ho ABCfunny,me,
4/29/2008 Pimpin' Out My Hoes ABCfunny,me,night,day,me,nig
4/29/2008 I Lost My Green Card ABCfunny,lost,green,immigrat
4/29/2008 Inbred White Trash Cream of the Crop ABCfunny,son,wife,son,
4/29/2008 I Got Broke Teeth, You Got A Black Eye ( ABCfunny,me,night,me,night,
4/29/2008 Trailer Romance ABCfunny,romance,wife,blue,r
4/29/2008 Reality Sometimes Hits Hard ABCphilosophy,life,
4/28/2008 I Haven't Changed My Drawers In Five Days ABCfunny,social,
4/27/2008 Mr. Rogers In Da Hood ABCfunny,parody,people,place
4/27/2008 You Left a Dirt Ring ABCfunny,people,
4/27/2008 Your Restaurant Gave Me Diarrhea ABCfood,funny,places,me,me,
4/27/2008 Your Breath ABCfunny,me,me,
4/27/2008 Z Lovely 39 Balladpeople,work,brother,broth
4/25/2008 The Human Kind ABClife,social,animal,animal
4/24/2008 Her Assets ABCpeople,philosophy,social,
4/23/2008 Under His Reign Balladeangst,husband,sad,wife,me
4/23/2008 Good Times Bar and Grill ABClife,urban,
4/23/2008 Memory Lane ABCchildhood,for children,li
4/22/2008 Mr. Turducken ABCfood,funny,me,me,
4/21/2008 Ghetto Rap ABCintrospection,life,social
4/18/2008 Hopefuls ABCmusic,nostalgia,people,so
4/17/2008 Eating ( ABCfood,funny,health,body,ch
4/16/2008 The Mirror ABChappiness,people,

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