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Dutch Poems

A list of poems using the phrase Dutch. Dutch Poetry.

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Angolan Shipyard
Portuguese Courtyard
Indentured servants of
Black seed

Sadist sovereignty 
Dutch property
Herded into a treasure chest
Of disease

Shackled humanity
Shipwrecked Christianity
Baptized on the bottom
Of the sea

Altered Destiny 
English colony 
Stock on a manifest
Of greed

Work your land
Savage not man
A pound of flesh for
A crown overseas

Sold by brethren
Held by heathens
Your daddy was 
Born free

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Wrath of the Flying Dutchman

  Among the cries of lonesome gull
  A crude cross-slash, grinning skull

  Below the tattered crimson sail
  Those that did weather the fiercest gale
  Noblemen fearfully bow
  Seamen kneel before its prow

  Quiver before the pirate`s might
  A vision of ivory, dark as night
  We slowly conquer waves of teal
  All eyes follow the steady keel

  The ebony ship, its purpose grim
  The treasure hoard hidden within
  Like a glittering blade, swift and sure
  Cursed to never dock at shore

  Remembered in forgotten lore
  Not even the bravest Mortal knave
  Shall escape the wrath of the grave
  So we sail forever-more

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Hershey, PA

Dutch flowers painted
bright on barns to welcome us
to chocolate country.

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Dutchess was my bunny,
Her disposition, oh so sunny,
Her ways and actions-oh so funny,
Oh my! I loved that bunny.

She came from my son-in-law, a gift,
My pet cavy had died! I needed a lift,
My room became hers-and so did I,
She made me laugh-she made me cry.

Dutchess made noises-a grunt, a growl,
We became friends, we were great pals,
Her eyes like coal-they are So black,
Her nose always twitching and that's a fact.

I had to move-she couldn't come!
My Grandson took her, she has a great home,
I love her! I miss her so very much,
But life goes on, I stay in touch with-

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Shoo-fly pie

they till the soil
with a simple plow
pulled by a horse
they've weaned

no electric
nor vast education
only hard work 
religious dedication

a simple people
of limited skill
yet a divine community
of love thy neighbor

you see them
on horse and buggy
a painful sight
for speedy drivers
who live life too fast
to notice a smiling beard

we buy their products
because they produce quality
quilts, baked goods, furniture
made with hours of personal touch

such a wonderful community
once distant from the world
now tragedy has found them
the price paid for trying to belong......

Bob Shank-Oct. 4th, 2006
yesterday a nut went into an amish school and killed 5 little girls, while wounding 
others. Every year I go to Lancaster, Pa. to get 10 shoo-fly pies from a barn 
(store) near dutch wonderland. I love the pies, but the people even more so, such 
a quality of life they lead, and yet they are slowly buying into society's material 
ways and they don't realize the price is far to heavy to pay. Somethings are better 
off left alone, like the molasses used in the shoo-fly pie, change it to syrup and 
the taste is bitter.........

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heaven on the water

trawlers steam out from dutch harbour
patroling the frozen waves
serching for gold under the sea 
to feed my family

in the wheelhouse the stars shine in
skyes dark and air so thin
no mater where this vessel takes me
my heart is yerning out for you

heaven on the water
is where im dreaming of my love
i see your face on the misty spray
as im calling out your name
heaven on the water
it wont be long my love
for a few more days i know you`l guide me 
guide me home to you

icey winds shiver my spine
as we bring out catch abord
empty net and broken dreams 
as the waves come crashing down

storms break loose with a crash of thunder
rolling across the bering sea 
up and down around then under
but still i dream of you

heaven on the water
is where im dreaming of my love
i see your face on the misty spray
as im calling out your name
heaven on the water
it wont be long my love
for a few more days i know you`l guide me 
guide me home to you

i see you face as the boat goes down
sea whispering my name
beconing me to the river
where we first found love

heaven on the water
im still here my love
watching you and our daughters 
from the stars above
heaven on the water 
calling out your name
calling out your name
heaven on the water
calling out your name

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The End

I can’t really see the end of it all 
They preach it to me everyday
In silent filled churches, every man for himself in prayer
I keep lighting candles for him
Maybe Frankie made it out of purgatory by now 
Death has always been a obscurity
A denial, a joke to me
Kind of like paletas  on long ago summer days
Sticky sweet sin melting too fast under the blazing unmerciful heat
drizzling youth onto the street
I can’t believe I’m this old
I often feel like I’m 30 in an 18 year olds body 
So wise for my age that depression sets in day by day and hope crams hour by 
Like a prescription for death my live ceaselessly demands
I hope you know I fill it everyday at Walgreen’s on the corner by my house
And when I lay awake at night and it’s 3:45 and I can’t seem to get romance out 
of my head
Romance hates me, kind of like a conspiracy against my prescription
If I can love then death is a joke
If I loved and he died would it be a joke then?
Not really nobody laughed except me
When his coffin uttered a dry click and all I could hack out was a laugh that 
translated into sobs
Is that it? That can’t be it,
But it was and I still remember sometimes his eyes that crinkled when he smiled
Life shouldn’t be this sad
Maybe I missed out on Oprah’s favorite’s episode
When that Dutch oven was given away to the first row 
But I keep lighting that candle 
It doesn’t really matter because if there is an end the candle might still burn but I 
won’t be here to see it
Instead I’ll be waiting at that corner of the street with sugar water coursing 
through my veins 

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as I sit on my porch

bees buzzing along
butterflies fluttering by
humming birds sipping the sweet nectar 
from the abundance of fragrant flowers
as I sit on my porch
on a warm summer day

young boys playing catch
little girls jumping rope
older girls turning double dutch
skate boarders whizzing pass
bikers cycling down the street
as I sit on my porch
on a warm summer day

shooting skelly tops
playing marbles
pick-up sticks and jacks
hopscotch on the sidewalk
roller skating down the driveway
touch football on front lawns
as I sit on my porch 
on a warm summer day

folks old and young frolicking 
in the cool water of the sprinkler
neighbors tending to their gardens
and shrubbery
kids selling homemade lemonade
from a homemade stand on the corner
stick ball in the city streets
red light, green light, one, two, three
Miss Mary Mack, pitty pat
one giant step, may I
Simon says

remembering the lazy, hazy days 
of my youth
as I sit on my porch
on a warm summer day

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Dutch Whispers at Midnight

Sheltered beneath her veil of tears,
Amsterdam calls to my heart.
She follows me
through golden dreams and opiate sleep
to tempt me away from the true path in.
She is the wind on the water
filling my sails
with a quiver as soft as a sigh.
For no words
were ever quite so breathless
as Dutch whispers at midnight.

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City of broken promises,
No mercy on these mean streets.
Your pale skies and grey faces
darken the landscape of Europe.

Cold shoulders turn on lonely avenues
where smiles are safely hidden away
from strangers who drop diamonds in your gutters.

Tomorrow you can sweep aside
the remnants of my dreams
and from the dust,
sift pearls from the shrapnel
and put them in your pockets.

Long after the graffiti fades
and my farewells are long forgotten,
I will remember the chill of your October
and hear the echoes of Dutch whispers at midnight.

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Of the Same Soul

Flushed and frothing in the late July heat
of a slow motion Texas afternoon,
I ventured a call home
and found you

Still of the same soul
and still the same
half of my whole.

It took almost an hour
to remind you how much we breathed
when rust was new on the dog
and kisses hung from trees
like diamond tears.

Remembering December in July,
a pleasant diversion from this blistering heat.
3am Delaney Street
and you
with those matchbook blues.
Every box you opened up
was like a gift,
and suddenly it was Christmas.

I drank a toast to you and me
and me and you
and thought of Dutch and Parson Brown,
dancing in our socks,
a lamp shade and a windowpane,
yet nothing left for posterity
but this memory in July.

And me
wishing skies were not so high
and cement didn't dry
and that we could carve our initials
in an evergreen Christmas tree.

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Jump Rope (another acrostic)

Just so was the timing

Up she went and when

More steps became

Possible she moved out, and then

Returned in a flash

Open to the tempo

Pleased as her feet did fly

Easy doubledutch.

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Across the River, West 'tis that 
at the cliffs & clefts of Victoria above
blackish waters slick as Legislation, of Verrazzano
& not-so-merried ferries, the promontory sits of
visage, resplendented of red deer & red bear &
white Eagles' scat from Lady Liberty!

Why, in the glare of where, opossum
& red squirrel, vied in-passioned
imposters of small virtue in deed  
sought, wrought of purloin
for some vertu & bijouterie 
for Manhattan!
(The Chief Islander) - so the Mythic goes!

But hey!, it's up-on the BigScreen, now
playin' @ The Bijou, & in the dutri-plexes
& plexes of plexiglasse & 
MegaPlexes of Tribeca, in the Tri-boros+2...

Avaunt! Above Verrazzano visage    
tramontane, there! the Filth & Flair
of City fare, miasma which got us into
insouciant Dutch!

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the dutch hoe
rusting in the

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Crawling Down the Social Ladder

When I was born,
And for the first 5 years,
We lived in Brooklyn,
"King's County" you should know,

Then we moved to "Queen's"
Yup, "Queen's County" 
A small step down the royal ladder,
One that hardly seemed to matter

Next, I went to "Nassau County",
As if on a royal cruise,
Maybe a royal vacation,
Didn't seem like much to lose...

And now I'm in "Dutchess County"
And I'm startin' to see a pattern,
When will end?
When I finally reach Saturn??

So let's take the logical steps ahead,
At least those until I'm dead....
I guess by all rights,
Next will be "Earlville" in my sights,

Followed by "Knight'sbridge" I
would tempt to guess,
You see where I'm heading?
This surely is a mess...

Next "Serf-town" I would predict,
Any lower, and I'll be sick!!

But we haven't ended our descent,
Cause from there, to "Leper'sLand"
I went.....

I'm not even go on any further,
Cause the thought becomes too scary,
But if I had to venture a guess,
Sometype of slimy worm, I'd think...
would be Mother Nature's last jest!!!