Written by: Greta Robinson

Look for me
when daffodils wave softly
in the breeze
and birds are singing 
in the trees
Before the last spring blossom
leaves the tree
and earth awaits the feast of summer
look for me

Look for me
on heavy, languid, halcyon 
summer days
where sun and sand
meets sea and sky
in golden haze
When cooling breezes rustle
through the trees
down shady lanes
and nature's at her ease

Look for me 
on misty autumn mornings
soaked with dew
In spider webs 
of gossamer
and silver hue
When russet leaves are falling
all around
and winter's chill waits, silent, in the ground

Look for me
when north winds howl and
frosty trees are bare
As snow falls gently at your feet
and settles in your hair
When winter fades and 
springtime fills the air
Through every season, look
and I am there