A Seed

Written by: Curt Mongold

   Trying to learn just what it all means,
to the prophet and dreamer of visions,
there is silence in shadows 'til Fate intervenes,
and forces out hidden decisions.

   You spend your life looking but never do see,
you hear, but don't know to listen,
no power can make you believe what might be,
and you'll never know all that you're missin'.

   The spirits are coming to help break the fall,
their solemn cries call out for you,
but they cannot reach you inside your stone wall,
now what are you going to do?

   The dreamer of visions and the prophet so wise,
have spoken your name while you sleep,
listen for them as you close your sad eyes,
and learn from the dreams that you keep.

   Follow the footsteps that lead to your soul,
there you will find but a seed,
it's a gift you can either let die or help grow,
but it has all the answers you need.