Ancient Voices

Written by: Pamela Davison

I hear your ancient voice 
Great Spirit 
In the native tongue 
Of all living things, 
Surpassing our feeble 
Attempts to erase your 
Substance with vulgar noise 
And dangerous form. 

I see you breathe 
In the hills 
And across the seas, 
Constant motion through 
Each season 
That brings new teachings 
To this student 
Visiting your precious gift. 

To taste the nectar 
Of your highest vision 
Is the supreme reward 
And I am humbled by all 
You've expressed to me 
On this inspiring path. 
Your manifestation 
Does not go unnoticed. 

Now feel this warrior 
Bond with all 
You call me to see 
And know I am walking 
With love and honor 
For the majesty radiating 
In your creation 
As you dream through me.