I Can't Hear A Sound

Written by: Curt Mongold

  Now that you've taken the magic,
now that I harbor the fear,
which do you think is more tragic,
for which one would you shed a tear?

   Help me my friend, for I can't hear a sound,
even though, I know you are calling,
help me to keep both my feet on the ground,
"cause I know the sensation of falling.

    No one asked me for the answer,
none believed when I tried to explain,
but the gospel that came from the dancer,
are the links that are forged on my chain.

   Help me my friend, for I can't hear a sound,
It's so late, but still I can't sleep,
I pray I will feel myself coming around,
but the pain from this wound is so deep.

   What am I now but a collection of thought,
of dreams that drift towards the sky?
What am I now that my soul has been caught?
Life's a spider, and I am a fly.

   Help me my friend for I can't hear a sound,
shout loudly, I'm trying to hear it,
and if you give up and I'm put in the ground,
know it was you that once touched my spirit.