Written by: Vernette Hutcherson


  Falling like snowflakes
on webs of forgiveness
spinning through clouds
in the unbolted light
searching  so softly
down dark Autumn pathways
hoping to find our way in the night.

  Savoring rain on the bowers above us
thunder still rolls 'round the cusp of the dawn
out on the horizon we turn to remember
the loved and the lost
and the ones who go on.
We were so sure
 we made the right choice
but we were young
 and cares were so few
those who would guide us
have  gone on before
and left us wondering what to do
God in his mercy
has shown us the way
as we pray to him each night
once we understood
 it all seemed so simply
Just follow his love, in the 

                                Written with my niece, Johnette Loefgren