Written by: Terri Evans

 We never spend time together
 Its like I don't exist  to you anymore
unless I'm practically begging for you to see me.
I never thought It would be this way
I am gone during the days, your gone during the nights.
 I sleep alone and  I might as well be alone.

I miss the way you used to be
but I can't bring the past back
You changed too much and I'm lost and out of  touch.

The day I said  goodbye to you
was the day I lost out on who
you could have been.

You came back four months later
and  you  go for every girl but me.. in the end.
 I might has well be  invisible.

Might has well just pretend
cause when it all falls down 
I could have died
 and I  wish I would have.

Sometimes I think you can  be better off without me
I guess only time will tell what the God has seen.

Until then and now just leave me be.

Terri Evans